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  1. It didn't really sink in about it being in Rochester tonight until I got on here this morning. I can already feel a need to have the tissues ready for tonight. And oddly enough we went to Chili's last Saturday all so I can get those them baby back ribs ("And motherfucking BBQ sauuuuccceeeee!") I of course did it for Brodie but didn't realize the timing of it all.
  2. That works for me too and it's neat that once Darius comes back there's lots of possibilities to be done. I like Dante more than Sydal at this point but everything involving them is worth keeping an eye on.
  3. On the flip side I saw the recent additions they put in and it has me wanting to play the game again. I didn't find it buggy so much as without the challenges at the time it was just a meandering endless mode that needed more to it. Hopefully this is enough to keep me playing for a bit though I think more can be done. Oh, and in thinking about tonight I thought it was great that they had -1 in the game and he's got the same stats as his dad. That's pretty sweet.
  4. Quick back story but yeah Dante was a fan of Sydal/Bourne which the announcers leaned into when they wrestled each other. Since then they would save each other from beat downs and have since been teaming. I'm not sure when Darius is returning but I would love to see those three do trios matches.
  5. Semi-related but I thought it was hilarious when they showed Larry David at the LA Rams game. Not sure what happened but he had that look where you might as well play the theme over it. As for Windham if his character is similar to his WWE run then I'd have him eventually feud with Malakai. The promos alone would be enough to sell people and if they can have at least a pretty good match then mission accomplished.
  6. Yay! I'm so incredibly happy for her especially when thinking about that conversation when she was unsure about her future in Impact. She's definitely somebody worth having around. And one match in I need to see tons more of Lockhart. I know he's facing Moriarty so I'll have to keep an eye out for that one.
  7. He seems too nice especially looking at your avatar. At least with Britt she's gorgeous but would put the wrath of God into you.
  8. I would love if she was the new version of getting Cash'd. Maybe somebody would get Baker'd? Yeah, doesn't have the same ring to it.
  9. I ignored Bryan but he's best served to look back at the Leyla/Jade match and particularly the Dark before it. As Matt D expertly pointed out there were things Jade did that were attempted in some way during Leyla's match. Leyla not only had a way to counter things but the announcers also focused on how her size can be effectively used due to her leverage. I honestly didn't care for the match before Dark but I found myself super hyped after Dark. And that was a really good match to boot. So basically smaller opponents can and will stand a chance but it's all in how they present themselves. Rey Mysterio was billed the Giant Killer and nobody batted an eye. Leyla Hirsch has proven to hold her own against taller women. And heck, they'd even try and say how Marko can stand a chance though he mainly gets his ass kicked anyway. Anything's possible in wrestling if you're will to work within their parameters.
  10. I've seen his name floating around so it's neat to see Darius have a spot on Dark.
  11. I've been trying to tinker with that on my home setup but haven't had much luck so far. Could just be that with only having a soundbar/subwoofer setup it might need more to better isolate the commentary channel. It's not an issue with AEW but that would certainly help with other shows.
  12. Thanks. I saw him in commercials for the service but didn't see a start date. I'll have to keep an eye to see how it fares.
  13. I was focusing more on the fact that his gear was eerily similar in color scheme and logo placement to Brodie. Actually it was a lot like Silver's too when he wore it for the tribute show. I don't know the thought process behind it but even for AEW I would have gone with a Plan B.
  14. The strap match was the only good thing he was in while in LU and yeah I enjoyed that a lot. But in a place where there there were either far better or far more interesting people to pay attention to he just wasn't up to par. Now that's not to say I never liked him as he was much better in TNA and from the tiny I saw of current Impact he's been fun in backstage segments. But Hernandez in LU? No, thanks.
  15. I'm just going to assume he knew what he was doing.
  16. You might be thinking Hernandez. And yeah, he sucked on the show.
  17. Wish I could say the same but his skits on BTE are the fucking worst. That picture definitely helps his case though. But that aside I like him fine enough and get a kick out of the Wingmen.
  18. Yeah, for real. I saw it twice so far but feel this is one those matches I'll go back to every few months. It's hard to tell when their rematch will be as Kenny needs to heal up for a while. But luckily there's other incredible talents for Bryan to have killer matches with until that happens.
  19. Not sure if you check Dark or Elevation but they teamed up a good bit while Reynolds was out on paternity leave. And while I like Beaver Boys I do agree their pairing does work very well.
  20. Oh, @Dolfan in NYCHow I love thee for the thread title and video. Bravo. As for Raw I hear about some good things pop up but I've been burned months ago on the show in general. I don't know if I'm ready for checking it out again but am at least pleased to find out stuff like the Hurt Business back together. Them splitting was the last straw for me and still am bummed out they weren't all together during Lashley's title run. I can only imagine how great that would have been.
  21. Did John Stewart start his show yet on Apple TV+? His show would be the only thing I'd be interested in on there assuming it's still good.
  22. I really don't want to pay $60 just to get it on PC though the idea of mods sounds interesting. But I may fire it up on PS4 anyway since it's been quite a while.
  23. Finally got around to seeing Rampage. Could be due to where I was sitting but I think in this case the crowd sounded a lot better on TV than live. You could really feel the silence in between spots and it took the crowd to do a noise throughout that I'm assuming is a NY thing. But the matches served their purpose and I thought the 8-man was my favorite for the chaos. Though Punk/Hobbs was pretty damn good too. As for the main on rewatch it felt a bit off with the extended Suzuki Gun offense. Maybe it didn't register live because I was still freaking out over singing "Kaze Ni Nare!" But the duct tape spot was unnecessary and the heat should have been shortened by maybe two minutes. Heck, if I had my way I'd have them just fight all around the arena though I can see wanting to put the focus on Suzuki. Despite that I enjoyed it live and it's still great seeing Homicide show up. As for Eddie he's to me the biggest winner. He's been fighting a lot of his life and if anybody deserves to get their roses it's him. And man for a hometown dude you can't do much better than a chopfest with Suzuki and winning with your best friends by your side.
  24. It barely registered if at all that I saw CM Punk in 2021 yet I was and am elated to know I saw Jonny Hungy run wild live. The guy was feeling it with the hometown love and as much as I love Rosa this match really set the tone for the night. But unless they're airing it on the Road To show I really wish they had Eddie's post-Rampage speech on there. Oh, well, still a fun way to kill some time.
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