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  1. Always repeat your punchlines, folks, like a magician emphasizing a trick:"High heels, laides and gentlemen! High Heels! Yes....Come on! Come on, that was funny!"

    It seems WWE put him in a role where he think he's funny and no one else does. Probably to try and bury him because Vince doesn't know funny. But it's gonna backfire because Brad's gonna be awesome in that role.
  2. I read this whole thread and pretty impressed by the reactions. Everyone but Victator. Youve got some issues dude and should be banned. My opinion from the beginning was that Zimmerman was an idiot that overstepped his bounds. The death of Trayvon could have been prevented if either one of them handled it differently. I never thought the crime was murder but what Zimmerman did was wrong because even if his shooting was in self defense it occurred because of his error in judgement early on. They were dumb to go after murder. Should have been manslaughter from the start.

    As the guy who's usually on the other side as Victator, I'll say this: I don't think he should be banned. At all. I just wish he could tone down the rhetoric. Believe it or not, I think he's a smart guy and I'd like to be able to discuss these things with a smart guy who doesn't see the world in the same light as me. But discussion is impossible when you just come out of the gates calling everyone names and hating everyone who disagrees with you.
  3. Thats something I've always been perplexed about. It seems from reading bios, reading Twitter, etc that a lot of people in professional wrestling cease watching it once they become wrestlers. If you're a guy like Luger or whoever and was never a fan it's one thing but when you grow up as a huge fan it's just weird to me.I'm not saying they should be like me and watch nearly everything on TV plus shit online but to just not watch any of stuffing instead of potatoes once you enter the industry is so foreign to me. Same with wrestlers refusing to pay to see a WWE show or whatever. I don't get it.

    A lot of them are lying. Because when you're in wrestling, everyone has to pretend they hate wrestling. It bugs the fuck out of me. We do a shitty job of defending our business.
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  4. Zimmerman's brother also pulled the "gun toting drug addicted thug" card as well. Listen I understand that they want to fight back at all the racism charges against him but attacking the person you killed whether in self defense or not won't work. Just shut up and go away.

    Yep. Time for the whole clan to get the fuck off TV, move somewhere else, as change their name and appearance. Even if he is "not guilty", gloating looks goddamn awful. You're a free man, now GO AWAY.
  5. He did not shoot an unarmed teenager? Is there something in there that says he is not a pussy who lost a fist fight that he instigated? This is the murder version of "look how she was dressed."I hope Zimmerman gets gutted and his brother gets cancer.

    Never change.
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