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  1. Tell us how a grown man murdering an unarmed teenager is a hero and not at all a pussy. God Damn, couldn't you have just stayed the fuck away.

    That's not at all what I said, Vic. I have no opinion on the verdict because I wasn't in the courtroom and I refuse to try a man based on cable news. BUT, you didn't call Zimmerman a pussy. You said "gun pussies". And you are advocating the murder of the man. Just once I'd like you to disagree with someone or someones without the reactionary insane rhetoric.
  2. And then there's this from Tammy Sytch:



    "Hey SUNNY FANS!! This is YOUR CHANCE to get UNDER THE COVERS WITH ME!! At the Legends of the Ring Convention, 10/5/13, I will be offering special photo ops! Your choice: for $50 you get to have your photo taken laying next to me in bed, and for $75 you can have your photo taken 'spooning' or with me lying my head on your chest! Was I your TEENAGE CRUSH?? Now is your chance to make that dream a REALITY!!!


    and YES, I WILL be wearing a little item from my LINGERIE DRAWER!!"



    Words fail me.

  3. Some things I forgot:

    -TNA released a bunch of people. Matt Morgan, Crimson, Joey Ryan, Christian York, Taeler Hendrix, and I think some more.

    -The Briscoes and Rhett Titus all visited WWE and are contractually available.

    -The American Wolves have stated "We are in talks with both TNA and WWE".

  4. During RAW they had a thing where the USOs were tweeting and their big joke was:


    "We won't need a shield on Sunday at Money in the Bank!"


    Brilliant, right?  But as I tried to remember if anyone ever actually did bring a shield to their matches, I realized it was more than just an amazingly clever pun.  It was a little giveaway to the big PPV surprise:


    Posted Image



    He's back.




    I've missed your posts soooooo much.

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