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  1. Monster heel, now he's a monster face.
  2. Viewers are up from last week but demos went down 948k (0.31)
  3. Nah its bad creative (angles and booking ) is good to Vince and you shouldn't question it, but with ribbing gimmicks and desire to win titles, you should fight for those. Besides Bray and Keith were probably too fat for Vince. Fat as in the soul of fat and flabby, not the big hoss fat look. Vince thought Yoko was big and impressive but Mick Foley was fat and Joe was too fat to be a star. Sorry, I don't make these wacky rules. Both Keith and Bray, weren't going to be the guys.
  4. So both CM Punk and Bryan Danielson don't move the needle tv ratings and viewers wise. Neither of them retained the boost in viewers, both aren't siphoning viewers away from WWE. Rampage ratings has freefallen downwards and Dynamite is heading downwards to 0.8 again. AEW lost all those extra viewers they gained. Honk.
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