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  1. It's just too bad that bikinis didn't exist back then. What are we all, particularly Robert, gonna wear? Pantaloons and a girdle just doesn't quite have the same effect.
  2. I can't speak to PS4, but I have an external drive for Xbox and I can't tell a difference in anything. Works really smoothly.
  3. I finally pre-ordered this through Amazon. I completely forgot that I had a gift card loaded on my account. Went to check out and owed 55 cents. I thought it was a glitch and was about to post on here like BUY NOW, BOYS before I realized what was going on. Not that I wasn't going to love it either way, but the fact that I get to enjoy this for a shiny half dollar and a nickel tickles me. This should give me enough time to beat the PS4 Spiderman game before I lose days to horse riding and poker.
  4. "Hold my two beer, boys. We're going as the crow flies."
  5. Played this for the first time in months yesterday so I could get that hatchet. I was shocked to find that that NPC kills counted toward the 25. I didn't interact with a single dot the whole time. It was the most docile room I have ever been in. I even ran some Business...something or other mission where I had to kill Merryweather dudes and deliver a vehicle. No one came after me. It was weird. Deloreans were flying around everywhere, but no one was firing. I ended up coming in third in a "longest distance without crashing" challenge and didn't even realize I was participating until
  6. This sounds like the most eepic night of GTA ever.
  7. We should have 2 beer tshirts made at this point.
  8. You are SO gonna strap dynamite to a horse's ass in Red Dead 2.
  9. That seems to be our motto every time. *BOOOOOOOM* "Oh shit dude! Did I get you? I'm sorry." "Did you get the dot? Then I don't give a fuck." That is, if we're not already laughing so hard we can't even speak.
  10. I speak fluent Robert, so I'll translate for those of you who do not. "I cannot wait to steal some poor sap's Hummer limo and then drive it up his ass with six sticky bombs strapped to the hood."
  11. I, as a 36 year old man, probably shouldn't admit to this, but I will probably take a couple of vacation days for that. That is, unless it's like the shit show that GTAO was for the first few days.
  12. I'm not the one to judge taste in music. If you recall in the early GTAO days, I would get just a hair too excited when Rihanna's "Only Girl in the World" came on Los Santos Pop or whatever the name of the station is.
  13. I like a small handful of Pearl Jam songs like Garden and Black, but he can still take his yodeling ass on somewhere else. Now I'm gonna stop naming Pearl Jam songs before melraz loses all respect for me. I still stand by some good old Alice Chains though. "Innnnntoooooo the flood agaaaaaaaaain" ought to be our beach-storming anthem.
  14. We don't have time for radios or Spotify on the Xbox side, what with all the Clint Black duets and Foghorn Leghorn impressions.
  15. You work in software too, right? I don't code, but if you're fixing code, god bless and good luck.
  16. I should be back on soon. Life has been kicking my ass in a good way. New duties at work, selling a house in a day, buying a new one, closing on both and moving in a three day period, etc. Then I have been doing the usual organizing and all that crap. To say I'm worn down is an understatement. Robert, I'll be sure and send you an updated picture of some shoes under the new couch. All I've had time to do game-wise is play some Mirror's Edge that I got from games with gold for free. It's addicting, despite being Miss That Ledge By Inches And Have To Watch The Same Cutscene Over And Ove
  17. I haven't done it that much, but switching to game chat mid-ass whipping really is one of the best parts of this game.
  18. I don't think I have ever been around so many shit awful dots. I swear I think that one kid was working the controller with his feet. It was so bad at one point that we stayed in the same, beat to hell random POS, could-barely-steer-it car we had been driving for like 20 minutes, just doing everything we could to give this guy a chance short of just laying the controller down. He even had the rocket launcher out and never got off a shot. We beat on some low levels for sure, but I'm fairly certain that one was a level 88. Had all kinds of connection issues throughout the night,
  19. Am I the only sumbitch here who hasn't managed to land one of these?
  20. I have spent the night beating the brakes* off a white dot in a beach party up north. Skills** are at an all time high. *He's a level 18 **He may or may not be away from his controller. I plead the fifth.
  21. The number of times you and Melraz have sniped people who were so far away you couldn't even see them is astounding. I think I have one under my belt, but that's it. It almost rivals your "how much weird shit can I throw a sticky on to drive up someone's ass" contest.
  22. If any of you ever have the opportunity to play with a player called Turnupquentin, do yourself a favor and do it. He's a level 159, but plays like he's about a 3. He killed me while I was away from the controller and I beat the brakes off that kid. He chased me from the city all the way north, sending muggers and mercenaries and all kinds of shit at me and couldn't kill me. I finally got in a chopper and flew to the top of the map just to see if he'd follow. He is currently trying to figure it out. As Stout says, today I was the nail. Edit: Hammer...hammer is what I meant
  23. Playing heist shit with randoms reminds me of Chris Rock's OJ bit: "I ain't saying he shoulda killed her...but I understand." I totally understand murder, because if I could have killed this guy from the IGN crew today, I would have. Why don't you try...I don't know...NOT running into the middle of a bunch of red dots where you've died eleventy billion fucking times already? I'm far too old to be screaming at my TV "WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION, NUMBNUTS????" over a game. Time to turn this shit off and reevaluate my life.
  24. You know it's gonna be a good mission when you try to jump over your Kuruma to get to the passenger side of the Buzzard that Mel has parked right beside you just as he's cranking the motor. At least it was a cheap haircut.
  25. This mission right here can kiss my ass. Melraz and I did it, but we're too poor for the new toys, so we used a Kuruma for the first part of it. When the Juggernauts first show up, it kept spawning Mel out in the open with no cover. We finally threw out stickies and proximities to take care of them after dying several times. Then I'll be damned if they don't keep showing up. When the last two showed up, I got pinned down with the agent and couldn't target either of them. They weren't even showing up on the mini map, but their bullets were damn sure finding me. Mel
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