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  1. No, and they only mentioned the NWA a few times early on in the expansion, when Vince interviewed Lou Thez on TNT and either Al Hayes or Ernie Ladd slipping on commentary during a Funk or Harley match.
  2. Mira Sorvino has industry connections but her father would be a lot lower down the ladder compared to Steven Tyler.
  3. Mike Rotunda wins the calendar due to his facial expression and shorts, Terry Taylor’s looks like an ad in a free newspaper that would have “no rules” under his picture, Shane Douglas looks like a graduate of The Handsome Boy Modeling School on his first photo shoot, and what’s Stan Lane looking at?
  4. That and Vince always played nice with the Von Erich’s.
  5. Why wouldn’t they just go with Hogs? Frame it as the O-Line from the glory days were so good we decided to name the team after them.
  6. Maybe she needed to be in a movie to keep her SAG health insurance active?
  7. With it being a series they can get away with them being really bad in the first season, they don't need to wrap season 1 up with them winning the big game, all they need to do is be somewhat functional and build on that in season 2.
  8. I also love "The Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority presents Vegas Vacation" it drags during the Audrey stuff but Clark losing at gambling, Ellen being stalked by Wayne Newton and Rusty becoming a high roller are really funny. I'll note that I never found "Christmas Vacation" funny and always get confused that it's kind of considered a "classic" xmas film, I also loved the Ed Helms as Rusty re-boot and think they should have made a sequel.
  9. Warrior was going to Warrior so he'd be gone by the end of 1992 no matter what. Maybe Davey Boy beats Flair instead of Bret? The biggest reason I don't think it would happen is his drug issues, I can see the road agents who had to know what Davey Boy was up to telling Vince he's not reliable enough to put the belt on. Having someone younger and reliable were some of the reasons they went with Bret, so maybe he still gets the belt and things don't change that much. But! Say they put the belt on Davey as a test with the idea he drops it back to Flair when his eardrum issue clears up, could that have led to Luger debuting as a face at Royal Rumble then beating champ Flair at WMIX? Have Yokozuna be Luger's first big feud and if Lex doesn't get over as champ we end up with Bret as champ later in 1993.
  10. I was a massive MST3K fan back in the day but I couldn't get into the reboot, it came off as a cosplay or a band with no original members to me.
  11. The pre-pandemic office environment really factors in when people are given the choice of going back or working from home. Almost everyone who works in the main office at the company I work for wants to go back asap, it's one of those "cool" work places, free lunches from local restaurants or hipster food trucks, fun stuff like pool tables and video games, and everyone treats each other with respect. I'm contracted by them to another company and I'm normally in a big office building, there it depends on the department on who wants to go back and who wants to work from home. When things go back to normal I'll most likely be 70% in office and 30% at home, since there's things I have to be in the office for, I think I'll like that balance.
  12. No one on the WCW roster would have agreed to that, the "boys" weren't loyal to the companies the same way fans were, no one was going to risk injury or arrest "standing up" for WCW, plus DX had friends and in the case of Road Dogg family working for WCW. Even if a few WCW guys went out there the most likely scenario was them taking a bump then turning around and suing WCW for being an unsafe workplace.
  13. Here's a few. Ric Flair looked better with the haircut Jim Herd made him get, the old one was way to 70's to look remotely cool in the early 90's. Titles were pretty much meaningless in JCP/WCW due to half to roster walking around with a belt. The nWo was never cool, a bunch of 40somethings trying to act hip and doing the bare minimum in the ring isn't cool. Mid-South/UWF is extremely overrated, there's some good stuff but it's nowhere near what people make it out to be. 1984 to 1987 AWA is extremely underrated, people always point out the bad things that most of the time happened post 1987. Joe McHugh should be in both the WWE HOF and the Observer HOF, he's basically 1B to Howard Finkel's 1A in the list of greatest ring announcers.
  14. I vaguely remember an AWA color commentator once saying the first “save” gets a warning from the ref and the second is grounds for a DQ.
  15. If it was a Cadillac, Lincoln or Corvette sure, but it was a foreign car that was associated with yuppies, the xenophobic working class types that Dusty was supposed to appeal to hated foreign cars and yuppies. Dusty rocking the fur coats or fancy jewelry works since that’s what fellow sons of plumbers would buy if they hit it big.
  16. Dusty rolling around in that Mercedes right before the Horsmen parking lot attack wasn’t a good look
  17. I forced myself to finish the final two episodes of HBO's Q doc, if you're interested in weirdos who live overseas to skirt US laws then it's the doc for you! To me it really missed the point, it doesn't matter who Q is/was or the feud between the 8chan people, 99 percent of the people who got sucked into the Q thing did so via Facebook, YouTube or Twitter not 4chan or 8chan and that's what should have been examined, they profited off it it way more than codemonkey and his dad and they basically used to same arguments for not removing that content those two did. If there was no Q the same people who pushed Q would have pushed another blood libel conspiracy and what happened the past few years would have still happened, just under a different catchy name.
  18. Of course Jim Nantz is talking about Duke and not Gonzaga.
  19. Not sure where to put this since there's no "Upcoming TV/Streaming Series" thread. Yesterday Sylvester Stallone posted on his Instagram about putting together a treatment for a Rocky prequel series, most likely streaming, he said it was a look into his creative process and that he's hoping it happens. Stallone posted it would be set in the 1960's where we'd see 15 year old Adrian moving into Rocky's rough neighborhood, a younger Mickey who'd be finishing up his boxing career, Rocky's dysfunctional parents, Rocky's stepbrother, and who is Mr. Gazzo. I really hope this happens and one of the mainstream streaming services(Netflix or Prime), HBO or Showtime picks it up, I'd hate to see it cast off into some purgatory like Epix, YouTube Red or AppleTV+.
  20. This dirt track race is really fun to watch and I could don’t care about NASCAR at all, I didn’t even know they allowed Toyota’s to race.
  21. It was a WWF/All Japan/New Japan show, I can't remember the whole story but one of the reasons they all worked together was a response to the UWF's Dome show in November of 1989.
  22. Paramount+ has season one of You Can't Do That on Television up, one of those episodes would have been the first thing I watched on cable tv when we first got it in 1982. Also Paramount+ doesn't have any kind of watchlist function, that's kind of mind blowing but their interface is still better than Peacock's.
  23. The running theme for Jacinda throughout the season was that she was disillusioned with modeling, so moving over to acting kind of makes sense. I didn't think she was that bland since Kat was also blanding it up that season. Somewhat bummed that the early seasons on Paramount+ end with the London season, the only thing remember from Miami is Flora breaking a window spying on a threesome and two of the guys calling a vet about the dog's red rocket not going away, and Boston had the Montana gives kids booze episode that I remember being really funny even though it shouldn't have been.
  24. Remember this is a series and not a movie, so they have more time for everything to come together. One would think that season 1 is all about them becoming hockey players, they’ll get better every game but lose and then upset the undefeated Ducks in the season finale, season 2 maybe they win the league championship, season 3 they win state and if there’s a season 4 they’ll tangle with Iceland in some sort of International event.
  25. Finished up The Real World London, after a few episodes I realized why it's the season I liked the most back in the day, it was the lack of anyone saying the letters O and J! The season was shot from mid-January 1995 to mid-June 1995, then aired from late June to mid November, the OJ trial was from January 24 to October 3. By June 1995 the coverage of the murder and trial was so entrenched into everything that it seemed like there was no way to escape it, so Real World London with people my age living in modern times with no mention of OJ helped keep me somewhat sane! This has always been called "the boring season" by most people and I wonder if Bumin-Murray purposely went the way they did after all of the heaviness with Pedro along with all of the bs Puck pulled in the San Francisco season. The three major happenings in London were Neil getting part of his tongue bit off and Sharon(a singer) having surgery on her vocal chords then a horrible case of tonsillitis that put her in the hospital, those were all pretty much random happenings where in San Francisco they knew Pedro was sick and that Puck was "going to shake things up". There's a lot of teasing of Sharon that everyone takes part in or laughs off "because she easily gets wound up" is what numerous cast members said and it ages really badly since it's them clearly picking on the easiest target. There's a really interesting moment where Jacinda, Kat and Neil call out Mike for using the b-word in a derogatory way towards women, Mike and extremely rich race car driver/frat boy basically admits he was wrong and tells them he won't say it anymore, it was sort of mind blowing since so foreign to what reality tv has become. The soundtrack is great and they didn't get all ham fisted and obvious like the LA season.
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