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  1. On one hand, Piper being crazy. On the other, my utter loathing of shows about supernatural nonsense like ghosts* *Note: This is only about things passing ghosts off a real in the real world. Supernatural nonsense in fiction can be fucking awesome.
  2. Only technically. In the meantime, get ready for the Lions going all... er, hopefully bouncing somewhat back from last year.
  3. I guess the few extra days of rest he might get with the break coming up makes it okay? Cause, damn.
  4. Wait, you're coming back to the board? Awesome.
  5. I don't feel like reading this whole thread, and I don't feel like even risking an argument, but here's what I want to say: I can see no possible way around the idea that Zimmerman clearly provoked the altercation, and then Zimmerman shot the person he provoked. If that IS legal, it shouldn't be. If it's not legal, he should be headed to prison. *sigh*
  6. I just never seem to be able to care about Marvel for long stretches of time. It's funny, Marvel isn't doing anything that really bothers me (Hell, even the one long-standing thing is currently gone with the fact that, as I understand it, Peter is dead, so his deal with the devil doesn't even matter right now) but I'm still more likely to binge on some random DC book than I am to read anything Marvel is doing, no matter how much Matt tells me it's great. I do really need to catch up on Waid's DD though. One of my favorite writers, my favorite Marvel character, book was really good when I was reading it... Yeah, I should do that. Someday.
  7. SoopAR AE. He asked if he should spell it right on facebook, and Pete and I insisted on Super Ape instead.
  8. The best thing about the movie is that it's the best live-action take on Lois ever. Bad-ass, great reporter, solves the "who is Superman" mystery before he even becomes Superman, fights back, and is never just a damsel in distress, all in a really good performance from Amy Adams. Also, I am an unabashed fan of the way Zack Snyder shoots action. I think the set-pieces were ill-conceived (see above re: my complaints) but that was as good of disaster porn as anything since Titanic way back when. Except for the fight on Krypton, where it looked like Snyder had been replaced by the hack who directed the Bourne films. But then the stuff on Earth was beautiful. Costner and Crowe both did a really good job with material I mostly didn't like. Why do Superman's mothers never matter nearly as much as his fathers?
  9. Both TDK and TDKR had a slight but persistent right-wing tone, but that doesn't bother me, because Batman has always had a slight but persistent tilt towards fascism, at least since The Dark Knight Returns in the 80's.
  10. Just an avatar suggestion....
  11. They freely admitted the same about Tensai from his first appearance. Didn't help.
  12. But that is also where you can learn that Lex Luthor stole 40 cakes. And that's bad.
  13. Hence "he stopped saving people...when he put the costume on" I think pretty much everyone I've heard talk about the movie, myself included, really enjoyed the first 75 or 80 minutes.
  14. I keep think McNabb's rep in Philly should improve now that they've had a few years to see how good they had it with him, but it doesn't seem to be happening.
  15. He's the shining example of the best of humanity, not an alienated outsider. And he stopped saving people (except Lois EDIT: And soldiers who were directly between him and badguys, that he didn't have to go out of his way to save) the moment he put the costume on. And he made zero efforts to get the fights away from Metropolis or Smallville, instead letting the casualties and property damage pile up, which makes it partially his fault, regardless of whether or not he was causing the damage. And he killed somebody with his bare hands. And the entire movie, he only ever did what he was told. He let Jonothan Kent die because he was told to. He became Superman because his other daddy told him to. He killed Zod because Zod said he had to. (Also, I could get back to the original sarcastic point I was making, and mention that the name "Superman" comes up in the same number of scenes in Spider-Man as it did in Man of Steel.) At no point in this movie, was Superman a shining example of hope and the symbol of the best of humanity, and that means he wasn't fucking Superman.
  16. Dolph has gotten the modern WWE face turn, where you lose everything interesting about your character, and somehow become less likable than you were as a heel.
  17. After reaching the end of Geoff Johns and company's 8 1/2 year run on Green Lantern, I popped in the GL blu-ray for the first time despite having got it like a year and a half ago on sale for 8 bucks. I watched the extended cut (which really only adds one thing in, Martin Jordan's death playing out in full in chronological order, instead of just during the flashback, which is still there) and it's just there as a movie. It's not bad, really, it's not good, at all. I will never understand why they did the movie they did, instead of going with "Star Wars meets Training Day."
  18. I thought it was a well-made movie about some random guy in a blue-suit and a red cape that had less to do with Superman than, hell, Spider-man did.
  19. Pretty sure Days of Future Past is going to connect First Class with the original two X-Men movies, although probably with more than few bits of retconning. Also, as I understand it, the two movies Singer had nothing to with (Last Stand and X-MO:W are going to be ignored completely.)
  20. Ray has been an admin for years and years. Dude, you don't even pay attention to the ranks you want to join.
  21. Use Cena to re-elevate the WHC to a similar level to the WWE belt. Done and done.
  22. Henry beats Cena for the belt, holds it until Mania, Bryan does the honorable cash-in he promised first time he had the case, and bloody and battered, he makes Henry tap out to win the WWE title. (Yes, that is virtually the exact same scenario I laid out when Bryan had the case a couple years ago...)
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