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  1. Mandatory Pitbull comment coming in 3...2...1....
  2. How in the hell did the ref count Sandow's shoulders down when they were inside a ROUND DRUM?
  3. I'm more interested in finding out whether Volkoff re-discovered his love of Communism or if he's still an American patriot.
  4. He's become the 2010s version of Lanny Poffo.
  5. It's no guarantee that the Von Erich thing will be a full-length documentary either as there are also 30 for 30 Shorts which run 6-15 minutes in length and are online-only.
  6. My "fragrance with no limits" usually comes after a couple of 7-Layer Burritos.
  7. Uncut! Uncensored! Never before seen! I like to watch this right before the historic "Battle of the Bam Bam's". *dramatic music* There are those who say that the Terry Funk/Sabu Barbed Wire match was too extreme, even for ECW.......... and we'd be hard-pressed not to agree.
  8. lol @ Lebron & Wade in awe of the Road Warriors
  9. Alright, so what's the story behind Cena putting over "Claudio" that's behind the paywall?
  10. Well shit, I thought that was Samoa Joe in the GIF.
  11. Awful Announcing picked up on the Matt Striker Tweet I posted last night. http://www.awfulannouncing.com/2013/october/former-wwe-commentator-makes-bad-marathon-joke.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  12. Those are some Paul Orndorff breasts.
  13. Oh boy. Matt Striker ‏@Matt_Striker_ 1m Ill get sh*t for this but if there's a tragedy at this Sunday's NY Marathon then that means the Knicks will be NBA champs.
  14. [*] Missy Hyatt ‏@missyhyatt 4h big fan of summer rae and rob naylor when they were in nxt. [*] Rob Naylor ‏@NINaylor 4h @missyhyatt Thanks Missy! Most of her outside ring antics are the direct inspiration of watching my Memphis, uwf and wcw DVDs of you! [*] Missy Hyatt ‏@missyhyatt 3h @NINaylor My wrestling career will not be complete until I fight Rob Naylor in a Moondog Concession Stand Brawl [*] Rob Naylor ‏@NINaylor 3h @missyhyatt *throws jar of mustard and looks for Bill Dundee as a tag partner*
  15. It was initially diagnosed while she was in jail earlier this year. http://www.cagesideseats.com/2013/5/22/4356484/tammy-sytch-freed-from-jail-claims-shes-had-cervical-cancer
  16. Apparently, much like Mr. Rotten, it's a matter of debate.
  17. I think that explains the look on Gordy's face.
  18. Can't believe NO ONE has mentioned Steph jivin' to "Common Man". Definite laugh-out-loud moment for me.
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