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  1. Bryan can get the SD shot via Elimination Chamber/what-have-you. Orton rekindles his feud with McIntyre, gets the belt back, wrestles Edge at Mania. Seems pretty straightforward.
  2. If Cody was feuding with someone on the roster, the complaints would be about how of course he's going to put himself over/not give enough/whatever. If someone else on the roster was feuding with Shaq, the complaints would be that they're wasting that talent in a pointless angle with a celebrity. I don't care for the angle a bit, but let's not act like we wouldn't be complaining about something else if it wasn't going on.
  3. At best, as a singles competitor Jungle Boy would be sixth or seventh on the face depth chart. As part of a team, he's regularly positioned near the top of his division, and has plenty of time to grow into a singles star if that's the way they decide to go with him. Also, I like Luchasaurus, and I bet he moves at least as much merch. Don't underestimate the appeal of a wrestling dinosaur.
  4. It was filmed in England, but only one member of the band is in it. Their second hit came later and only cracked the Top 20 in the US, although it did better in Canada than Safety Dance did. Quick, tie it back into wrestling.... Um, people often conflate them with Men At Work, which was also the name of a WCW tag team.
  5. The Sklars have been posting (not-great-quality) recordings of Cheap Seats on their Youtube channel, if anyone's interested.
  6. Nick Comoroto has a great look and I would love to have his straitjacket/trenchcoat in my wardrobe. That and The Brian Kendrick's jacket. He's also one of my favourite Dark staples, and I hope they start giving him a few wins from time to time. Rather than the Gunnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....
  7. I'm sure that in a few years she'll be sick of WWE and wrestling somewhere worth watching again.
  8. This makes perfect sense. Who better to enter Pretty Peter's Pageant Provocation than "Dashing" Cody Rhodes? Maybe he'll get a signed 8x10 out of it.
  9. He's too good looking for his current gimmick to work unmasked. That face doesn't join a cult, it starts one.
  10. Okay, I don't like him enough to post twice.
  11. Not all of us. I thought Spears' promo in that restaurant was pretty good. And he went through the wall in the Waiting Room like Marty Jannetty running away from Shawn Michaels. I'm not really a big fan of "taking-my-ball-and-going-home" (Summer of Punk notwithstanding) but at least they actually have numbers to give his claim weight since they track records. And he wears his mohawk way better than Lance wears his extensions.
  12. The hell, man. 2020 couldn't let us have even the LAST FUCKING WEEK, could it? This makes no sense. My heart goes out to his friends and family. I saw him main event a Chikara show in Ottawa shortly before he went to the WWE, and it's the only part of the card that really stands out in my memory still. It's a shame he never got the chance to really, truly show what he could do on the national stage.
  13. So did they just take the original draft, cross out "Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods", and pencil in "Street Profits"? Glad to see SD doing so well ratings wise.
  14. I'd be interested if it wasn't just a generic pop culture podcast, from the looks of things.
  15. I will say, with these numbers coming in, I want to take back some of what I said about Roman Reigns. He's clearly helping with Smackdown, considering what's happening to Raw's ratings with Drew and company on top.
  16. Abadon's gimmick is that she's a creepy monster lady - if Shida doesn't sell being spooked, you kill it right out the gate.
  17. I don't feel like he's a dweeb who got lucky, but I feel like you have to recognize the situation he's in. Brock is gone. Ambrose is gone. Taker is gone. Cena is gone. Wyatt and Reigns are on Raw. All guys who either overshadowed Reigns at some point or got the cheers the WWE wanted Reigns to get during their feud. Now, of course the counter-argument is that it's obvious the WWE sees him as their guy for Smackdown, since they're using him to anchor the show and build around it. And that's fair. I don't know the numbers so I can't comment on whether he moves the needle, as they say. I just
  18. Roman Reigns is really only a success by default. It's not exactly that he's a big fish in a small pond, but that he's the largest fish left in a lake that is drying up. Other than Daniel Bryan, pretty much everyone who overshadowed him is either gone from his brand or no longer with the company at all. I think nobody has benefited more from the lack of crowds than Reigns.
  19. I just want to see the return of DemonxBunny.
  20. Oh, I got that, but they were also saying "Su Yung is back!" repeatedly. And the whole intro was Susie saying "My friend is back." I feel like that would have made more sense if it came after Su Yung was abducted back the Undead Realm.
  21. I feel like the order of the Su story segments is weird. Like, the idea Josh put across today was that they wanted to get rid of Su and bring back Susie. But Susie was there last week, and when Su Yung made her appearance last week everyone made a big deal of her being "back" even though she hadn't really gone anywhere? It's like they had the story beats on note cards and shuffled them up.
  22. Imagine if they'd used ending the streak to help elevate Bray rather than giving it to someone who didn't need it.
  23. This makes no sense. Carmella looks at the "Boss" ring, nothing, it turns to the camera so she can't see it anymore, then she reacts. But hey, let's have women throw drinks on each other. Viva la Women's Evolution.
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