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  1. You'd have to keep Mags separate from Hogan, he can't go from being Dusty's buddy to Hogan's buddy he needs to be his own man. Magnum could team with Hogan in towns like Baltimore and Providence but he's going to captain his own Survivor Series team and have his own page in the merchandise catalog. Also TA doesn't come off as someone who'd be jealous of Hogan's success, he'd be happy for the Hulkster and laugh off any attempt from a heel manager who tried to get into his ear about Hogan. Now Magnum going heel when Savage was champ and babyface would have worked perfectly and drawn big money, Mags getting jealous and frustrated that someone like Randy Savage was the champ and had the girl when both rightfully should have been his would have worked if he was eliminated from the WM4 tourney in a screwy way.
  2. Magnum needed to beat Flair for the belt sometime in 1987, if they did the endless chase with all of the screwy finishes into 1988 he would have cooled off and gotten a "Lex Loser" can't win the big one vibe. The heel champ always keeping the belt by the skin of his teeth model of the NWA/JCP was so ingrained into everyone involved that I can't see them giving Magnum a run longer than a few months, he needed to be a champion in the style of Bruno and Backlund. I always thought Vince would have signed him sometime in 1987, I always pictured Magnum being booked as if they combined 87/88 Jake Roberts and Jim Duggan, he would have drawn money in a feud with someone like Rick Rude or defending the good old USA and he was way more reliable than those two.
  3. I'll co-sign that Once Upon a Time In Hollywood will go down as one of QT's masterpieces.
  4. I watched this on a flight last week and enjoyed it, I can see how someone wouldn't like it since it's not what you think it's going to be and it's kind of depressing. You're correct that the love storyline was confusing and I kind of think that was on purpose.
  5. That has to be one of the laziest concepts ever pitched to a network, they just mashed up Love Boat, Fantasy Island and the short lived Supertrain when all three of those shows were still on the air.
  6. Bob Iger is the one ultimately making the decisions and he’s the one who decided on the timetable and directors. Also remember Disney went with this timetable to coincide with the openings of Galaxy’s Edge at the parks.
  7. Disney rushed things and made a big mistake not having it be either J.J.'s or Rian's vision throughout the trilogy. The man-children who had the most vocal issues with Last Jedi were doing it for political reasons and would have done the same if J.J. directed the flick, December 2015 and December 2017 are very very different culture wise.
  8. The names and reigns of the former champions on the side panels is a nice touch, they did the same thing on the Big Green Belt.
  9. I have a feeling this is purely a publicity stunt and that Lynch's 007 will get taken out along the same lines as 009 in Octopussy. Also they could do a "Living Daylights" type scenario where someone whacks all the 00's and they need to bring back Bond to save the day. If they really want to shake things up for 26 and beyond is there any chance they end 25 with Craig's Bond becoming the new M?
  10. Could “Sex, Lies and Headlocks” have lifted it from sometime Irv Muchnick wrote? Now that I think of it some more I remember a Vince profile piece one of the sports shows where it’s brought up that Vince was a Juvenile Delinquent and one of the talking heads maybe Muchnick in the interview mentions the Ft. Bragg stuff.
  11. Can’t remember what book it was in but the story was that Vince and his friends would harass African-American soldiers from Ft. Bragg when they came into town. It’s doubtful any of the soldiers fought back since the local cops would have arrested them which could have lead to a court martial.
  12. I watched episodes 1 & 2 so far and both were very good, if you have Apple TV or a Smart TV you can watch it via the PBS app. That Wernher von Braun and others were Nazi's wasn't that much of a secret, I assume that the Texans who decide what goes in text books have been leaving that part out for the past 30 years.
  13. I can’t stand Brett Gelman so I would sort of zone out when he was on screen, he’s not Stingray from Cobra Kai annoying but still pretty annoying. The Nancy and what’s his name scenes seemed to go on forever and honestly if they’re “away at college” for most of the next season I’d be fine with that. My biggest nitpick was the video store, that looked nothing like a video store circa 1985 it just looked like a redressed version of the chain who bought the product placement, video stores back then were more like the one in Clerks. I really want a Dustin, Steve, Robin and Erica spin-off, they did such a great job infiltrating the Soviet bunker that some government agency makes them Jr. Spy’s or something. Even with all they’ve been through I can’t see Mike and Lucas hanging with Dustin once they hit high school and I wonder if that’s something they’ll explore next season.
  14. One of the reasons I haven't "cut the cord" yet is due to my love of flipping through the channels and jumping into a movie I've seen numerous times. A few weeks ago North Shore was on HDNet Movies, I haven't seen that movie in 20some years but I jumped right in the same way I did in the late 80's when HBO showed it every other afternoon.
  15. Did they mention him being in Spectre at all? If Vince isn’t getting his cut he’s going to ignore it.
  16. That’s the old Georgia state flag they’re waving so that gives the crowd a reason to boo them.
  17. As someone who's on the verge of the 45+ demographic AEW would make a HUGE mistake if they tried to appeal that demo in any way.
  18. I think they did them after the Fritz Von Erich "heart attack" angle since the Roberts, Gordy, Iceman & Angel of Death version of the Freebirds handcuffed Fritz to the cage when they beat him up. I don't have the WWE Network to verify it but I remember a promo with Marc Lowrance and Bronco Lubich going over the rules and Lowrance being very concerned about the safety of everyone involved in the match.
  19. I think they did something similar during the USWA/SMW feud.
  20. They bleeped it on the live version too. I didn't like the All in the Family segment, they would have been better off doing a more Edith heavy episode since Tomei nailed the character. I loved The Jeffersons segment and totally marked out when Marla Gibbs showed up. If they do this again I hope they stay with Norman Lear shows and do Maude and Good Times, there's a Maude episode that could easily bring in an A-list actress if ABC has the guts to air it and the JJ "VD" episode of Good Times has the right mix humor and message to work in this format.
  21. The drop in ratings, the cost of running a pro wrestling division and the desire to be rid of the carny con-men who fleeced Turner and Time Warner seem like pretty plausible reasons for dumping wrestling. Also take into account that most corporations are always looking to "cut costs" and only really invest into some project when they're pretty much forced too. The shows TBS and TNT started producing in the 2000's were overall a cheaper investment than pro wrestling and they basically paid themselves when they ran something from the Warner Bros. & MGM film and tv libraries.
  22. While the income for ad sales was lower for pro wrestling the high ratings Nitro had during most of its run helped push the networks overall ratings up, which meant ad rates across the board went up.
  23. What if Vince McMahon became aware of the "Da Bears" SNL sketch in say 1993, does he bring in Ed Wiskoski as Col. DaBeers?
  24. Yeah the whole "It's All Jamie Kellner's Fault" angle is bs, besides what's been stated before both TBS and TNT were sort of directionless before he came into the picture and there needed to be re-organization. Also I can see the AOL\Time Warner execs being leery selling and giving airtime to a WCW headed by Eric Bischoff the man that bankrupted the division along with the company backing him not having that much money.
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