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  1. I'll never forget getting a tape from a tape-trader but what I ordered didn't fill out a full tape so they tacked this on the end to fill it out and remember everyone in my dorm hearing me shout WHAT THE FUCK? when THAT spot happened. All I really knew was it was another Misawa/Kawada match and I knew that Kawada broke his arm, but I hadn't heard about THAT so I was not prepared for it.
  2. Imagine being a wrestling promotion with prime-time television and NOT finding room for two beefy dudes that look like this AND have amateur wrestling/MMA backgrounds AND have proven to have great chemistry with opponents of different in-ring styles.
  3. If it's a year later and you are using the Black Scorpion angle to introduce Rude into the mix, there's also the added wrinkle of "Warrior is not active on WWF TV" to add to the intrigue, as the Summerslam 91 blowup would have happened by then. If the timeline remains in 1990, I would say one way to book it better would simply be to cut down on the magic tricks part of the build, it really seemed like WWF-style gimmickry in a bad way. I was the one that brought up Black Scorpion in the RAW thread after doing a 1990 WCW "big show" rewatch last week, and I got a low rent-Undertaker vibe from the special effects side of things before I remembered that this was actually BEFORE The Undertaker had debuted in WWF. Not that there wasn't plenty of room for gimmickry in the Black Scorpion angle, but that gimmickry needed to be more traditional "pro wrestling bullshit". I thought the twist with the first Clash match where they started doing the multiple Scorpion gimmick was brilliant, the idea that this puppet master has disciples willing to do his dirty work is a fun wrinkle, but the magic tricks and disappearing acts with random fans/WCW stagehands was the wrong side of goofy.
  4. Last week I did a watch of WCW's big 1990 shows (PPV's and Clashes), which means I got to see the whole Black Scorpion thing play out from start to finish. While the aesthetic is overall different, seeing the Black Scorpion play out in a manner that made it obvious that there was no actual end game for the Scorpion reveal when it started, I'm really starting to get the same vibe from the Retribution thing. Would anyone be surprised if it came out that WWE currently didn't have an actual reveal or end game planned yet?
  5. The most infuriating part of this is that two nights later, they re-did this match on WWECW on SyFy, but the free TV match was an incredibly fun "Extreme Rules" match that was so much better and put over the New Breed, with a hell of an exclamation point finish that had Elijah putting Sabu through a table for the pin.
  6. I am currently unemployed and have no social events to go to at night, and I still can't imagine any landscape or reality where I would ever be bored enough to willingly sit in the live audience for a taping of The Best Damn Sports Show Period.
  7. Damn, this one hurts. https://www.revolvermag.com/music/riley-gale-power-trip-vocalist-dead-34
  8. Conversely, if a dude only has 4 followers...why even bother responding to begin with? It's the "if I am a nobody, then why are you acknowledging my existence" question. I've curated my Twitter feed and utilized the mute/block functions to make my feed free of drama and trash for the most part, but when it seeps through, it's usually because someone I follow replied to or retweeted a garbage opinion for the sake of call outs and dunks, and 90 percent of the time all that it accomplishes is signal-boosting an idiot or person acting in bad faith.
  9. Ryan Satin's post looked like an attempt to tell the type of joke that Malcolm Velli would tell but because it was from Ryan it wasn't funny. And given Benoit's appearance, as well as GCW, Fire Velveteen Dream, and...ahem, an image of a KKK dude popping up, i wouldnt be shocked if someone makes a production call to just bank a bunch of footage from the fans that have been acting accordingly to what WWE wants and start to just recycle that in the Thunderdome moving forward instead of going live with everyone, like looping footage of the people that have been cheering and clapping like how Keanu Reeves and Jeff Daniels tricked Dennis Hopper in Speed.
  10. If you are going by timeline of release, the Bonnie Tyler song is the rip-off. Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling debuted in September 1985 with this as the theme song, and The Wrestling Album with this listed as "Hulk's Theme" (which I don't think he ever actually ended up using as in-ring entrance music, I think on TV they had already switched "Real American" over to him after Windham/Rotundo used it once or twice) came out in November 1985. The Bonnie Tyler album featuring "Ravishing" didn't come out until June 1986. Though technically, it's more of a case of "self-plagiarism" than "ripoff", since Jim Steinman (of Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell fame) wrote "Hulk's Theme" for the Wrestling Album and then recycled it for "Ravishing" when he was producing Bonnie Tyler's record.
  11. I would say so, yes. And I say this as someone who never really got Adam Cole on the indies and save for a few moments here and there, never really saw what others see in him as a "top guy" in NXT.
  12. Everyone is raving about Pat McAfee's performance and justifiably so, but honestly, I want to see more of THIS Adam Cole too. The circumstances of the match forced him out of his standard "Adam Cole match template" and the result was maybe my favorite Adam Cole NXT match ever in terms of emotional content delivered in ways that weren't overly reliant on 2.9/finisher-spam wrestling. I thought he was great at expressing hunger, vengeance, and having a chip on his shoulder, and I would genuinely love to see him get pushed outside of his comfort zone more.
  13. If you are only selling about 600 tickets anyway (I believe the number I read was 10% capacity, though if wrong someone can correct me), it shouldn't eat up too much time and resources to require full names of everyone that's buying a ticket and sharing a pod, and require photo ID's for at least the adults upon check-in.
  14. The "historically bad" karma points all swarmed in on me in one swoop as I was there live for the "fuck Stan Kroenke" episode of RAW that WWE did after the whole Denver Nuggets playoffs blowup. Though on the flip side, how many people can say they saw a WWE wrestler once pegged as a potential main eventer wrestle in a big comeback match and then suddenly get fired the next day? And @Log, I can't imagine how many fathers/mothers took so much torture sitting through those marathon TV tapings back in the day. Hell, I'm happy you yourself remained a fan after that. I feel like even as an enthusiastic child, I probably wouldn't want to watch wrestling for a long time once I put together that I watched one Hulk Hogan match and four hours of Superstars squashes, or even worse, Challenge squashes with no major angles since those were usually saved for Superstars. It's never a surprise when I look at attendance figures on The History of WWE and see that the next house show in the same market the previous show was a TV taping would be down considerably. And back then, WWF usually wouldn't advertise if something was a TV taping, correct? It was just typically promoted locally like any other house show? PS @Dolfan in NYC, I know my post earlier branched this off into some stuff unrelated to Wrestlemania viewings. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your viewing experiences these last few months, and it's also a good kick in the pants to get motivated about getting some sort of exercise routine going again whenever I throw on some old wrestling.
  15. WWE: We have to tighten the financials, let's release a bunch of wrestlers and long-time staffers. Also WWE: Let's spend a shitload of money on renting out a sports arena for weeks at a time and build a smaller arena inside that bigger arena from scratch with a shitload of LED boards, all-new staging, pyro, infrastructure to handle thousands of people streaming video in through the Internet, all the works!
  16. Holy shit. Did Abdullah Jr. Kobayashi grow his hair out? Also, I say this out of sheer jealousy because of my own thinning hair and receding hairline, I always get a little pissy when I see someone that's had a shaved head for years, and then they randomly let it grow and it turns out to be a magnificent head of hair with no signs of receding or age.
  17. A friend of mine that knows I am a huge wrestling fan and have attended multiple Wrestlemania weekends and adjacent shows in recent years, asked me what the most historic wrestling moment I've witnessed live was. I didn't get to start attending live wrestling shows until the late '90s, and even up until Wrestlemania 2005, it had primarily been random RAW and Smackdown tapings that were mostly uneventful in the grand scheme of things (though I did see the Billy & Chuck "proposal" live if that counts for something), original ECW tapings in Detroit (where I did get to see the Dudley Boyz busting out the flaming table for the first time), random Michigan indies pre-2003, and super-early PWG before they truly became a big indie phenomenon. And I have been to plenty of Wrestlemanias since that have had much better bell-to-bell matches (full list is 2005, 2007, and 2015 through 2019, so sadly I didn't get to see any of the Undertaker vs HBK/HHH matches live, or Daniel Bryan winning in New Orleans), as well as plenty of moments since that could be considered "Internet cool" (the first ECW One Night Stand and Necro Butcher vs Samoa Joe the same weekend, the re-emergence of PCO at Spring Break New Orleans, NJPW/ROH being the first-non McMahon wrestling show at MSG in many decades), the only thing I could say in terms of "most historic that I have witnessed live" was this being the Wrestlemania where John Cena and Batista were officially cemented as bona fide main eventers that would be relied on and have so much of the WWE main event scene centered around them for the next decade. Sure, HHH, Taker, HBK, Randy Orton would stay in that realm, and to a lesser extent CM Punk and Jeff Hardy would emerge over the next few years, but I don't think it's unrealistic to say that for the next five years that John Cena and Batista were an easy #1 Ace and #1a Ace. And though the individual Mania matches themselves weren't super-great, and both feuds would have much better matches in the months that followed (especially the Cena/JBL I Quit match which still holds up as a spectacle to this day, I would 100% rank that as second to Cena vs Umaga as the best "Cena as fighting champion" match), I literally can't imagine what the next five years of WWE look like without Cena and Batista being anointed on that day. So I responded to "most historic" to my friend that asked the original inquiry, with Cena and Batista ascending to main event/top ace status at Wrestlemania 21. "2nd most historic" would of course, be the time I went to WCW World War III in 1998, and there was an epic off-camera struggle by arena security to contain a ten-foot-long inflatable penis being passed around the crowd in the upper deck during the DDP/Bret Hart main event.
  18. To this day, I would love to know how the conversation with Low-Ki went about jobbing that night, given his notoriously prickly attitude towards that, even then? Did all of the overbooking for the finish make him feel more comfortable? Was it that he was being asked to put over someone he had a strong in-ring history with prior to then, or maybe he was just more confident and secure about doing an ROH job because he had steady gigs in TNA and Japan (in ZERO-ONE I believe at that time, right?).
  19. Is there a full list/documentation of all Fort Worth TV that's floating around out there? It seems like there's tons of individual matches out there on random comps and Youtube, but complete TV episodes are few and far between that would fill out the picture, at least on Youtube/Dailymotion/etc.
  20. I don't have much to contribute to the Rey Mysterio discussion, but if you do want to find a fun match that diverts from the usual "Rey as underdog" formula, there was a face vs. face match on RAW against Evan Bourne while Rey was still a bit jacked/thick, so you get a good look at what "power moves veteran" Rey Mysterio would have looked like if he was in a position to do that type of match.
  21. To be fair to Jericho, Fozzy guitarist Rich Ward has proven to be quite the galaxy brain at times too, I wouldn't be surprised if the reply on the Fozzy Twitter came from him.
  22. All safety/COVID concerns about moving that show indoors to an unregulated venue on residential property aside, I do think it is absolutely hilarious that WWE spent thousands of dollars on producing the Raw Underground segments and ICW/IWTV basically fell ass-backwards into putting together something that pulls off a grimy "underground" aesthetic a million times better with a few hours notice.
  23. Photo taken just now of Marty Jannetty talking to the cops.
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