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  1. 173) NOBODY'S FOOL 1994 - 215 Points - 4 Votes (Highest Vote: #19 EricR) DIRECTOR: Robert Benton STARRING: Paul Newman, Bruce Willis, Jessica Tandy Placement On Original List: N/A IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (90%) WIKI
  2. 174) SCENT OF A WOMAN 1992 - 214 Points - 4 Votes (Highest Vote: #24 Death From Above) DIRECTOR: Martin Brest STARRING: Al Pacino, Chris O'Donnell, James Rebhorn Placement On Original List: #75 (7 Votes) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (88%) WIKI
  3. 175) IN THE COMPANY OF MEN 1997 - 213 Points - 5 Votes (Highest Vote: #22 EricR) DIRECTOR: Neil LaBute STARRING: Aaron Eckhart, Matt Malloy, Stacy Edwards Placement On Original List: #274 (3 Votes) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (89%) WIKI NOTE FROM RIPPA - Basically if Kawada liked a movie last time, someone liked it more this time.
  4. The Raiders are not only bringing in Pat White for a workout but also David Carr Everyone loves to shit on Carr but I felt a lot better having him as Eli's backup than now having Curtis Fucking Painter
  5. I'm gonna rely on Joe here since he will (I am assuming have watched it or know what I am talking about) but - I am listen to Brian Kenny interview this morning and was telling a story that the first question to Fredi last night was "Obviously - you can't bring in Kimbrel for two innings..." Really Atlanta Media????
  6. Okay - we have had our fun but now y'all are just post count padding
  7. You know - it's really annoying that on a 2nd playthrough with the same character you immediately start wearing your armor from the first game but it totally defaults your weapon selection. Don't make me use the fucking Mantis when I earned the fucking Widow.
  8. The weirdest thing about the JoJo thing was that she was on the right side of the apron but then just randomly walks over to the other side. It was like she was anticipating Teddy Long coming out and making it an 8-man
  9. With the Giants - it is just the chickens coming home to roost. They didn't make a lot of moves in the offseason. Some of that was salary cap limitations. Some was them believing guys who played over their head last year would keep playing at that same level. And this was a team that had consistently been average over the last few years. Injuries haven't helped. Their secondary was never good to begin with and it has been ravaged by injury. The OL - which was mediocre already - has been decimated by injury. Plus Will Beatty (their starting LT) got his extension and decided to immediate eat it all. They have zero running game (David Wilson isn't as good as they thought and injuries) or OL - which is leading to Eli being more Eli than he normally is (INTs, stupid decisions) Plus they act like my 8 year old. As soon as things start going bad, they have a meltdown and just give up on the game. All this being said - if there was going to be a year for them to be bad and retool this is it. Deep draft with high picks, possible new coach (if Coughlin retires) and a "soft" schedule for 2014 (still in the NFC East, play the NFC West (giving them the Rams and Cards), play AFC South (everyone but Indy is beatable), and the other 2 4th place teams (smart money says that will be TB and Minnesota)
  10. WWE.com is reporting that AJ was sent home from RAW due to concussion like symptoms. Since its the main website who knows if it is legit or not
  11. 176) WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP 1992 - 211 Points - 4 Votes (Highest Vote: #28 JR Goldman) DIRECTOR: Ron Shelton STARRING: Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson, Rosie Perez Placement On Original List: #232 (4 Votes) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (77%) WIKI NOTE FROM RIPPA - So for those paying attention, you will see that True Lies and White Men Can't Jump are back to back again... only this time WMCJ had the better placement.
  12. 177) TRUE LIES 1994 - 211 Points - 5 Votes (Highest Vote: #25 Jingus) DIRECTOR: James Cameron STARRING: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold Placement On Original List: #231 (5 Votes) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (72%) WIKI NOTE FROM RIPPA - Mmm... Jamie Lee Curtis
  13. 178) ROBIN HOOD: MEN IN TIGHTS 1993 - 209 Points - 3 Votes (Highest Vote: #16 Kyle Casey) DIRECTOR: Mel Brooks STARRING: Cary Elwes, Richard Lewis, Roger Rees Placement On Original List: N/A IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (48%) WIKI NOTE FROM RIPPA - Mmm... Amy Yasbeck
  14. 179) MABOROSI (Maboroshi no hikari) 1995 - 208 Points - 3 Votes (Highest Vote: #2 ohtani's jacket) DIRECTOR: Hirokazu Koreeda STARRING: Makiko Esumi, Takashi NaitĂ´, Tadanobu Asano Placement On Original List: #214 (2 Votes) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (100%) WIKI NOTE FROM RIPPA - Kawada went from high vote to low vote. So clearly he now hates this movie
  15. 180) DIE HARD: WITH A VENGEANCE 1995 - 208 Points - 3 Votes (Highest Vote: #8 Newb82) DIRECTOR: John McTiernan STARRING: Bruce Willis, Jeremy Irons, Samuel L. Jackson Placement On Original List: N/A IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (51%) WIKI
  16. 181) IMMORTAL BELOVED 1994 - 208 Points - 3 Votes (Highest Vote: #15 Kyle Casey) DIRECTOR: Bernard Rose STARRING: Gary Oldman, Jeroen Krabbé, Isabella Rossellini Placement On Original List: N/A IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (58%) WIKI NOTE FROM RIPPA - Kyle is so in the running to be my best friend... despite my desire to keep writing his name as Kyle Carter.
  17. It is crazy how quickly Langston is becoming my favorite wrestler This also reminds me that apparently the TNA crew was on a flight a week or two ago with Bill Cosby - complete with Kazarian having the seat next to him. None of them took a picture... which shows you they learned well from the company they work for. DON'T DO ANYTHING THAT MIGHT GET US ATTENTION!!!
  18. Yeah - I dont know why I didn't get mine since I get a billion football reminders and its not like I haven't had the same account forever. Anyhoo - someone send me the info to [email protected] (and I already checked the junk folder)
  19. Its more the $60 required for the actual game that is the big stumbling block. Started my 2nd Playthrough of ME2 yesterday. The wife is away through Wednesday and then I have the 3 day Columbus weekend so hopefully I can finish this in a week and start my final M3 playthrough next week
  20. God - the Rangers schedule is just stupid. And I am not even talking about the fact that they have to start the season with 9 straight road games because of the renovations at MSG. Everyone has played at least two games, a few teams played 3. The Flyers played enough to get their coach fired. The Rangers have played once. And that was on Thursday. Why the fuck they have to play back to back games against LA and San Jose is beyond me?
  21. Because pretty much any horror movie makes a zillion dollars
  22. I also sent it to CSC Only he listened and that is why he is my Bestie
  23. So Who Has Herd On???? I will show myself out
  24. It's Not Rube Though for about 30 seconds when they don't really show him - I was thinking "maybe it is him..."
  25. I thought this was brought up in this thread but maybe it was the original one on the other board. I still can't believe that... Was...
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