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  1. Jericho's final Labor should be a "Dragon Gauntlet" where he has to go through Insane Dragon, Ultimo Dragon, Super Dragon, Retail Dragon, and Dragon Dragon.
  2. That would have paid off the "Bring Down the Machine" T-shirts.
  3. Vince said, maybe we could give AEW some more talent.
  4. Thoughts on Capital Combat What's older than Old School? Future Undertaker Mark Callous walking the tight rope and hitting an elbow drop on Johnny Ace. Samu got replaced twice as Fatu's partner: first by Samoan Savage in the Samoan Swat Team, and then by Sionne in the Headshrinkers. Capt. Mike Rotunda (thinking): Too bad the Varsity Club broke up. I really enjoyed being a captain. Hmm, what else could I be captain of? ... Wait, I know! A yacht! Jim Cornette got locked in a shark cage AGAIN, but his Midnight Express won the US tag team belts anyway AGAIN, so I'm giving them the MVP award AGAIN. Teddy Long sure had a lot of hair on his head in the Doom-Steiners match for a guy who lost a hair vs. hair match earlier in the show. The barber didn't finish the job. Teddy also got the last laugh when Doom won the World tag team titles. The Rock & Roll Express showed unexpected edge by gleefully whipping the Freebirds in their strap match. Ricky & Robert even pulled off the Phantom Audio Tag like true heels. They won after both teams forgot about the strap stipulation and just went into a regular match. Lex Luger got another title match with Ric Flair, it was in a steel cage, and Robocop was around to keep the Four Horsemen from beating up Sting. So Luger has to win the title, right? Not so fast, my friend! First, WCW allowed Woman to be locked inside the cage, defeating the purpose of preventing outside interference. But she wasn't the problem. Somehow, technical wizard Ole Anderson figured out how to raise the cage so Barry Windham could attack Lex Luger. So Lex won by disqualification in a cage match. During the post-match brawl, Robocop must have malfunctioned, because El Gigante debuted and scared the Horsemen away instead.
  5. I think "Queen of Spades" has been Shayna's nickname since her MMA days.
  6. I guess the correct answer would be Smackdown.
  7. Anyone who wants to dunk on CM Punk for his UFC record should know that one of his losses got changed to a no-contest. "So what? I had one off-night."
  8. As a lifelong Indians fan, it could be worse. That flying-G baseball logo is only new design that I like.
  9. "Finally, El Idolo has come back to San Antonio!" "We're in Dallas ..."
  10. I hate the term "IWC" because that's supposed to stand for Pittsburgh's International Wrestling Cartel.
  11. Check out the first match on the first episode of Elevation: Jungle Boy vs. Danny Limelight.
  12. Thoughts on WrestleWar 90: Wild Thing The company kicked off the decade by rebranding with purple World Championship Wrestling banners around the arena. The Dynamic Dudes started the 90s without skateboards, Frisbees, and Jim Cornette, but they still lost to the makeshift team of Kevin Sullivan & Buzz Sawyer. Norman the Lunatic beat Cactus Jack Manson with the same finisher he would later use in the WWF as Bastion Booger: lure your opponent into trying a sunset flip, then sit on him. WCW had a ton of tag team depth and featured five tag team matches, including a classic Midnight Express-Rock & Roll Express encounter. Doom, one of the company's best tag teams that year, didn't even wrestle but instead filched manager Teddy Long from the New Skyscrapers (future Undertaker and masked Mike Enos). Lex Luger was running out of ways not to beat Ric Flair, but here's a new one: dropping Flair from the Torture Rack to save the injured Sting from a beating by Ole & Arn Anderson. The Steiners are the MVPs of the show, retaining the World tag team titles with a win over the Andersons, and then saving Luger from an attack by the Horsemen at the end of the show.
  13. I'm going to assume you're dissing Smackdown and not Cleveland. Nobody wants a restart of the US-Finland conflict.
  14. I was trying to bring my daughter to her first WWE show (after watching tons of my Indy/ROH events since she was a baby), but the cost to attend Smackdown in Cleveland is just too high.
  15. Sometimes it takes that long for the song to kick in. Did he come out to "Simply the Best" ?
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