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  1. Well, Vile has clearly been in the tank for this show for a while now. He hasn't even tried to hide it. Check his post history, if you like (but, I mean, I wouldn't). You won't have to look far to find him grandstanding for it in the lead up.


    I'm aware of who VileOne is. And I'll never try to shame somebody for enjoying something.

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  2. Well, it's something worth talking about, as it pertains to the quality of the show we're all here to discuss. But when one party to the conversation apparently doesn't even really know what we're talking about, then no, I guess it's really not worth continuing. That way leads the Path of Rage.

    When you start throwing around terms like "You're so in the tank", you left the realm of "discussion" behind you.

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  3. Been playing Marvel Heroes the last few weeks. It has come a long long way since I played it around launch. Actually really enjoying the game as Storm. Tried Daredevil and didn't really like the way he played. I have 4000k eternity splinters. Gonna try to get Storm to level 60 before I buy another hero though knowing me I'll get another one here soon.

    Have you tried Daredevil since yesterday? They re-worked him.

  4. Jesus, you're so in the tank for this, you just can't even fathom what I'm getting at here. I would try to explain it further, but I don't know how much more explicit I can make it and you wouldn't let yourself get it anyway.

    You know, you can like something while acknowledging certain parts of it are dumb, right? This is far from some flawless work of art we're talking about.

    Is this really worth fighting over? Jesus...

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  5. So, do we get clubs that disguise as a white cane this season? That is the #1 question I have before starting.

    only on ep 4, but nothing yet. I think we may have only seen him with his regular cane once in ep1 so far.

    The bully club gets a major upgrade in the final episode.

  6. Having finished the first episode, and without spoiling anything specific: geez, this version of the Punisher just doesn't give a single fuck if he accidentally mows down entire herds of innocent people, does he? SO many of those gunshots came incredibly close to blowing civilians' heads off, and it seems like Frank's aim isn't very good in this show. So far he isn't being portrayed anywhere near as careful and disciplined as the character usually is in the comics.

    This is addressed later.

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