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  1. I really hope Shibata never returns because I want him to stay healthy/alive but, as a purely hypothetical fantasy booking scenario, if he could get miraculously medically cleared this would be the time to bring him back as like a one time special deal.
  2. I guess NOAH sold out the Dome twice with weak undercards...but those shows also had huge main events and the promotion was red hot at both times. I wonder if they'll reach out to any outsiders. Seems unlikely but Okada vs Miyahara at the Dome would be a spectacle, even in the worst of times.
  3. Interesting. I gotta think running the Dome right now is a risky move, regardless of the card. I love Shingo but I dunno how well this will draw, especially given the reduced roster they're working with. What are we thinking for plausible semi-mains? Okada vs Cobb? Okada vs Jay for the NEVER belt? I suppose they could do Okada vs Tanahashi one last time for nostalgia's sake but with no build and Tanahashi being booked lower on the card lately I dunno if the fans would really want to see it or not.
  4. Is LEONA progressing at all or is he forever indie fodder in his old man's shadow?
  5. Click spoilers above for my venting about Meltzer re: his reaction to Dominion results. content warning: lots of complaining about things that definitely do not matter.
  6. The IWGP decision match is such a dumb idea and immediately reminds me of the Tanahashi vs Bernard decision match nobody cared about back in...2006? I agree with the previous post saying it should just be vacated and held up in the G1, it would give the G1 added prestige amidst a challenging year for the company and feel like a good opportunity to hit the 'reset' button a little. Even if they couldn't wait until August, at least do an 8 man decision tournament (or a 16 man tournament over two days although you'd have to pad it with juniors). I would use Okada, Shingo, Ibushi, Cobb, SANAD
  7. Thanks!! I'm gonna watch all that tonight. Here's a link to the Kroffat/Furnas match (JIP, starts at 18:35) if you're curious. Crowd is pretty hot and everyone is working super hard. https://youtu.be/0E82-SROmGQ
  8. Did Billy Black ever have any really good matches in AJPW? I was just watching a tv block from 1991 that had him and Deaton vs Kroffat and Furnas. Billy was kind of impressive. Gangly and stuff so his work never exactly looks "crisp" but for a bigger guy he could move, had a decent moonsault, had a good spinkick, timing was solid...any buried treasure of his worth checking out?
  9. I don't follow BJW as closely as I should but is Hideyoshi Kamitani someone AJPW could realistically headhunt? They may not need yet another big hoss on what is already less a roster than a hoss-ter but from what I've seen of Kamitani he might make a pretty versatile fit. Also it's been discussed a few times on here over the years but Hirooki Goto should just jump already. Would no doubt be a big paycut but he would instantly be a really compelling TC challenger rather than a ten time loser in the IWGP scene.
  10. I'm really enjoying this thread and the reviews. Finally caught up and watched Suwama/Zeus, Miyahara/Zeus, and Lee/Suwama and thought they were all stellar. I've been Brand Loyal to AJPW possibly to a fault since I first got into puroresu in 1999 so it's always quietly vindicating when I feel they're objectively putting out a better product than NJPW. Suwama is and always has been so great, and as he slowly deteriorates it's great to see Zeus already in line to fill his spot as the big stiff AJPW dude who can also move real well. Zeus was moving SO FAST in that Miyahara match making sure every
  11. My interpretation was that Suwama is going to hold the title just long enough to possibly break Kawada's record. He won the title by beating Miyahara in what would have been Miyahara's own Kawada record-break, so it makes sense to play with the idea that the record might get broken by somebody sooner than later. Plus like Control said, he's never had his truly dominant, monster run with the TC, and as the guy who held the company together after Mutoh killed the midcard and Kojima flopped as the New Ace (worked hard but has lousy matches), I think he's deserving of the Grumpy Jumbo reign that J
  12. Any other longtime Observer fans find they have to fast-forward past Dave talking about New Japan these days?
  13. I find the Carny is the hardest tournament to predict each year. I agree it feels like it's gotta be Jake Lee's time. He had those awesome matches with Kento a couple years ago and failed in all of them (except the #1 contender's tournament deal they do, I think that's the Baba Cup?). He's due for his big redemption moment, and to be The Man Who Beat The Man The Previous Man Couldn't Beat. If Lee dethrones Suwama after Suwama ended Kento's last monster reign, then suddenly you have all this interest in a Lee vs Kento "who's the real ace of AJPW etc etc" type buildup. That said, it's AJPW
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