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  1. Really awesome shot from the Slam Wrestling Tom Farhat obit of a Detroit battle royal with a young Randy Poffo in the jean shorts.
  2. I remember those shows got some play in one of the Napolitano mags at the time and those six mans seemed like the kookiest matches of all time to me at age 11.
  3. Bob Holly mentioned it in his book. And no, there was no given reason. When he asked why they were dropping the belts they had no real answer. I would guess the Gunns were originally scheduled to win the tourney and Billy's injury made them unable to compete, so the Gunns winning the next night just returned to the status quo. Just a theory but maybe losing to Smoking Gunns in a regular tag title match at Royal Rumble wasn't considered a big enough reason for Bigelow to feel "embarrassed" and snap after be mocked by LT afterward, whereas losing the finals of a tournament to a wimpy underdog team was. Just a thought.
  4. A lot of Nitro on the Network recently. God I miss the Horsemen. Nothing more fun or nostalgic or appealing to me when I was a teenager growing up in NC than the 98 Horsemen. Just watched King of Trios Night 1 and absolutely loved Kingston/Ophidian/Shynron vs. Hallowicked/Frightmare/Silver Ant. SO much subtlety and story telling nuances all happening in a super fun match. Also really liked AAA vs. Gentleman's Club. Eager for the rough cuts of nights 2 and 3 to go up.
  5. Los Angeles (3 WrestleReunions feat 2 ROH shows, 3 PWG shows, 1 DGUSA show & 1 Highspots show) Reliant Stadium (WM 25) Houston Convention Center (ROH WM 25 weekend shows) Georgia Dome (WM 27) Sunlife Stadium (WM 28) Miami WrestleCon (DGUSA, Highspots legends show) Secaucus, New Jersey WrestleCon (DGUSA, Evolve, Chikara, Shimmer, Kaiji Big Battle) Met-Life Stadium (WM 29) Wells Fargo Center (MITB 2013) Superdome (WM 30) Pennsylvania Nat'l Guard Armory (ROH Midnight Express Reunion & 1st Nat'l Pro Wrestling Day) Greensboro Coliseum (multiple house shows & TV's, Unforgiven 98 PPV) Dorton Arena (1 house show, January 1990: Horsemen vs. J-Tex cage match) PNC Arena (Angle vs. Lesnar Smackdown iron man match) Charlotte Coliseum (Starrcade '93) Knoxville Civic Center (SMW Superbowl of Wrestling) South-Atlantic Pro at a mall opening in Charlotte with Vince Torelli & Chris Chavis More school gyms, rec centers and armories than I can count
  6. Roughly a month, give or take. A couple of times lately it's actually been a little quicker.
  7. I was thinking that exact same Greensboro Raw is probably the worst for me too.
  8. This absolutely hung in the coach's PE teacher's office at my old elementary school. It's probably still there.
  9. Absolutely in love this season for a lot of the reasons caley pointed out in the original post. Really awesome, biting commentary that raises valid criticisms.
  10. I was really hoping the Undertaker gallery from WWE.com would have a pic in his rarely seen red gear. To my knowledge it was never worn for a live event, only for motion capturing for the In Your House Playstation 1 game.
  11. AND he killed a White Walker! Damn! Did the dude ask him if wrestling was fake or something? Holy fuck!
  12. Yeah I am actually REALLY interested to pick up the Capital Sports book because it's a subject matter that has barely been touched on.
  13. Sasha Banks is just fucking fantastic.
  14. WOW I was at this. It was a little day fair / fall festival type of thing. The rest of the card was mostly George South trainees/ Highspots guys, whom I rode with. Definitely never expected to see video of this surface.
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