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  1. Tony Buzbee has announced that the Houston Texans are being added as defendants to the civil suits
  2. Me looking at my post in the correct thread
  3. Of course - the bigger thing was Del Rio doubled down on his comments during a press conference which I am sure the organization was thrilled about
  4. Yeah - I was wondering how long it was going be before the local reporters started asking Ron Rivera about it and today was that day.
  5. Todd and Julie Chrisley have been found guilty of bank fraud and tax evasion They face 30 years in prison I eagerly await USA still broadcast their show from behind bars
  6. Apple has secured the rights to an untitled Brad Pitt movie about Formula One that is to be directed by Joseph Kosinski Here is why the businessy Hollywood types are all giddy (and this could easily go in the finances thread)
  7. Per Variety, Julia Garner (Inventing Anna) has been offered the role of Madonna in the upcoming Universal biopic Madonna herself is directing the movie so, hoo boy, we should buckle up for the stories from that production
  8. This is my new favorite "tidbit" that has come out of this "Cousin by marriage" is some amazing bullshit
  9. Oh yeah - Bungie is no longer fucking around with the story So very bleak
  10. Actually about that https://www.slashfilm.com/886791/prey-will-give-viewers-the-option-to-watch-the-film-in-the-comanche-language/ One of the benefits of putting the movie on a streaming service it appears
  11. And in another LA related firing Derek Fisher was canned as HC of the LA Spark
  12. Well now… reports are that Joe Maddon has been fired
  13. Well the 23rd person specifically said it was Watson's interview with Real Sports that was the reason for changing their mind.
  14. RIPPA


    Bruins have fired Bruce Cassidy because apparently they hate going to the playoffs or something
  15. Ham basically fired David Fizdale, Mike Penberty and John Lucas III as assistant coaches. Phil Handy and Quinton Crawford are staying on the staff. Interesting little shade thrown at the coaches not staying by Ham "I like coaches that like to roll up their sleeves and are able to get out there"
  16. The School for Good & Evil Director: Paul Feig Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Sophia Anne Caruso and Sofia Wylie are the folks mentioned by the Netflix blurb. IMDB says the following folks are also in it: Michelle Yeoh, Laurence Fishburne, Ben Kingsley, Patti LuPone, Rob Delaney
  17. Another trailer for Bullet Train Fine - I will be the only person who sees this
  18. This technically should got in Horror but it is big enough for this thread Prey Reminder that this is a Predator movie that is debuting on Hulu
  19. She does TV work. She was on House of Cards for three years. She was just on that Lincoln Lawyer show but that was canceled after one season. And let’s be honest Curt - you not seeing someone in something should not be used as a metric for anything. EDIT - also forgot she was the Rock’s wife in that terrible Skyscraper movie
  20. Well the New Day podcast hasn’t had a new episode since when Big E won the title so between that and the long UUDD hiatus - it isn’t surprising Dan is gone
  21. BTW - the showdown with the PGA Tour is officially on as Dustin Johnson has officially resigned from the PGA Tour (Kevin Na did so a few days ago but Na isn't on the level DJ is) Well it doesn't really affect his ability to play the Majors - DJ will now be ineligible to play the Ryder Cup
  22. Well Greg Norman said Tiger turned down a high 8 figure offer that was close to a billion dollars so it looks like Tiger might be the one person who is in the position to turn down the money.
  23. Neve Campbell announced she won't be returning for Scream 6 Basically she said that she wasn't offered fair value to return
  24. I am amused at the new trend of managers being the ones who look like they want to throw punches and the rest of the team being like “shit I guess we need to go out there”
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