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  1. Okay folks - everybody out of the pool It's been a week and y'all are about to start jibber jabbering when the Raw spoilers hit shortly
  2. RIPPA

    NFL 2013: WEEK 10

    Just to clarify on the Tillman injury - the Bears are putting him on the IR with the designation that he can return in 8 weeks
  3. Oh the other thing I never realized - you can come really close to romancing Samara. Like I have gotten the tease where basically she is all "If I wasn't so old, I would totally jump you" but I didn't know that if you keep pushing her about a romance, she almost kisses you but then stops and meanders off to stare at the drive core for awhile.
  4. Multiple reports are saying that Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin will both be fired at season's end. Unless of course the Dolphins make the playoffs.
  5. That list has no credibility since it doesn't contain Shawshank Redemption
  6. Heenan has throat cancer. I think often the jaw gets removed due to infection or the spread of cancer. Like Roger Ebert's cancer was thyroid but the cancer spread to the tissue in his jaw.
  7. Okay this who I have so far Rippa Rev JR Goldman Lacelle Niners Control Fowler cubbymark Execproducer L_W_P I was unclear if the following people are joining odessa Skelemania jaedmc I will still accept people for at least this week (especially since there are some regulars I am waiting to see if they return) Some other answers - Yes, you can pick something that was picked the last time - You are better served to pick something that at a minimum is available on DVD. We had some picks in the past that were only available via "alternative" means and that often hurt their participation numbers.
  8. I used to feel like that until the 2011 Halloween Diva Battle Royale when, dressed as Kitana, she attempted the fan lift. It convinced me. What's funny is that when I was searching for WCW gifs this morning that came up. Slightly better quality
  9. RIPPA

    NFL 2013: WEEK 10

    It appears that Jake Locker is done for the year
  10. The news is coming fast and furious today. The Twins have announced that they are moving Joe Mauer to 1st
  11. Black cats are the fucking best. When I first started dating my now wife - she had a black cat named Mistoffelees (taken obviously from the musical) and 'Stoffs turned out to be my wingman as when I went to her house for the first time, 'Stoffs came out and came straight to me and I was his bed for like two hours. My wife said that that was the first time 'Stoffs had ever done that because he normally hated people. She said that is what sold her on me being "the one". We put Mistoffelees down 12 years ago and to this day I still have a stuffed black cat toy with his collar around it on the shelf.
  12. BTW - for all the folks who cling to the "Well my vote doesn't matter" meme In the State of VA - the race for Attorney General, 2.2 million votes cast. Difference is currently 17 votes.
  13. I could probably just make a separate thread for WCW ones.
  14. I pulled this out of the Deadspin comments and it is very similar to what your friend said
  15. What was the delay again that cause Heyman to send her out there to strip to keep the crowd from rioting?
  16. BTW - the Braves have confirmed the move. Joe or someone from the area can explain it better to me but based on me staring at Google Maps, it appears to be a similar move to what the Redskins did when they left RFK where they are picking an area outside the city and just outside the "Beltway" surrounding the city. It is terrible for the Skins because traffic is horrific and there is no Metro stop anywhere close to the stadium. Obviously I have no idea what the transportation is like in Atlanta
  17. Damon Bruce's weird anti-women rant has gotten him fired
  18. If they change their name to the Atlanta Big Bossmen it would be a win win
  19. Apparently the Cards are asking around on everyone's young good shortstops as they are apparently asking the Rockies about Tulowitzki and the Rangers about both Elvis and Jurickson. What Yahoo is reporting is that any Cards deal would start with Matt Adams and Shelby Miller and then whatever other flotsam and jetsam they have to add.
  20. Apparently Lindsay Czarniak is pregnant as she (and her husband) are getting baby congrats on Twitter from the local news folks around here who used to work with them. I am assuming she will keep anchoring until the bitter end. Similar to what Chris McKendry did - who I was convinced was going to give birth on the set
  21. I was going to say "learn something new everyday" but then I can't remember if I noticed it before and brought it up I chuckled as during the cut scene right before the suicide mission starts - Miranda wants to lead the second team and Jack objects saying no one would follow her and the entire time Garrus is standing next to Jack nodding his head. I was like "damn that's cold" Anyway - finished the main storyline of ME2 again yesterday and Lair of the Shadow Broker. God damn that boss battle is so fucking choice it isn't funny. Just have Arrival left and then I can finally move back to ME3 full time
  22. Thor opened to the tune of $86 million. Meanwhile - Ender's Game is a giant turd
  23. RIPPA

    NFL 2013: WEEK 10

    Ewww! EWWWW!! Geez, way to ruin the mood... Now it sounds like you have been talking to my wife
  24. RIPPA

    NFL 2013: WEEK 10

    Panthers' fans have to root for Dallas tonight. Have fun washing the ick off
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