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  1. The Ballots I Have So Far Televiper (Corrected) Natural Death From Above Kawada~! Yo Yo's Roomie Randy Execproducer Kyle Casey Sagefrancis Newb82 Caley New Blood Hobo Joe Tim Evans (corrected) UberRudo jae Control Jingus (Updated corrected ballot) ohtani's jacket JR Goldberg JR Goldberg's Lady (corrected) CSC (Corrected) JT Jason Smith (corrected) Eric R Brian Fowler KJC McMahon Rippa Updated through everything I have - I finally included myself even though I have finished my own ballot. Right now everyone has updated their ballot that I have asked. I still have some to enter so that doesn't mean you are in the woods yet. This is the first week of class at Mason so work is crazy insane but I will try and finish by the end of the week.
  2. Ted Dibiase Jr just posted a video on Youtube (linked through Twitter) that he was leaving the WWE No idea if it was him asking for his release or getting future endeavored since I cant watch the video on my phone. But I caught it because the WWE retweeted it
  3. White House Down had that 2nd trailer that made it seem like a buddy cop movie and everyone was like "HEY! I WOULD WATCH THAT!!!" Then the movie came out and... yeah...
  4. Cards first round pick Jonathan Cooper broke his leg and for all intents and purposes is out for the year
  5. Yeah - that Bayless thinking made me giggle way too much when I saw it yesterday. Also - the screen cap from Crowd Goes Wild reminds me of my biggest issue on the little I have watched of FS1 so far. There is WAY too much crap on the screen. Sadly most places are doing this now but there are 7000 sidebars and scrolls. Eventually the actual live window will be the size of my phone
  6. Yup - Sanchez just got destroyed on back to back plays and is out with a hurt shoulder
  7. HA! So the Jets - because they are a dumpster fire - put Mark Sanchez in, in the 4th quarter (oh and he promptly took a sack)
  8. Due to their mounting QB injury issues - the Bills are going to work out Matt Leinart and John Beck (per PFT)
  9. And Geno Smith just pulled a Dan Orlvosky... Of course - sadder is that is what it took for the Giants to take the lead
  10. BTW - Kolb has "concussion like symptoms"
  11. I could care less about preseason football unless it involves someone getting crippled That being said - if Sanchez throws like 3 picks I will be pitching a tent
  12. It's gonna be White the rest of the way as the Skins only dressed him and Sexy Rexy
  13. And CJ Spiller appears to be crippled. Poor poor Bills EDIT - He scored a TD and immediately grabbed his knee. He did walk off on his own eventually though
  14. Well he has been doing them for several years. Doing them terribly... but still. And watching Kevin Kolb scrambling is... something
  15. Since I remembered that Smackdown was on... let's give this a whirl
  16. Phil Rippa - Coming From Behind ...wait... that doesn't sound right...
  17. The Steelers have gotten Felix Jones from the Eagles
  18. It was an impromptu match - thus also explaining why it was non-title too. So of course - it doesn't make the tag champs look too good that they lost a match that they wanted against a pairing that isn't even the regular tag duo of the faction. All of this falls on the shitty announcing since there wasn't even an attempt to explain at the time that "Hey Daniels isn't wrestling because he is in the BFG Street Fight later"
  19. Dean seemed to like the show way more than me but there was also a point in the night where I legitimately forgot I was watching it
  20. I hate all of you and my poverty
  21. Fuck - it's Thursday isn't it... Okay - I guess I will live tweet Impact. I am tired and old and cranky so this might be a good week
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