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  1. Do Hart's and Hennen's groups count as stables? If so that puts anything else in a distant 4th place (horsemen an obvious #1).
  2. I went in probably 99 or 2000. I was probably 15 or 16 and into wrestling, plus it was cool then. This place was not cool. It was super lame and the food sucked. I don't really remember much about it which is weird cause I loved wrestling then...Think I stopped following current stuff about a year or so later until 2007.
  3. Punk will be at mania in a few years against hhh are you all crazy?
  4. Chromecast is coming to WWE Network too according to an email or website update in Aug or so that might help some Canadians with the cable issue. Easier to use their PC and mobile options.
  5. I watched the hbk and hogan match for the first time the other night (no wrestling from 2000 til 2008), and I thought Shawn was a dick. I also watched a raw in the Canadian collection in which he cuts a rambling anti Canada speech clearly loaded... McMahon is eating it up though... But it was one of those weird shows in Canada during the heart foundation thing so everything was out of context. Never was a big hbk fan tbh though. Hated him during his early heel run, dipped out during his big push, and obviously hated dx and the fucked up jokes. His later stuff when I came back, in ring only, was totally fine to good though. His one match against taker is really good.
  6. Considering a ton of guys are smaller than in the last 15 years the torture rack would be a great finisher now. Big E maybe? He could laugh and say funny shit. Would give him a demented funny but dangerous guy gimmick if he goes solo eventually. He could probably pick up anyone right? Maybe not big show or stroman but he should be beyond them if he ever gets a push like that. All stream of conscious ideas in this post.
  7. Crazy that they lost Hart and hbk in like 6 months and business only got better.
  8. They pay mlb just like the nhl does. Not sure how much though.
  9. Yea I was just thinking batb. I know they always did those hog wild ones outdoors.
  10. There's only one outdoor bash right? Or did they do another later.
  11. Texted a friend that only one face won and didn't realize til that post that I forgot reigns...
  12. This may sound insane, since I have the network, but does anyone know the status of Wrestlemania and PPV? WWE keeps saying network only, but I find that hard to believe. A club I belong to always orders it but I'm not seeing it as an option yet on Comcast. There's no wifi there to use the network either. Comcast.com says its available in some markets, any ideas?
  13. Can we still jump to the "jump to last read" comment? The old one had it on the desktop version and on the mobile it did it automatically. Is there a setting I'm missing?
  14. had a little fed during the attitude era kinda. started with me and my cousin, got violent quick. Initially we played multiple characters until we had more dudes join in. I was "Caribbean Jack", some white Caribbean guy (I think?) who dressed like the sandman and crushed faygo cans on his head. For some reason we threw each other off his roof (1.5 stories)(my aunt filmed it) and once when he was 16, his friend drove his parents car into him in a hardcore match in the front yard so he could fly over the hood and roof, (it was interference, I pinned him after the running over incident). Thumbtacks and chairs were normal. We taped it, I think we had about 16hrs of "episodes". We are both fairly normal(?) now. Though he did almost get kicked out of an ecw runion show a few years ago and showed me a video of him getting tasered by his cop friend. I just do quality assurance.
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