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  1. Im sure RVD and Dolph must have been thrilled at being labelled "rank and file"
  2. Correct - reports are that Dan Jennings is the only person who Loria kinda sorta talks things with
  3. Speaking of best commercials ever - I still watch this one frequently... and fight off the urge to sob uncontrollably
  4. 286) ORGAZMO 1997 - 129 Points - 3 Votes (Highest Vote: #14 UberRudo) DIRECTOR: Trey Parker STARRING: Trey Parker, Dian Bachar, Robyn Lynne Raab Placement On Original List: N/A IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (47%) WIKI Note From Rippa - I am so going to pay for having to Google Image Search Orgazmo
  5. You didn't vote for it. I told you your ballot made me sad
  6. 287) THE AGE OF INNOCENCE 1993 - 128 Points - 2 Votes (Highest Vote: #10 Televiper) DIRECTOR: Martin Scorsese STARRING: Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Winona Ryder Placement On Original List: N/A IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (80%) WIKI
  7. 288) RONIN 1998 - 128 Points - 3 Votes (Highest Vote: #13 Sagefrancis) DIRECTOR: John Frankenheimer STARRING: Robert De Niro, Jean Reno, Natascha McElhone Placement On Original List: #265 (3 Votes) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (68%) WIKI
  8. 289) CARLITO'S WAY 1993 - 128 Points - 3 Votes (Highest Vote: #22 Sagefrancis) DIRECTOR: Brian De Palma STARRING: Al Pacino, Sean Penn, Penelope Ann Miller Placement On Original List: #100 (8 Votes) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (78%) WIKI Note From Rippa - Another free-faller... not as bad as Philadelphia but still
  9. 290) THELMA & LOUISE 1991 - 128 Points - 3 Votes (Highest Vote: #47 JT) DIRECTOR: Ridley Scott STARRING: Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel Placement On Original List: #235 (3 Votes) IMDB ROTTEN TOMATOES (83%) WIKI
  10. This works better here than probably the other threads. Trailer for the Geek & Sundry show on Magic:The Gathering
  11. Stephie would put the screws to Show by making him team with Orton/Shield against Bryan/Cody/Dustin/Dolph/Kane. Finish has Show "accidentally" (quotes optional) laying out Orton allowing Bryan to tap him for the finish. Stephie fires Show, leading to a series of vignettes where the 7'4, 500 pound Midnight Rider saddles up and hits the trail for Raw riding a buffalo with YES/NO on its backside. You're missing Christian on the babyface side. Sub him in for Dolph or Kane. Well based on last night - you would have to assume Miz would be in it. *shudder*
  12. Oh I know it wasn't - it was more the humor at people not thinking it could be anything. Especially the ones who saw the Promoted tweet by Saints Row and thought Saints Row were the idiots.
  13. I asked jonah keri about multiple teams for wild card slits and he said "tie breaker games." Yeah - per Wiki (assuming none of the teams are also in a tie for the division)
  14. I see you on and I always am "I should play multiplayer..." but I want to get through my FemShep playthroughs so I can finally start playing other games again. I figure by then I will have saved up enough for SR4. Of course I also need to do the Borderlands 2 stuff before Aaron flies to my house and punches me in the face. Plus - thanks to fucking live tweeting wrestling, I feel bad playing for a hour and then having to bail. So blame the WWE and TNA
  15. If there is somehow a 6 way tie for the two AL wild cards spots - I don't think I will be able to contain my joy
  16. Remember to get your Seattle over Jacksonville pick in before Thursday's game
  17. Remember that if you have SR4 on Steam - get the GATV pack today (FREE today only) All the confused people on Twitter thinking people misspelled Grand Theft Auto is fucking amazing
  18. I know this isn't the reason but I am now convincing myself that the reason you always get Tali later in the game is because they knew how overpowered she would be in most situations. ME - 2nd to last squadmate you get ME2 - Not available until Act 2 ME3 - Not available until Act 2 Heck - in ME2, she could be the last non-Legion person you get. Not me of course - immediately went to Haestrom. Plus I got to see Kal'Reeger again so good times
  19. I await the appropriate cuddly response to the reports that (not surprisingly) Jeffrey Loria is making the baseball decisions in Miami
  20. Zack Ryder tweeting "I WAS ON RAW 3 TIMES!!!" makes me laugh way more than any reasonable human should
  21. I haven't looked to double check if I am right but I am 99% sure you are talking about the Toyota Corolla commerical
  22. The Nats/Braves game tonight has finally been cancelled due to the shootings at the Navy Yard. For those that aren't familiar with the DC area, Nats Park is about 2 blocks from the Navy Yard and that is the Metro stop used to access the stadium. I am surprised it took that long to cancel the game but whatever
  23. Well the simplest answer is that this time its a complete different sample group. I did a quick look at the original results and I count approximately 16 people who voted last time who didn't vote this time (this number isn't firm because I could have easily missed someone changing their user name and I did the count in about 30 seconds). So this batch either didn't like it (at all or enough to vote for it) or didn't see it. (I fall in the later category)
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