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  1. The Magnum PI reboot has been cancelled Other shows cancelled by CBS B Positive Good Sam How We Roll United States of Al * CW has cancelled Legacies (A Vampire Diaries spinoff) Roswell, New Mexico Charmed* Dynasty* In the Dark* The 4400* Naomi* NBC cancelled The End Game (* - previously announced)
  2. Bryce Harper has a small UCL tear and will not be able to throw for 4 weeks However, he can still swing a bat so he will continue to DH for the Phillies
  3. I guess the NFL told all the teams to announce their Week 1 games because about 15 minutes ago all the official social media accounts tweeted their opponents
  4. OTHER CRUCIBLE CHANGES They are also bringing back Zone Control as a Crucible Labs week They are returning to the Destiny 1 scoring of Control were you get a point for each person who captures a Zone - not just a flat 1 point Elimination will now only be 90 seconds (to match the length of Trials) They are doing a few tweaks that will make Mayhem go even quicker (A minute less and scoring is increased) Increasing Rumble time limit to 10 minutes (was 8.) Showdown target score being raised to 15 (was 10)
  5. Okay - I read the full thing and Rift is returning as part of the Iron Banner overhaul Starting with Season 17 - the IB mode will now be Rift. The mode will change each season (they said sometimes it will be a familiar mode, sometimes they will introduce something new like they are doing with Rift) They are disabling the level advantage because they want people to be able to play IB immediately. There will only be TWO IB weeks a season (basically they are turning it into a quasi semi-annual event and they specifically said it will never run while a seasonal event is happening) The system reward overhaul is happening. There are 4 Daily challenges (but you can wait and do them all over the weekend). That is where the pinnacles will come from (no more weekly quests). As previously mentioned they are also introducing a Title to earn specific to IB They are bringing back the bonus for wearing IB gear and using IB weapons in IB (this includes the return of the emblem bonus). With all the bonuses, you can have a 300% multiplier on your reputation They are introducing a new map for the mode - they claim it is one of the largest maps they have map and there are three separate areas that represent all three playstyles (short, medium, long range). It will be held in the "swampy Pyramid area of the Thorne World". You can also play the map in all 6v6, 3v3, and Free -for -All modes in Crucible.
  6. Another teaser for Resident Evil
  7. The Pats have traded Jarrett Stidham to the Raiders
  8. I mean outside of Breath of the Wild 2 being officially delayed - Starfield being delayed is the least shocking news of the year
  9. I don't know how I feel about arguments over bar stools being muted
  10. I wonder if it is the Deidre who was the original villager on my island (Smellington's wasn't)
  11. Such a weird night Both Rangers and Panthers rallied from 3 down by scoring three goals in a matter of minutes Each won 5-3
  12. Oh it’s not gonna last more than a few more days. The Rockies are starting to crater. They are only 2 games over .500 and had a run differential of -23
  13. It is looking more and more like the ACC will eliminate divisions and switch to a 3-5-5 schedule model starting the 2023 season Every team would have 3 schools they play every single year - the rest of the conference games would be 5 teams. Then the next year they would play the other 5 teams. It appears - while unstated - that the top two teams would then play in the conference championship
  14. Something I just noticed The entire NL West is over .500 The NL East and Central COMBINED have 3 teams over .500 (And one of those teams - the Cardinals - has lost 3 straight and another of those teams - the Brewers - just lost 2 out of 3 to the Reds)
  15. What is also wild is 2 of the 5 are current players (Yelich and Trea Turner) and a 3rd could probably still be playing (Adrian Beltre) Then you have to go back to like 1920 for the other 2
  16. The game really wants me to fucking have a 4th Peppy character
  17. I still haven't found a new villager. I am already into double digit trips to find a new one but they all stink. I have also run into a record FIVE former villagers in one search (I was really tempted to bring Beau back)
  18. And we have our first COVID postponement of the year (oh what? You thought this wouldn't happen?) White Sox at Guardians is off due to several positives on Cleveland's side Terry Francona is one of the positives. Bench coach DeMarlo Hale was supposed to take over but he tested positive too. It appears the reason the game was postponed was because the results came in so late, Cleveland doesn't have the ability to replace all the players necessary today.
  19. Basically Chile is accusing Ecuador of using an illegible player via fake birth certificates
  20. Not necessarily because if that account is right, it is Washington who is playing Detroit
  21. I am assuming you are talking this clip from Sweatcicle I doubt they will do anything about it because mainly because of how difficult it is to pull off - especially since that Hot Head didn't appear to have tracking rounds Yeah in fact I rewatched and followed the chat during the clip and folks were saying it is only possible to pull off on non-tracking rockets and considering how anyone who has Gally uses it...
  22. Of course the no hitter will probably get overlooked due to people screaming about Anthony Rendon hitting lefty (the Rays put a position player on the mound so Rendon batted lefty… and hit a HR)
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