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  1. Exactly. I think for a certain demographic of the manly men who post here Sammy represents "obnoxious young guy" while some of the rest of us have much less trouble recognizing Andrade as "bully who picks a fight with the guy in the room he knows he can smack around".
  2. https://images.app.goo.gl/QWWepD9PLJqXGQcFA Turns out it was Unforgiven 2002, not the Rumble. Either way I have absolutely zero recall of watching this show beyond his cameo.
  3. He was backstage during a video segment romancing Dawn Marie (I think). I just remember he gives D'Lo and someone else some tight-lipped advice about a gentleman never giving away his secrets and as he walks away D'Lo goes "Damn, some guys have ALL THE LUCK!!". I've been trying to find it on YouTube for ages but nobody ever seems to upload it. Holy crap I did find this tho: https://youtu.be/FZdsOOW1mjE
  4. Remember when Eric Braeden showed up at the Royal Rumble the one year? I know he's a pretty grouchy guy but if you could get Victor Newman as an on-screen wrestling character even just long enough to build to some kind of ppv payoff...that would be the ultimate "male soap opera" or whatever.
  5. https://www.out.com/sports/2022/10/05/wrestler-anthony-bowens-wants-you-celebrate-national-scissoring-day Out wrote a nice piece about NSD. They should give Bowens an eliminator match against Moxley just to gauge exactly how over he is.
  6. Yeah when I saw how small the Coca Cola building was I figured getting affordable decent seats (let alone three together) would be a dogfight and sure enough it was so I bailed out early. Glad it didn't work out now that the lineup is out, not that it wouldn't have been fun night if good seats weren't nutty $$.
  7. If you could somehow align Swerve with Cargill so that Swerve tries to interfere at Battle of the Belts but gets thwarted by the Acclaimed and then Willow wins with the Doctor Bomb and the Acclaimed and Willow all have belts and celebrate as the show goes off the air you'd have a real moment on your hands.
  8. I wonder where Dustin's head is at these days between Cody leaving and all the chaos backstage. As an older guy who worked for WCW during nearly all its worst eras plus Vince at his looniest I could see him being somewhere between "oh god not this again" and "ehh I've seen worse".
  9. Thought it was a hell of a show tonight. Main event had weird energy in that Garcia didn't turn and the crowd clearly had access to their phones re: hating on Sammy even more than usual but it was a fun enough match. They might be overestimating the appeal of Danielson vs Jericho...if you count tonight's tag they'll be having their fourth match since All Out next week. I take it Rush was cool with losing clean so long as he got to dominate offense the whole match. Confrontation at the end ruled. I'm not a big Hangman fan but he really needs to look strong after his wonky trajectory since losing the belt. Kind of wish they were saving him and Moxley for a ppv. Hayter love was tremendous but I was even more heartened by the deafening DEEB chants. Willow getting the win was good too. Battle of the Belts should...maybe be the title change? It would feel like an anticlimactic end to Cargill's reign but with Statlander out there's no obvious person to take the belt. If it's done right and the crowd is hot it could make Willow in one night.
  10. He balanced on the top of a ring post to complete a flip.
  11. They are both idiots are now because of them I have to watch PAC twice in one night and I hate PAC.
  12. I lol'd. This place is too much.
  13. One of the many reasons I think Starks should be world champ within the next two years is he's the only guy in a country filled with guys doing dumb poses who actually seems to have understood the purpose and value of a signature pose and how to get it over.
  14. I agree with much of the above in theory but let's also keep in mind that NXT is no guarantee you'll learn how to navigate acting and promos. Kyle O'Reilly (to go with an extreme example) has great looking offence but his acting and facials are from planet x and his promos are some of the worst in the business (with the lowpoint being his "falling over drunk on champagne" bit when him, Cole and Fish were celebrating after stealing all the belts).
  15. I hope the Sammy tweets are a shoot because as a work it's almost more embarrassing. Put over one more time that a bunch of your guys are unhappy, dysfunctional, fighting backstage and looking for work elsewhere.
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