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  1. It makes a kind of sense to go ahead and get another Kane, that does seem to be where the story is going.Plenty of directions they can go over time. These heel vs heel match ups are interesting, unless they turn Rollins there's no one for the fans to cheer for.
  2. I'm sure this that ends with Lana going back to Rusev. And the WWE wanting us to believe all the wrestlers have their own personal dressing rooms. Sting kissing HHH's ass was just plain ridiculous. But you could tell that was a written speech. Some were saying how Charlotte didn't look into it tonight. Probably cuz of what Bram is going through maybe. I also agree HHH is gonna cost Rollings his match somehow. Defending both belts copying the Jay Lethal ROH angle I guess.
  3. Yet another babyface turn for Big Show? How many does that make? He's gotta the turned character in wrestling.
  4. I wish that dark match had been taped.
  5. Results are kind of bare bones, and looks like they're back to treating Smackdown like a Lame Duck show.
  6. Looks like an interesting Smackdown this time out.
  7. This sounds like the correct answer. They could have at least subtituted someone else not that it matters, this show is being treated like a lame duck show since it's leaving SyFy soon. They spent very little time with these last shows on SyFy.
  8. I hate Owens' gimmick of walking out on matches when it starts getting tough.
  9. The pull apart went on much longer than I thought it was going to, and was better than most pull aparts. But noticed the headliners were not part of the pull aparters. There was a strange moment when Ambrose and Luke Harper exchanged middle finger salutes. That doesn't fit with this shows rating. So how many times does this make that Kevin Owens just walks out of a match? Is that his new gimmick?
  10. Really looking forward to Cesaro vs Rusev.
  11. Looks like another coasting episode.
  12. Doesn't seem like much of a show. They've been coasting on Smackdown the last few weeks.
  13. Probably, I could never tell them apart. Just hope they keep him on Smackdown.
  14. I liked the show this week. The 8 man was alright. The main was good while it lasted until the predictable ending. And I hope Jay Uso continues on commentary, I enjoyed him, he adds an element that's somehow missing.
  15. How about bringing back Bray's gospel singing kid and have him threaten Roman's daughter? But seriously strange they have to resort to Roman's kid to make him show an element of fear. I was just wondering if Maddox did his C.M. Punk impersonation again.
  16. Website I found says no he isn't he was just selling the beatdown.
  17. Seems like a typical show, I wonder if Maddox did his C.M. Punk thing?
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