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  1. I know we're supposed to be focused on O-Kahn and Naito, but Shingo sitting with Osprey and seemingly consoling him cracks me up.
  2. As Akki has pointed out, the Pencil Army is a threat to all. But in all seriousness both Lulu and Chie's quests for respect have been fun; Chocopro is such a wonderfully odd promotion to watch.
  3. Well thanks to TTWO I got to watch ZO, J and the first two episodes of Black. As much as I didn't like parts of Shin, it felt like they were tightening things up with the follow-up movies and I found myself really digging J. Black was super cool, I really hope that it'll be a show that gets a physical release here. I will say this about the Amemiya run of Kamen Rider shows, the monster design is so good. It's like he uses the uncanny valley to his advantage, where there's just enough humanity to his designs that you brain just screams "THIS ISNT RIGHT!".
  4. I watched GvK today and felt like it was the best of Legendary's run. The fights were super enjoyable and they did a good job of making Kong the Thinking Man's Titan vs Godzilla the Force of Nature. I really do hope we get another Kong movie though, he looked so good in this film it'd be a shame to write him off now. Re: Mechagodzilla-
  5. Ryuki's not a top choice for me, but I guess with Dragon Knight airing here they think it'll have the most recognition? If they price it like Mill Creek does the Ultraman box-sets then I'll probably get both.
  6. I don't know, considering how shockingly good Shin Godzilla was, I have hopes that Shin Kamen Rider will be another high point in Anno's career. I am super psyched for the Kamen Rider W anime, it'll be nice to see what's up with Shotaru, Ryu and company. I do hope they get the original cast back as voice actors. I really hope the Black reboot is good, but I'm gonna keep my expectations low. My real hope is an announcement that the Toei Youtube page will be dropping more then just the first two episodes of shows. There's so much Showa I'd love to watch and to be able to do it l
  7. I believe if you add Steiner the name gets a 66 2/3rds % chance of winning. *Edit* Cremation Lily and Orienteering With Napalm Death are also great ZSJ move names.
  8. Well I'm sold.
  9. I guess I'm the odd duck here as I enjoyed both Decade and Zi-O; though I feel they'd be very middle of the pack in an overall list. I finally got to some of the episodes of Ultraman that I remember, as we got the first appearances of Red King and Jirass. Also this is where we get into the era of Ultraman just ripping monsters to pieces; though Red King did get in on the action as well.
  10. I think it was one of those things where she deafened herself with the first shot and then just took it easy on her ears. You can see she's wearing a monitor headset, so that mic was feeding right into her. She got a decent thump off the first shot but I imagine it couldn't have done wonders for her ears.
  11. So I watched the first two episodes of Skyrider that Toei posted and it really feels like they wanted to revist the original show. There's a really brutal moment in the first episode that's a call back to all the nasty deaths people had in the original and it would have been a really great motivator for Tsukuba had we known those people for longer then 5 minutes. The suits look good, General Monster is a cool first villain/midboss character and I like that the monsters still have their human eyes as well as the eyes of whatever beast they're based off; it gives them an even creepier look. I
  12. I could be wrong, but I think the Rider Kick is a Kamen Rider reference. The OG Kamen Rider did the Flip -> Kick version, whereas later Riders did the dive kick that Sasuke does. Sooo TLDR: I know too much about Kamen Rider and they are both techincally Rider Kicks.
  13. I haven't watch a ton of old Ultraman, but Ultra Q has been tons of fun; plus I think giant Kaiju fights never get old. If you're enjoying Kamen Rider, Toei Tokusatsu's Youtube page has been uploading the first 2 eps of various shows. They just put V3 and Kuuga out this week, so it looks like they're gonna keep on doing it. There's a ton of full shows to watch there too and if you've got a VPN they've got all the old Sentai shows subbed as well. Hope that helps!
  14. Okay I'm casting some necromancy here and mods I apologize if I'm resurrecting something too old, but man there is just too much to talk about right now. Officially English subbed Toku is at an all-time high: Both Tsuburaya and Toei have Youtube channels with English subbed Toku. Tsubaraya's is more limited in that its whatever is currently airing plus random vintage episodes and they cull episodes from time to time; but you combine that with Millcreek's awesome job at getting Ultraman out in a physical format and freaking Marvel putting out Ultraman comics and it's a great time to be a
  15. How is Yano not doing a Y-T-R shrug into this as his finish?
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