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  1. They absolutely miscast him as a face in NWA. He's got one of those inherently punchable faces. I just wish he wasn't so overexposed.
  2. Glad to see that post-PPV bump. I guess Drew technically has to be the worst-rated WWE champ of all time? I mean, I find the guy as interesting as wet bread, but it feels kind of unfair.
  3. My sibling went for a casting call once and was told they could "do ethnic". We're mixed Jewish/Italian/Irish, so... I guess that's not wrong?
  4. But Will Hobbs looks like a heel. His signature mannerism is an exaggerated sneer, for goodness' sakes.
  5. Watching Turning Point on Youtube, and jeez, Joe Doering looks like Peter Avallon's big brother.
  6. Well, on Dark they've been pushing that he's added a submission element to his game, and he's definitely been working heel for a while. He's a fine "credible threat who will probably lose more than not."
  7. That's been the throughline. They basically spelled it out - Wyatt, cult leader, was at his nadir when the Fiend found him and rebuilt him into what he is today. Somewhere between demonic possession and the Venom symbiote. Miz is a bit of a stretch, but then I imagine even eldritch horrors just want to punch that face.
  8. It really came across when they interviewed Swoggle and he said something along the lines of "All my life in wrestling, I was sidelined and banished to the Island of Misfit Toys. Well, this is that island! I'm home!"
  9. I mean, she was Raesha Saeed in the Kongtourage during what might have been peak TNA Knockouts. Prominent if not exactly... good.
  10. It's a weird story and I can't do it justice. Let's just say if anyone's fibbing it's probably not her.
  11. So, I didn't see this, only read the recap... do the bookers think Ireland and Scotland are the same place?
  12. I listened to Alexa Bliss on Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend last week, and it sounds like she barely even knew who he was before they started dating.
  13. I know Su and Swann are the first to win their titles at the same event, though.
  14. One other problem was that it seemed like they were trying to force an old-school "travelling champ" heel run in an era when it just couldn't work. If you imagine that Booker T, RVD, Steiner, Goldberg were all territorial aces, it would have made sense. The arrogant champ comes to town, feuds with the face, sneaks out with a dirty win, and leaves the fans shaking their fists and hungry for him to get his comeuppance next time. But when you're a single, (inter)nationally televised promotion, you wind up burning through talent when you book like that, because there's never a cool-off period
  15. Looking at the Wrestlemania thread... post-return Brock Lesnar. Not the individual, or the performer (although it's easy to look like a beast when you're actually hitting guys), but the effect he had on the company. You know how they always say Andre never got a real title run because how do you make his opponents seem credible? Post-return Brock was given that same mystique... and the title. And that really put the nail in the coffin of the current main event scene. It was bad enough the part-timers overshadowed the full-time guys. Bad enough that guys like Rock and Batista could saunter
  16. No no no no no no. That bold part is wrong. Every time he's given his chance, his legs are cut out from under him. You yourself said the end of this match was badly booked. You can't put that on Bray. Bray has been given a lot of lead-up-to-opportunities, but they just didn't know what to do with him to pay it off. Losing clean to Cena at WrestleMania? Two badly-booked Hell in a Cell matches? And most deadly of all, a feud with Randy fucking Orton in the 2010s? That's all on the writers.
  17. So... where did Matt Cardona go? He showed up over the summer, wrestled a bit, got a shirt that said "I'm Here"... and now he isn't. I see on wikipedia he was on a limited appearance deal and that expired, but... What now? Is he doing something outside of wrestling? I mean, Bryan Myers and Heath are in Impact, at least.
  18. Also, as everyone knows, the Bunny is a mutiversal doppelganger to Allie from TNA/Impact, much as Allysin Kay is the doppelganger to Sienna - and presumably the Blade is the doppelganger to Braxton Sutter. So it would be well within the realm of possibility for some sort of rift to allow the Revival to visit the Impact Zone, with or without using the Undead Realm.
  19. Oh, I agree there's definitely room for improvement, but I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as people make it out to be.
  20. I'm just going to say, I think the criticism of the AEW's women's division is overstated. Would I like a bit more development? Sure, but equating it to the days of three-minute, eight-woman tag matches from the WWE pre-Women's Revolution is wrongheaded. AEW is a wrestling company, and is at its strongest when it focuses on wrestlers wrestling because they want to be the champion. That's true in the Women's division as much as the Men's.
  21. I liked the women's tag. Black/Hirsch have a lot of potential. Stopped the show just before the Starks match bc I have other things to do. We'll see if I go back to finish.
  22. Point of order. He is not dead, but rather in a "medically-induced coma", as per Jimmy Jacobs in the post-show.
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