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  1. Any other Canadians having a hard time logging in after the update? You can log into your WWE account but it won’t let you log in to your cable provider to actually watch anything. Naturally tech support isn't responding.
  2. I think on Prichard’s podcast he mentioned that the cape actually belonged to Vince which makes this even funnier.
  3. I thought the exact same thing as son as they showed the outline of the other belt.
  4. I just hope they don’t make them wrestle in those awful shirts again.
  5. I really wish they would allow people to upload their own music once again.
  6. What was the point of the Bellas getting in the ring after Rousey won? It was nice to hear the Brooklyn crowd booing them after.
  7. Here in Canada you used to be able to go to Cineplex Odeon and watch PPV’s for something like $10. I made the huge mistake for actually paying money to watch WWECW December to Dismember. The best part was when the show ended early.
  8. Thanks for posting this, I ordered my copy today!
  9. I’m a bit surprised no one has mentioned the Butcher Vachon wedding segment from “Bloopers” yet. I love how everyone is shitfaced in that segment and David Schultz just slamming the pie into Vince’s face and saying “I’ve been wanting to that for a while.” The other thing that I thought I noticed was the woman in the wrestling mask getting her shirt partially ripped off when everyone starts destroying the set. I’m sure Vince thinks this segment is still one of the most hilarious things the WWF/E has ever put out.
  10. I can’t stop watching Les Thornton do whatever the hell he’s doing in that gif.
  11. I'd love to know the official reason why Starrcade wasn't on the network tonight. Brock in Japan was just a glorified house show so why couldn't they just do a bare bones production and give us something different tonight?
  12. Those fucking shirts.... All the major stars not wearing shirts was great especially Triple H wearing his own branded shirt and Cena saying "my jorts are blue, good enough". Lesnar/Styles was the best thing about the show.
  13. I love how you can hear Vince killing himself laughing once Henning starts pouring the water on Heenan.
  14. 100% agree. I just signed up for the first time yesterday and I can't help but wonder how many more people might sign up if they had an actual functioning app. I can't watch anything on my iPad (apprantly it's fine if you have Chromecast). I'll be curious to see how long I keep it once Wrestle Kingdom is over.
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