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  1. Chavo Jr. really mixes up the facts when he tells a story. I'm not outright saying that he isn't telling the truth about what he knows or doesn't know about Benoit but then...I probably should? We shouldn't expect him to have photographic memories of his entire career and those of his friends or family but he seems to dance around certain things and confuse the facts about others. He did it a lot on the MLW interview a few months ago too. He was talking about a couple of (at the very least...probably more) significant tragedies that happened to his close friends and family so I don't doubt that it would be hard to be more consistent when he recounts them. I mean...World War 3 had 90 guys??? Anybody could search a second and find out that isn't true. And there is probably other stuff that is more significant but who really would want to call him on his inconsistencies? Jericho seems more honest in the simple fact that his stories tend to stay the same no matter how often he tells them. He just likes to hammer lame jokes into the ground over and over again too much. I don't usually listen to his musical guests.
  2. I hate zombies but I've been hooked on The Walking Dead after finally getting Netflix last year and catching up. I'd say there are maybe four episodes in the entire series that weren't enjoyable after repeated viewings. Tonight I seriously thought Michonne's dream sequence was a new GEICO commercial. It was so surreal - which I guess was their intention. The insurance salesman is really dead weight in a zombie apocalypse. Lawyers on the other hand...can master firearms after just a lesson or two and wield big swords. Even Maggie was pretty dangerous on a horse in her first episode. I was a little worried Michonne wasn't making it out of the episode alive after they mentioned who would be on The Talking Dead. Is this the first time a cast member has been on the show and HASN'T died the exact same night?
  3. From Wrestlzone, quoting WON: I can totally see that. At the time, my biggest problem with the match was around the blown spot. It wasn't that they blew it. That happens. It's that it looked downright horrific and they just sort of went on with the match afterwards instead of selling what just happened, which was probably the most brutal looking head drop I had seen on WWE TV all year. Wasn't the botched move an attempted reversal of a backdrop or (backdrop suplex by Ascension)? He was supposed to land on his feet but landed on his head instead.
  4. I think that was probably one of the better Ascension matches I've seen. Ascension usually look like some some combination of clumsy/boring/plodding/green as grass. Davey over rotating on the backdrop spot is something that probably anyone doing the spot gets a little ahead of themselves from time to time. If anything it was a spot that should have been saved for a match further down the road. It would have made more sense in a rematch - especially considering WWE's style of match psychology. I'm not a fan of Ascension as wrestlers on their own or as a team at all. The name sucks too. That match actually made them look like something more than a (relatively) cool look for a wrestling poster from a kid's point of view.
  5. IIRC the name was created by someone at the ROH forums. They had just started teaming and fans were trying to come up with a gimmick name to make them stand out in NOAH.
  6. I am amazed at how much I'm enjoying WWE now. Well maybe not "amazed" since Bryan/Cesaro/Zayn/Rollins/Ambrose/etc were some of my favourites before they came to WWE. This "era" of WWE programming is the best its been since 2000. RAW is too long but more time for better wrestlers and matches is something to look forward to. The gimmicks aren't bad for the most part unless we are talking about Los Matadores and Fandango...and most of the divas. I was a CM Punk fan years ago but the babyface version just seems grating and insincere. I wouldn't be disappointed if he was a major part of the show. I'm fine with him feuding with guys I'm not digging at all like Ryback or Axel too. The 11-on-3 match really blew my mind as a concept for babyfaces to get over. I can't believe that it worked as well as it looked like it did. I'm never going to depend on WWE or get disappointed when things start going wrong for all the moving parts. For TV wrestling they are doing a lot of things that interest me. I'm not going to go and buy a PPV or anything like that but the TV shows are enjoyable after almost thirteen years of not being interested in something besides lucha or smaller promotions.
  7. ROH in 2007 had a very strong year in the ring. A majority of the shows had several good to great matches. It wasn't as captivating as Danielson's title run or the CZW angle but the matches were still as good as ever. If I remember correctly ROH after the CZW angle was "hit or miss" to the majority of the crowd. I haven't seen more than five or six shows from the latter half of 2006 ROH and missed all of evil Cornette and the Corino stuff. What people forget about the faction warfare period in ROH is that it wasn't really the focus of the company. For one reason (Aries held hostage in TNA) or another (Evans being in Dragon Gate) the factions weren't really that much of a factor outside of one match or two. It was really handled poorly by Gabe and probably shouldn't have been booked as a four stable feud if major players weren't going to be available. ROH in 2008 was also very good. It suffered from the same things that every Gabe promotion suffers from but the quality was there every show more often than not. Gabe just runs too many rematches with his booking style. 2009 is when the quality of the shows really dropped off. There were several shows where nothing noteworthy happened at all. Most years in ROH prior to 2009 (and then again in 2010-2011) the number of memorable matches would be hard to narrow down to a Top 10. In 2009 I found it hard to make a Top 5 list of matches that I really enjoyed and would consider watching again. It picked up during the last quarter of the year. Starting with the Danielson/McGuinness farewell tours the last few months were leaps and bounds packed with more quality than the entire first nine months of the year. Of course 2009 was also the start of the Davey Richards push that a lot of people have hated over the last four years. If you don't like the guy getting more ring time than everyone else it will be hard to enjoy th rest of the show.
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