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  1. EA has officially announced the Iron Man game being done by Motive Studio https://www.ea.com/news/all-new-iron-man-video-game
  2. The Midnight Club Since it is full of teens you will have to accept the random angsty versions of early 00s pop songs
  3. He hates all "sports ball" (his words)
  4. There is a difference between announcing you are working on a game to "here are our files and potentially the source code" Because of the toxic culture that is Video Game Fandom (for a lack of a better word) - I wouldn't want to say shit until my game is on the shelf All you have to do is look to the responses to the GTA VI leak to see
  5. I am seeing reputable places reporting it... however it is just HEY! THERE IS THIS REDDIT POST!!!! So take it for what it is worth
  6. RIPPA


    PK Subban is also retiring
  7. So Ron Rivera and Jack Del Rio keep, rightly, shitting on Jamin Davis' play. In his second year, he hasn't come close to what you would expect out of a 1st Round pick Now you can argue that the coaches shouldn't be doing it through the media, especially since the entire defense is terrible but he is the only one being called out by name. So now we have the fun MESSAGES VIA SOCIAL MEDIA~! Yes - that is from Django Unchained Yes - you can potentially say he is implying his coaches are racist Yes - that is his teammate Bobby McCain liking the post Yes - the post has since been deleted
  8. With Tampa now very thin at Wide Receiver, they are signing Cole Beasley
  9. RIPPA


    Zdeno Chara is retiring He is signing a one day contract with Boston
  10. Trailer for the Let The Right One In series that Showtime is doing Demián Bichir is playing the Dad
  11. Because the ratings go way down for the West Coast game Also this year - the games were split across two different networks. Normally they are both on ESPN This is from an article prior to the games happening
  12. Astros clinch the AL West and have ensured they have one of the AL's two first round byes Mets clinch a playoff spot and Max Scherzer won his 200th game In a nearly identical scenario as Justin Verlander last week, Scherzer (in his first game back from injury) was pulled with a perfect game after 6 innings
  13. AFC South back to being very shitty
  14. Adds UMass to the list of school's for my son to consider..
  15. At this moment - 6 teams are on track to pay the luxury tax. That ties the record for most teams that will have to pay the tax in a single season. New York Mets Los Angeles Dodgers New York Yankees Philadelphia Phillies Boston Red Sox San Diego Padres That is in order so as of now the Mets will lead the league in payroll for the first time since 1989 (the reason the Dodgers are #2 is because Trevor Bauer's salary isn't included due to his suspension)
  16. The lowkey good game of the week is James Madison at App State
  17. Mike Evans has gotten a one game suspension
  18. Awww - you didn't check the upcoming game thread first
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