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  1. They broke through a wall into the locker room because a weed whacker match needed something more extreme. This was in 2000, of course.
  2. I once announced a weed whacker match between Fang and Pig Vomit.
  3. Cleveland has beaten the Twins on walk-off homers twice in less than 24 hours.
  4. Thoughts on SuperBrawl Revenge Road Warrior Animal knocked Kidman out of the cruiserweight six-man match, so Shane Helms stepped in. That meant we had the same six guys fighting again, but that's okay, because they had another outstanding match. Helms won to earn another title shot. Chavo Jr. scored the biggest win of his career, beating Rey Jr. to retain the Cruiserweight belt. Lance Storm was bossing people around backstage because now he was the Commissioner. He lost that job back to Ernest Miller, as The Cat racked up Commissionerships like Ric Flair amassed World title reigns. MIA explodes! The fans did not care about Hugh Morrus vs. The Wall. They finally woke up when Hugh hit a second No Laughing Matter moonsault. They called for a third, but Hugh declined. The Natural Born Thrillers also explode! Sean O'Haire showed breakout potential as he and Palumbo retained the tag team belts over Jindrak & Stasiak. A guy built like Batista who can fly like Jeff Hardy would seem to be a "can't miss" prospect. Jeff Jarrett tried to get the big hometown win that eluded him at In Your House 2 against Shawn Michaels. He played a tape of DDP challenging Kanyon "anytime, anywhere," so DDP had to wrestle Kanyon first, then Jarrett. They interfered in each other's matches. Although DDP lost to the Kanyon Cutter, he beat Jarrett with the Diamond Cutter. This proves that Jarrett is not superhuman on his home planet. Kevin Nash lost his job, as Flair put a "loser leave town" stipulation on his World title match against Scott Steiner. Normally, this would be something you advertise in advance to gain more pay-per-view buys. But nobody who followed WCW would believe that Nash would really stay fired or that he cared about being World champion. Scott and Rick Steiner share the MVP award for walking in and out of this show as a brother duo holding the World and US titles. Totally Buff beat Kronik thanks to a convoluted plot from Ric Flair that involved Bryan Clarke being detained and Mike Awesome disguising himself as Clarke. Here's how Flair convinced Awesome to be part of this scheme: "Mike, we want you to dress up as ..." "YES! I'll do it!!"
  5. Very appropriate that you would attend this show!
  6. Thoughts on Sin WCW started 2001 hot, with a great Cruiserweight title match between Chavo Jr. and Shane Helms, who didn't win but looked like a future champion. Big Vito to Reno: "You took my girl away." Tony Schiavone during the match: "Their sister, Marie, isn't at ringside." Well, the PPV is called Sin ... Jung Dragons vs. Knoble/Karagias was thrown onto the show at the last minute, and they just tore the house down. The Indianapolis fans went crazy for The Cat like it was his hometown, but it wasn't. He and Mike Sanders both paid off Kronik, but The Cat's amount was higher, so they helped him win to become Commissioner again and retain the services of Ms. Jones. Kronik was kind enough to refund Sanders' money (by shoving it down his throat). I didn't remember Mike Awesome joining Team Canada. Was he really Canadian? (Checks Google) No? Maybe Awesome just needed a new gimmick every three months like a car needs gas. Hacksaw Jim Duggan was back in America's good graces, and he was the referee for the Canadian Penalty Box match. Team Canada beat the Filthy Animals. which makes sense because Canada should have home-ice advantage in a match like this. Meng won the WCW Hardcore title, realized he wasn't under contract, and walked right into the WWF Royal Rumble a week later. Totally Buff (Luger and Bagwell) are the MVPs. They interfered to cost Nash & DDP the tag team belts, which went to Palumbo & O'Haire. Buff even wore an unnecessary disguise. Later, they ended the career of BILL GOLDBERG, not by beating his partner Sarge, not by getting Goldberg disqualified, but by paying a fan to mace him and set up the Totally Buff Blockbuster for the win. Sometimes, Plan A and Plan B don't work, but they had a Plan C. Thanks to the WWE Network for sparing us Sid's horrendous broken leg. Instead, we had to wait for mystery man Road Warrior Animal to help Steiner defeat Sid. You mean, Ric Flair and Scott Steiner's animosity was a giant SWERVE?
  7. Thoughts on Starrcade 2000 Shannon Moore and Shane Helms shared the victory in the six-man ladder match for the Cruiserweight title. Even though it was supposed to be every man for himself, neither one tried to be the Justin Timberlake of 2 Count. Hacksaw Jim Duggan could have turned back to the USA in the nation's capital. Instead, he reluctantly helped Lance Storm beat Ernest Miller, and Team Canada kicked him out anyway. Daffney screaming throughout Crowbar's match was like New Jack's music playing throughout the bout. This was like the Rock-Mankind "I Quit" match where poor Crowbar took a ton of shots to the head before Terry Funk pinned him after a Car-Door Driver to win the Hardcore title. Big Vito and Reno suddenly became brothers, with Marie as their sister. I thought for sure that Reno and Marie were dating. If that weren't enough awkwardness at the Christmas dinner table, Kronik revealed that Marie was paying them to beat up his brothers. That turned out to be a lie, as Reno was paying them (to beat himself up?) and Kronik forced the referee to count Reno pinning Vito to end the match. Reno then rejoined the Natural Born Thrillers. Why didn't he just rejoin the Thrillers and spare us all this stupidity? Bam Bam Bigelow falling through the roof of the ambulance was like him falling through the ring when he fought Tazz in ECW. Gen. Rection and Shane Douglas were having a good US title match with no interference until Chavo Guerrero Jr. screwed everything up. He acted like he was sneaking to ringside and threw a chain to the Franchise who got disqualified. Nobody could tell whose side Chavo was on; it was a mess. Douglas did give a money-back guarantee, so I'm sure he spent a couple of hours after the show handing cash back to the fans as they filed out of the building. Jeff Jarrett lobbied Commissioner Mike Sanders to make the street fight into a bunkhouse match as well. Then he got on the microphone and reminded everyone that he did that. He and the Harris Boys won because Jarrett cannot be beaten on this planet. If anything happens to WCW, Jarrett should start his own promotion just so it's perfectly clear that he is the top star. I just hope they don't give it a stupid name. Ric Flair said that if Mike Sanders took one step toward the ring, Kevin Nash & DDP would win the belts from The Perfect Event automatically. Sanders got up on the ring apron, but nothing happened. The Insiders won the titles anyway. Fun fact: Stevie Richards & The Blue Meanie also called themselves The Insiders when they were doing their parody of Nash and Scott Hall. Scott Steiner overcame Jeff Jarrett accidentally blasting him with a guitar to beat Sid and retain the WCW title in a "battle of the crazy guys." BILL GOLDBERG was the MVP. He beat Lex Luger again, despite his trainer Sgt. Parker wandering to ringside seeking revenge on Luger, and Bagwell attacking Goldberg before and after the match. Unlike Luger saving Sting from a ringside attack by the Four Horsemen, Goldberg concentrated on winning the match before helping Sarge.
  8. I want to announce at Madison Square Garden and at my hometown arena in Cleveland (Gund Arena Quicken Loans Arena Rocket Mortgage Field House) I have been fortunate to announce at three buildings that the WWE has run (Canton Civic Center, Johnstown (PA) War Memorial and DCU Center in Worcester MA)
  9. Worth the three-hour drive to Dayton. My buddy and I were making our picks on the way to the show, and the only thing we knew for sure was that Hogan was going to beat Yokozuna.
  10. The wrestling was amazing that night - but those of us in the building were completely floored by Yoko winning the title back from Hogan and Lawler's attack on Bret at the end of the night. It was like ... who is putting the HEELS over like this?
  11. Thoughts on Mayhem 2000 Mike Sanders retained the Cruiserweight title in a match with so much interference that Ric Flair (now the CEO) said that nobody is allowed at ringside but official managers. When Ric Flair says you're cheating too much, that's saying something. I like how Evan Karagias and Jamie Noble broke away from their respective teams and started teaming together, so we had the same six guys fighting each other. 2 Count emerged victorious. These six guys were clearly trying to become the "Hardys/Dudleys/E&C" of WCW, despite the fact that they were all cruiserweights. Did we need another Mancow-Jimmy Hart match on pay-per-view? No. Crowbar retained the Hardcore title after drama between his two challengers regarding Marie (Reno's girlfriend/Vito's sister). Kronik was blatantly ripping off the "hired protection" gimmick of Bradshaw and Faarooq from the WWF. Disco could only afford to pay Kronik for seven and a half minutes, and after they walked out, the Boogie Knights lost to the Filthy Animals. Bam Bam Bigelow beat his former protege Sgt A-Wall, then faked an injury so he could attack Gen. Rection before the next match. Rection overcame the odds to beat Lance Storm AGAIN to liberate the US title from Team Canada AGAIN, but he did not win back Major Gunns AGAIN because she had voluntarily returned to Team Canada. Was she really Canadian? (Checks Google) No? Must be a case of Saskatchewan Syndrome. Buff Bagwell seemed to have found Jeff Jarrett's Kryptonite by destroying all his guitars backstage. But since Jeff Jarrett is the Son of Jor-El and cannot lose, he grabbed a guitar from under the ring and blasted Buff with it for the win. Kevin Nash and DDP won the tag team belts from The Perfect Event (Stasiak/Palumbo). That was the perfect spot for Nash and DDP at that point in their careers, not competing for the WCW title. BILL GOLDBERG continued his mandatory winning streak (or he gets fired) by defeating Lex Luger. Winning all the time is also the perfect spot for him. Scott Steiner is the MVP for breaking out of a straitjacket and beating Booker T in a steel cage to win the WCW title. Big Poppa Pump was in the perfect spot as well. Could WCW finally be starting to do something right?
  12. Thoughts on Halloween Havoc 2000 Alex Wright kept the Berlyn look but went back to dancing like his old self in his Boogie Knights team with Disco. They lost to the Filthy Animals, and Jindrak/O'Haire, who looked good in retaining the tag team title. The Natural Born Thrillers had also collected the Hardcore title (Reno) and the Cruiserweight title (Mike Sanders). Of course, the best way to illustrate the importance of the Cruiserweight title is to wear it to the ring, don't mention it, and fight Ernest Miller for the Commissionership of WCW in a kickboxing match. Tygress came to the ring by herself to fight Shane Douglas and Wonder Woman (Torrie Wilson). Konnan came to the ring later and didn't look injured as they scored the victory. PROPHETIC SIGN OF THE NIGHT: Goodbye Eric B./VInce R. - Hello J.R./Shane-O-Mac Lex Luger didn't get the memo that Vince Russo was gone, as he SWERVE attacked Buff Bagwell. David Flair lost the DNA (First Blood) match to Buff, but he gathered a blood sample to try to prove Buff had fathered Stacy Keibler's baby. Mike Awesome didn't have to put his Nitro title shot on the line against Vampiro, but he did and won the match with SUPER Awesome Bomb. General Rection is the MVP for beating Lance Storm and Hacksaw Jim Duggan in a handicap match to liberate the US title from Team Canada and get Major Gunns back for the MIA. Sting found himself in his own version of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World against his former selves. He battled Surfer Sting, Bret Hart-Jacket-Wearing Sting (?), Wolfpac Sting, Crow Sting, Old Man Sting, and Guitar-Wielding Sting. But he couldn't stop his seventh foe, Guitar-Wielding Jeff Jarrett, whose Superman narrative MUST continue! WCW finally presented a World title match with two homegrown stars: Booker T vs. Scott Steiner. However, pushing Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair as World champions through the year 2000 drove away most of the fans who got tired of waiting for a match like this. WCW put Goldberg where he belonged, too: in the main event beating Kronik. Isn't that great, fans? Fans? ... Hello? ...
  13. It would be pretty amazing for this company to be forced to change its name in 2002 and then be forced to split in half in 2022.
  14. Thoughts on Fall Brawl 2000 Fortunately, WCW got its one "nonsensical run-in" out of the way in the Elix Skipper-Kwee Wee opener for the 100kg title. Even the announcers said, "What are the Natural Born Thrillers doing here?" We'll never know, as Mike Sanders interfered with a stickball bat (which isn't even his gimmick) to help Elix retain the title. Kronik started a chain match with the Harris Boys by saying "let's also make it a first blood match." So of course the ref doesn't see that Ron Harris was bleeding first before seeing Adams busted open. Maybe just stick with one stipulation next time? Hacksaw Jim Duggan turning his back on the MIA and the United States of America counted for two SWERVE~! points. I was going to say, "and in his hometown, too!" but Buffalo and Glens Falls are five hours apart. Poor Major Gunns was stuck with Team Canada, as she would have returned to MIA if Gen. Rection had won the Canadian title from Lance Storm. Paul Orndorff showed up as the Filthy Animals' surprise partner against his students, the Natural Born Thrillers. But it turned out to be a colossally bad idea, as he suffered another neck injury while hitting a piledriver. After that we went right to another potential injury match, as Shane Douglas threw Billy Kidman and Madusa off the scaffold to win the Pittsburgh Plunge match. The Franchise would have been the MVP if he hadn't rescinded his "money-back guarantee" to the fans before the bout. Mike Awesome kept spinning the "Wheel of Gimmicks" in 2000, landing on Career Killer, Fat Chick Thrilla, and That 70s Guy. Jeff Jarrett almost single-handedly beat Awesome, Gary Coleman, and the Buffalo Bills before Sting finally put a stop to the "Jeff Jarrett as Superman" narrative (at least in this company). BILL GOLDBERG also wasn't Superman, as he couldn't overcome Scott Steiner, Midajah with a lead pipe, and Vince Russo with a baseball bat. I wouldn't have been surprised to see Professor Plum with a candlestick. Booker T is the MVP for winning back the WCW title in a steel cage match. No shenanigans. He hit the Bookend on Kevin Nash and won the belt. Let's try not to think about what happened to the WCW title later in the month, okay? PPV SWERVE COUNT: 17 of 9 (189%)
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