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  1. Stoned hot take Invisible man vs invisible stan is the best improv ever done that will never get it's due cuz it was wrestling.
  2. Oh i know that. I want those girthy beefy sleezey dudes on television. I want mainstream wrestling to have more variety that's all. Also it's a hot take. Not a where can i find the stuff in looking for post
  3. I feel bad for Bray if the dude is tryna process losing a good friend and i can totally see Vince but getting it being pissed that Bray isn't being tough and is out of shape and 'punished' him for it.
  4. Yet another random Morganti hot take. Modern mainstream wrestling needs a bigger variety of body types. More girth, more BEEF, more sleezey looking people. More mullets and porn stashes.
  5. Naylor getting the shout out on the new day pod today
  6. Streaming services ARE the ala carte offering.
  7. International TV deals mostly. no seriously. thats also why Impact tapes xplosion.
  8. The botchamania/aew thing is because he had two strikes that came from aew earlier this week. They supposedly cleared things up then his channel for bopped.
  9. Honestly i just love reading Dean's reviews. They speak my personal language.
  10. Final countdown in the oakland metro opera house would get those stoned drunk fans higher than the blunts being passed around lemme tell ya.
  11. I actually think that spot would be better received if there was some escalation that we as people seeing it in gif form were aware of. Like. Ninja Mack doing three flips at this show. Then next month there is a gif of 4. Then 5. Then a whole bunch. Then the flips but the dude moves so he stops, kicks the dude in the junk and hits no flips. Bringing it full circle.
  12. Oh i know some folks who have had shitty shot#2 but was throwing out that some folks have had no issues. Mom is 70. And drinks a gallon of water a day. Lol
  13. My mom was fine. She went for a run/walk the next day. Just hydrate lots.
  14. I used to watch the CM Punk vs Delerious trilogy more than any other ROH match or dvd.
  15. Hot take. A *good*match and a match you enjoy seeing don't have to be the same thing. Some of the most entertaining matches aren't necessarily good by objective standards. And some is the best matches aren't always fun to watch after the fact.
  16. 2 FEET taller, not inches... 2 feet. which makes it even more hillarious
  17. Someone needs to send this whole thread to Eddie Kingston.
  18. The legends roundtables were fucking great. I used to watch them before bed. I also like most of the wwe 24 or day of docs they do.
  19. It's too bad quack turned out to be scummy. He would be perfect for getting the fiend story to actually be cool.
  20. Other random thoughts. Bad Bunny did great. Omos was low key perfect in his role. And that main event was aces and a half. The tag turmoil should of been on smackdown instead if you weren't putting over the Riot Squad. I did enjoy the new day basically playing heels until the omos tag then getting squashed even if i didn't want them to lose tonight cuz new day rocks.
  21. The only things that matter from this mania. The ufo. And that fucking gunshot that was sasha getting whipped by bianca's braid.
  22. On the returning to office situation, i work on downtown sf. Lots of tech companies are like. Work from home if you want. Less money spent on corp real estate. My firm is but requiring people back in the office until september currently. And even when we go back lots of the old working on the office perks are going away. No more buffet style catering for a while no more big meetings. No more in house haply hours ect.
  23. Someone send that to the new day pod! It will go great with their toy tourney
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