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  1. My cable system just picked up El Rey, so I can start watching tonight. Also has Axs TV for New Japan, things are looking up.
  2. Meltzer contends Reigns isn't ready, but WWE is determined to do it anyway. With Rusev vs Cena and Bryan vs Seth in some kind of stip match.
  3. WWE Reddit guy says Brock Lesnar wins.
  4. WWE Reddit guy says Roman Reigns will win the Rumble.
  5. The Rock will almost certainly make an appearance since he's in town, but who knows.
  6. Pretty good show, except for Rowan.
  7. Have not been able to get the video feed on Chrome, but it works on Firefox. New Japan World feed does work on either.
  8. Ending the show with an non wrestling talking angle is never good especially for fans live there to see action. Just a few years ago there would have been garbage raining down into the ring.
  9. Cena is not turning heel, Cena will never turn heel. He refuses. I see some sort of stip match with those guys rehiring at stake. Cesaro is scary strong, picking up Big E and holding him horizontal for Kidd, wow. I watched the show with the sound off until the end, it worked better for me that way.
  10. Rusev vs Reigns was good, and the furniture burial is the big thing in WWE I guess. I can't remember the last Smackdown or Raw without a Diva's match on it
  11. It was a good show, until the ending non wrestling angle which went on too long. Maybe it would have better to have Edge get up and end and reviel it was all and act and side with Seth.
  12. I would think: Lesnar vs Reigns Taker vs Sting Cena vs Rusev Orton vs Rollins Ambrose vs HHH
  13. I read in the newsletter, they're thinking of giving Adrian Neville, a Mighty Mouse gimmick when they bring up to the main roster. Holy Crap! Got to be those ears.
  14. It's already been taped, Smackdown looks like an average show. Main Event Spoilers: Looks okay.:
  15. I didn't think much of it, I had the Dallas game on the TV, and this on the computer. They're just marking time until they got Lesnar and Reigns back. Buyrates don't matter anymore. Looks like they're gonna carry on the Wyatt/Ambrose thing a while longer.
  16. BTW, the reddit wwe guy is saying tonight's winners will be. . . . Cena, Wyatt, Big Show, Nikki Bella, Ziggler, Rusev, Ryback & the Uso's. Let's see how right he is this time.
  17. I think they're just marking time until Lesnar, & Reigns come back. buyrates no longer matter. Unsure if I'll watch I really want to see the Dallas v Philly game tonight. I don't think it's remotely possible that Bryan will ever be able to come back.
  18. This airs on NBC on the 22nd I think.
  19. Doesn't look like a bad show, and the Ascension are coming.
  20. " Dark match: Natalya defeat Paige. Paige tapped out to the Sharpshooter after a good back & forth match. * Dark match: NXT Champion Adrian Neville defeat Sami Zayn with Red Arrow. * Santino Marella kicks off SmackDown with a promo and reveals that he will be this week’s guest General Manager. He plugs Jingle All The Way 2. * Dolph Ziggler vs. Luke Harper in a rematch for the WWE Intercontinental Title is first. Ziggler wins after Harper hits a low blow kick. Harper grabs a ladder to powerbomb Ziggler on it but Ziggler counters and hits a facebuster. Ziggler throws the ladder at a retreating Harper. Santino comes out and puts the two in a Ladder Match at TLC. * They air a look back at The Authority. * Seth Rollins, Kane, Big Show, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble come out. Rollins talks about putting John Cena through a table on RAW. Show talks about his Stairs Match at TLC and slams the steps on top of each other to taunt Erick Rowan. Kane takes the mic from Big Show when he apparently calls him an idiot. Kane says he’s going to feed Ryback chair after chair at TLC. Santino comes out and tells them to take it easy. He announces Ryback and Rowan vs. Rollins and Show for tonight’s main event. * Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro is next. Big E and Natalya are at ringside. New Day wins after a double team move that saw Woods come down with a diving stomp. Stardust and Goldust appeared on the big screen after the match. They ran down the positive message that New Day sends. Woods responds and says the darkness of the universe won’t hold them down. Kofi challenges them and Big E preaches on the power of A New Day. * Naomi is shown backstage with flowers that were sent. Jimmy Uso shows up and says he didn’t send them. The card reads, “Apologies from Miz.” Uso throws the vase at the floor and breaks it. * We get a replay of Jack Swagger’s Main Event promo about Rusev. * Dean Ambrose comes out and says he enjoyed himself on RAW, especially destroying Bray Wyatt’s rocking chair. Ambrose says Wyatt’s plan hasn’t worked out so well and he will put him down at TLC. Ambrose says the mind games are over. Lana and Rusev come to the stage. Lana says Rusev will not compete due to America’s intimidation. She shows a replay of the Swagger beatdown. Rusev and Lana run down America. Rusev says he will stomp every bone in Swagger’s body just like he did to Zeb Colter. Ambrose already tuned them out when Lana said Rusev wouldn’t compete and says he came here to fight. Ambrose runs up the ramp but is met by Wyatt. Wyatt beats him down. Ambrose comes back but gets taken down and hit in the throat with a steel chair. Wyatt smashes Ambrose against the steps with a chair and leaves him laying. Trainers come out and check on Ambrose. They put him in a neck brace before taking him away on a stretcher. * The Miz vs. Jey Uso is next. The Miz cuts a promo and doesn’t understand why Jimmy Uso is upset. He’s trying to help Naomi. The Usos run out and Miz taunts Jimmy. The referee ends up sending Jimmy to the back. Miz wins with a Skull Crushing Finale after Jey goes after Damien Sandow. * AJ Lee is on commentary for Brie Bella vs. Naomi. Nikki Bella is also at ringside. Nikki tries to interfere but AJ pulls her off the apron. Naomi grabs Brie for a school boy and the win. * Backstage segment with Santino talking to The Bunny about the pressure on his shoulders tonight. * We see Seth Rollins and Big Show backstage getting ready. * Seth Rollins and Big Show vs. Ryback and Erick Rowan is the main event. The referee sends Kane to the back for trying to interfere but misses a tag between Show and Rollins. He keeps Show out of the ring and Rowan hits a big boot on Show. Rollins argues with the referee and turns around to Shellshocked from Ryback for the win." I bet at some point Naomi turns heel and goes with Miz.
  21. From other pictures I've seen, it features the best match ups or feuds in whoever's opinion, Jan, is Atlantis vs Ultimo Guerrero, Sept. is Mistico vs Mephisto. The CMLL logo is splashed all over the place, I would think CMLL probably still has rights to the Averno mask and Character, like Mistico. Also saw it on ebay. This calendar kinda seems aimed at a U.S. audience.
  22. Hi, just wanted to show you a calendar I found on Amazon, already ordered mine.
  23. Smackdown was okay, not great but okay. New day is gonna quickly fall into the level of Los Matadores, comedy relief. This is just the kind of thing Vince would find funny. And on top of everything, I missed my chance to see Jericho picked up a paper and noticed Fozzy was in town, they opened for Texas Hillbilly Coalition. Poor Fozzy.
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