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  1. I will like that last post, but only because I now have Rangers as the team I support in Scotland, switching my allegiance from Dundee United.


    This is based on how amazing their fans were at Derby last week, loudest and funnest away fans I've ever heard. And pro-British, which is a check in my book.

  2. D'oh, didn't get one in the end, there was some decent ones in there, £370 for 8gb ram and 1TB harddrive but jesus did I ever get put off by Windows 8.1. First time i've ever used it. I'm gonna wait til the new FM game comes out anyway until I see the specs for it and then tailor my laptop search around that (and maybe it'll be cheaper just before Christmas)


    But Windows 8.1. ..eesh.

  3. Evening everybody, there doesn't seem to be a CTDWAT type of catchall thread for non videogame stuff so i'll have to start a new thread.


    I'm sure a few of you have heard of the website http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/ which is super handy to see if your computer can run certain games and whatnot, anyway, i'm browsing for a new laptop and there's a good sale with a bunch for about £400 reduced by about a hundred or so, but I can't really tell (basically i'm not a super whiz when it comes to specs) how the laptops would fare.


    So question is, is there a website anywhere that runs like the above SystemRequirements site where you can put PC/Laptop makes or models in and them see how they'd match up to certain games?


    Hope that question makes sense, and if it doesn't, basically I wanna play Football Manager 2015 (when it arrives) on my laptop and i've had bad experiences with a slow laptop running that game in the past.


    Hopefully someone can help with any information :)



  4. Well, England vs Uruguay is gonna be absolutely massive now. If we can beat them and then beat Costa Rica in the last game, then hopefully we'll sneak through second.


    Raheem Sterling was man of the match for me, but once again Pirlo pulled the strings.

  5. My one and only interest is any Zelda information. It's by far my all time favourite franchise.


    Is Hyrule Warriors a different game than the new Zelda they're making for the Wii U? I don't like too much evolution in my Zelda games.


    Zelda post count: 4

  6. Interesting since there's another Derby fan on the board.. But my personal 11:


    Mart Poom


    Chris Powell (LB)

    John Brayford (RB)

    Igor Stimac (CB)

    Christian Dailly (CB)


    Paul Simpson (LM) 

    Aljosa Asanovic (MC)

    Giorgi Kinkladze (AMC)

    Stefano Eranio (RM)


    Francesco Baiano (ST)

    Paulo Wanchope (ST)



    No place for Danny Higginbotham, Chris Riggott, Malcolm Christie, hell, there's LOADS of players I had to leave out.


    Couldn't even get Horacio Carbonari into that team.

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  7. Don't even know what to say. I knew they'd scored as soon as we battered them for 30 minutes and they had their one and only shot on target in the 89th minute, as soon as they entered their half I knew it.


    Still, its been a long season and we made it all the way to the playoff final when realistically we had no right to do so. So i'm still proud of everything we did this year.


    Doesn't make it easier though.

  8. I have no interest in the Spanish league but it was nice to see Athletico win the title, especially when the fans got shafted in the last game, that's ridiculous.


    Playoff final to go (even my other local team Burton are in the fourth tear playoff final, which I might actually go to at Wembley) and of course my beloved Derby are there in a week and a half.


    Then the real football starts (assuming Derby lose) with the World Cup.


    Gonna be a good few months of footie!

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