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  1. That one also features one of the sickest blade jobs of the Attitude/near-Attitude era. Shawn got a little carried away.
  2. The NXT announcement is cool and all that and I'm happy for Hunter as it's a dream of his but...
  3. Yup. Really the best match of the evening...such as it was.
  4. The venue at the Saturday night show I went to (Taco Bell Arena on the BSU campus) had blocked off the upper two sections so only floor and one elevated section were open. With the said, there were still empty seats.
  5. I went to a WWE show in Boise on Saturday night. It was Smackdown show. It was the worst wrestling show I've ever attended live. When you have Charlotte, Becky, AJ Styles, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn on the show but the best actual match on the card is 10 minutes between Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler, you're doing something wrong.
  6. With Fire Pro happening (and my gaming only pc getting set up today as a matter of fact) and the "oh look, back stage shenanigans" push, I think I'm skipping 18. I'll see what happens next year and keep 17 for those times when 2D isn't enough.
  7. I've been saying the same thing. Is the gaming industry going to go all in and do the "Hollywood re-imagining everything" route?
  8. I seem to remember Bobby hitting the lights once and having a gel come down with him while he was crushing a job guy.
  9. I hope this one is a RWTL match. If it is, I have it somewhere and must watch it....maybe even now....during my work day...and get paid to do it.
  10. Boy howdy did a bunch of World Class just drop! There's some great material up right now. Harley Race coming through during his last NWA reign in the summer of 83 and working a one armed Kevin Von Erich to set up an angle with David is a particular favorite.
  11. I'm glad someone said it. His natural resting face looks like an 11 year old paper boy. To look "menacing" he comes out making Norwegian black metal faces and looks...like an 11 year old paper boy making Norwegian black metal faces.
  12. I'm FoolsbaneJason. I'll start digging into the game in earnest by the first of August. I'll happily join in on some really nerdy wrestling shit at that time.
  13. I bought this on Steam over the weekend and picked up the Steam link and controller. I will soon be FPWing in front of my tv on my couch like a civilized person. BRING IT!
  14. Brock wins....see ya in four months....oh...and I took your top title with me...again. Put me in the "fuck off Brock Lesnar" camp. The rest of the show was ok. The ambulance stuff was hokey but hey, WWE is gonna WWE, and they got the double turn they were looking for.
  15. I could pretty much spend an entire day watching Akira Hokuto gifs.
  16. I saw someone say that Roode was playing a 20teens version of Nick Bockwinkle/Ric Flair/Triple H and that's when I realized why he's not connecting with me or the majority of the fan base. We've seen his gimmick already....done waaaaaaaaay better than he is. Looking at the NXT roster right now and it's heavily top loaded. Drew, Hero, Black, Roode, Roddy, and maybe Adam Cole on his way? Meanwhile, the mid-card is No Way Jose, Almas, Sanity...lather rinse repeat. HHH, being a fan of the JCP era desperately needs to look back at the George Scott booking style. Even when Crockett was at his loaded roster peak, there was still something intriguing (or at least not aimless) happening all the way down the card.
  17. Let's see....how's it going? Job...amazing. Number one jock in the market and got a raise. Second in three years. Podcast...fun. A wrestling podcast based in Idaho. Not a lot of local material but always fun to talk wrestling. Band...always a blast. We put out our third album last month. Prog rock in Idaho...not the easiest sell but we don't do it to get rich. Stand up gigs...looking better and better. I may very well have my first casino gig in the pipeline right now. Family? The most important thing in my life and my clan is great right now.
  18. I'm a wrestling fan. I love it. I always have but I'd been avoiding the main brand PPVs and weekly tv like poison because, well... So, feeling guilty about avoiding the biggest wrestling company in the world, I take a few hours of my Father's Day to watch this show. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck With all of the awfulness that they could muster, they chose to plop a huge dollop of it right here. At least I went out to water the yard during the Orton match. Now then, with that said, Nak and AJ was electric. Give us those two at Summer Slam and all will be forgiven... Well...almost all. That show was pretty fucking awful.
  19. Nick Bockwinkel....telling you to stick it up your ass and still the classiest fucker in all of Memphis.
  20. The entire WWE "Shake and twitch to show you're angry" hasn't been mocked near enough. It...looks...dumb.
  21. "And for my next impression, All-Japan Pro Wrestling circa 1998."
  22. The moment NJ World gets a website I can understand and a Roku/Xbox app, I'm there. Until then, I'll keep avoiding current product and watching Mid-South/NWA on the network I have. Also, dear WWE, corn syrup blood is worse than no blood.
  23. Hmmm....once you reached "BL bullied a bunch of people 15 years ago and now Mauro Ranallo is sad and everybody wants WWE to be held accountable," I figured out you don't know much about mental illness and you've never been tormented by someone bigger than you. Super.
  24. And thus, a publicly traded company just let a serial bully get away with it again because "HA! IF HE CAN'T TAKE IT, HE'S GOT NO BUSINESS HERE, PAL!" Seriously, fuck this company...
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