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  1. Derby fans were singing that about Billy Sharp then he scored
  2. Cody's eventual heel run with Brandi as the sour cherry on a seven-tier cake of smugness and bombast is going to be delectable.
  3. Physique arguments against the Bucks are old hat especially when there are dad bods like Tyson Fury and Andy Ruiz winning world titles and Darby is one of the most balls-to-the-wall wrestlers in the company. I doubt the Bucks will ever be my cup of tea but not everyone needs to look and work like the Steiners. I'd still back Condrey and Eaton against them in a street fight
  4. Aside from loads mentioned Omega v Jungle Boy might sneak my top ten if I was making a list.
  5. Usyk fought a great fight. Wlad and Ruiz cracked Joshua's chin, turned him into an overly-cautious fighter. I'd back Usyk in the rematch and hopefully we can get Usyk v Fury or Wilder too.
  6. Robbie will likely be forty by the time he fights again. He's been in some great fights and I hope he has enough in the bank to call it quits after today and go do something else.
  7. I enjoy plenty of AEW and the Bucks aren't my cup of tea. Kenny has grown on me as a heel and I prefer when he's apart from YB, Cutler and Nakazawa.
  8. Derby can enjoy the novelty of being on minus points for a bit longer
  9. After a comedy binge I'm convinced that Vince should saddle two poor bastards with Alabaster Codifier and Jackmerius Tacktheritrix.
  10. I imagined Suzuki kicking the interviewer in the bollocks and lighting a cig after that. Tony can we get Misu v Darby at some point?
  11. I think Ortega has the edge on Volkanovski. If Diaz is in any kind of shape he should be able to get rid of Lawler.
  12. True, but his pocket can surely take the hit and there are far cushier jobs out there with less pressure (US, Qatar, China etc). Rooney is set whatever happens.
  13. Rooney should walk for that. Pathetic from the owner.
  14. Really enjoyed Danielson v Omega, maybe my favourite AEW match so far. Cody v Black was very good and agree that it was the right result. As mentioned, I thought it was clever how they used Arn's slip to show friction. Felt like FTR looked weak against Sting and was surprised at the finish.
  15. RIP Richard H Kirk of Cabaret Voltaire.
  16. Rogers & Greene v FTR was double good, a rematch down the line would be great.
  17. Reading set for a points deduction after breaking financial rules.
  18. Riddick Bowe v Lamar Odom on October 2, travesty.
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