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  1. So, can anyone help a brother out with the timing for the MMA stuff. I can seem to hit anything from the front, top, or rear. I just can't seem to find the window. Help!
  2. Meanwhile I'm over here subbing to anyone's completely original guy or the blander indie dudes just to fill out rosters and what not. "Jazen Blayde? Kick pads? Come on in:"
  3. I bought the deluxe... Please, gods of wrasslin' games, don't take my money and not give me DLC.
  4. I'd like to join in by saying fuck WWE and fuck Saudi Arabia. I've been sans WWE and it's network/programming for a year now and this confirms for me that my choice was the correct one.
  5. I was hoping for NJPW. Ah, to dream a silly dream...
  6. I certainly hope the DLC doesn't get stuffed due to sales being...ugh...
  7. Shared and thank you. Also, glad to hear you got proactive and decided to take care of what's important. Well played.
  8. Would you mind if I shared this post on my social media? I have a lot of friends in the Northwest Wrestling scene and I think this is some important stuff. Thank you for sharing something so personal and I'm glad you made the decision you made.
  9. I may have missed this somewhere in the topic but...how many save slots do we have on PS4?
  10. I quit my band after 15 years. Three albums, tons of shows, and I was done. It was the cliche of "creative differences." I found myself cut out of the writing after writing tons of the last two albums. Egos were bruised by how much I was producing. After sitting back waiting for the other guys to fill the gap, one and a half songs were written....over 11 months. I left the band but hopefully saved the friendships.
  11. Currently my only complaint with the game is the fact that we got SOME of the Young Lions and my favorite, Shota Umino, is missing.
  12. So, I pre-ordered the deluxe version that was supposed to have fire promoter, Fighting Road: 2017 NJPW Junior Heavyweight Championship, and "additional" scenario." However, none of that candy came with my initial download? Are we waiting for this stuff to come out later as DLC like a season pass or did I get hosed?
  13. This really is the "Grumpy Old Jumbo" is the IWC.
  14. Started in yesterday the moment I got home from work. Quick question however. How do I (or can I even) make logos/patterns for my ring mats and aprons in PS4? I made my CAW that has always been based on me. He used to have long flowing chestnut hair and did the frog splash. Now he's bald with a greying beard and just chops, elbows. and chokes fuckers out.
  15. I'm sitting in a radio studio instead of in front of my t.v. with my PS4 and my fresh new download of Fire Pro World. My fucking priorities are way out of whack.
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