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  1. It had to happen someday Torito vs Hornswaggle!:
  2. Meltzer said Rock is almost a lock to go in if his schedule is open at that time. And with Owen it's up to Martha if she says okay.
  3. Meltzer's spoilers said Cena did a Warrior impersonation, I bet they edit that out.
  4. The truth will come out eventually about how he died, but, wow! I can't help but feel that he knew something was up, and he was heading toward the end. Something did seem off with him last night on Raw. Those poor little girls, wow, R.I.P. Warrior!
  5. Meltzer is posting that Warrior has died, wow!
  6. Looks like a good show. Don't know what to think about Cesaro. *Dark Match: Sheamus defeated Titus O'Neal * Dark match: Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes and Goldust defeat 3MB. * John Cena kicks off SmackDown and talks about WrestleMania XXX. He says it's an exciting time to be part of WWE. He says the future is now and he is the measuring stick of this business. The Wyatt Family interrupts on the big screen. Bray Wyatt says he can't feel pain and if he lost, why can't he stop smiling. Bray cuts a great promo and says he will get extreme and this is just the beginning. * Big Show vs. Cesaro is up next. Paul Heyman comes out and says there is officially no more doubt that he is the greatest manager of all time. He introduces Cesaro, who comes out to no music. They walk to the ring and we get the bell. The match starts slow as Heyman goes on commentary and Cesaro is using some noticeable heel tactics such as leaving the ring, huddling with Heyman and a thumb to the eye. This isn't Cesaro's normal type of exciting match, but look at the opponent. Just as Cesaro was going for the Swing, Jack Swagger came out and put the ankle lock on Cesaro. The bell rings and Cesaro wins by DQ. Show throws Swagger out of the ring and then Cesaro attacks Show from behind. Cesaro struggles a lot but successfully hits Show with the Neutralizer. * Ryback and Curtis Axel defeated Los Matadores in a quick match. * Rob Van Dam cuts a babyface promo before defeating Damien Sandow. * Hulk Hogan comes out and cuts a promo on WrestleMania XXX. He brings out Daniel Bryan to a big pop. Bryan talks about winning the titles and getting married later this week. Bryan talks about being a fan of Hogan and asks that Real American be played. Hogan and Bryan celebrate to Hogan's music as the crowd pops. * Bad News Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston. * Fandango with Layla defeated Santino Marella with Emma. Fandango has officially dumped Summer Rae and is now with Layla. Layla taunted Emma at ringside. * The Usos and Daniel Bryan wrestled Kane, Batista, and Randy Orton to a double count out. After the match, The Shield came out and scared off Batista and Orton, but Kane came from behind with a chair. Before he could hit a member of The Shield, Daniel hits him with a high knee. The Shield and Bryan celebrated.
  7. Is there a reason no NXT show is available on WWE Network past the March 20 episode? Search turns up nothing past this date, they are on Hulu however.
  8. With Taker having a concussion and neck problems his career is likely over. But I bet he does some sort of goodbye speech. I just hope the HHH vs Bryan feud is not completely over, and they don't have Bryan doing another 24 hour title run.
  9. I loved it the steam was flawless all night despite a thunderstorm here. Lesnar was the only heel that won, except A.J. if you count her. Mind blowing they pulled the trigger on ending Taker's streak. I figured a heel had to win in one of the two matches left. Bryan was awesome all night, and so and knows quite a bit about ring psychology. Let's see if they let Bryan hang onto the title for longer than 24 hours this time.
  10. I was surprised at the number of WCW Nitros on Youtube, WWE doesn't seem to care about protecting WCW content just their own stuff. Stuff that I was looking for on the Network, but it isn't there, it is on Youtube, but not from WWE.
  11. Awesome HHH selling for Bryan, But the Shield vs Kane & the NAO? That's gonna suck. Wish this was a real show:
  12. Just saw the Elimination Chamber '14, the Shield match was damn good. Also the Main event was much better than I expected.
  13. To show you how far in advance they plan, my onscreen DVR guide says The McMahon's continue to interfere with Raw, and see what they have in store for C.M. Punk.
  14. I only watch on the weekends, work all week, but I'm still waiting for them to add more WCW shows or any WCW shows. I've never heard of the PWO board, but I'm curious about this Will guy someone mentioned.
  15. Seems like a pretty good show. Especially if you're a Shield fan. Is Show gonna join the Wyatt's? His comment was strange.
  16. I think they're waiting for everybody's free trial to expire to add in more content to get people to actually pay for the network.
  17. I just saw the Slam City Cartoons that were added to the site. Short, Cute, and Funny.
  18. I'm presuming they're waiting for the free trial to end to load in more content, to get people to actually pay to join.
  19. There's no way that Rollins beat down happened. The dark match was Reigns and Rollins beating Harper & Rowan.
  20. Ambrose reminds me a lot of Corey Feldman. Seems like a pretty good show even without Bryan. Carlos Colon seems like an odd choice for the hall of fame. He had only a marginal career in the U.S. based in Puerto Rico, and then there's the Bruiser Brody thing.
  21. Not a bad show. Occupy movement was nice but predictable. JBL going nuclear on it kind of crapped on it. All that was missing was Bryan yelling, "And We're all gonna get laid". Shield match was okay too. I like what Lance Storm said on twitter, Ambrose has a Corey Feldman thing going on. This also means C.M.Punk is not coming back, if he ever was, the card is set. Missing is also RVD and Jericho but I bet they turn up in the battle royal.
  22. I think the $11.99 is likely the price once the 6 months runs out. I find it useful to bookmark whatever you're watching or want to watch so that you can go right to it once you have time to watch it. It's finally running okay for me and my desktop. Stuff would have gone up and off on On Demand on a weekly basis, but I wish they'd add expiration dates on stuff that's gonna disappear.
  23. Seems like an average show, I don't know but pairing Bryan and Big Show seems like a giant step backward for Bryan. Doesn't seem like much of a show.
  24. Outside of PPV's, nothing WCW has been added yet. I bet there's some guys out there recording all this stuff.
  25. Using my desktop but there's still a lot of buffering going on.
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