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  1. I really enjoyed Kiyomiya v Nakajima, should really try and stick with NOAH longer than I usually do.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if we got Lesnar v Cormier...
  3. Loved Hangman's entrance and the result adds more fuel to the fire. Starks and Rosa are gold. All hail Haku!
  4. This painmaker stuff makes me want Gage to beat Jericho like a drum
  5. Apparently Arsenal have made another Ramsdale bid. What surprises me is that they are going for a young lad with relegations on his CV already when mental weakness seems to have been Arsenal's problem for ages since the likes of Viera, Gilberto, Adams, Dixon etc aren't around to grab games by the scruff of the neck. I've taken the piss out of Ramsdale alot but he could really flourish at Championship level and then maybe crack the Prem later. Arsenal would be better off with a loan deal or getting experienced backup to Leno on the cheap. But if Arsenal make a silly offer then I doubt the Blades will turn it down...
  6. They're nice but having your primary colours as the away shirt makes no sense. This isn't rugby.
  7. I haven't dropped acid since 2014 but looking at that...boy do I want a tab right now.
  8. High Flyers v Martel & Santana A great face v face match from one of my favourite territories. Martel and Santana really crank the headlocks at the start against both Gagne and Brunzell without coming across as prickish challengers. This is just good, stiff competition. Crisp armdrags and headlock takedowns keep things moving. Greg hangs tough and is able to get a headscissors before breaking loose from another hold to tag in Jim. Rick is ready for Brunzell with two armdrags and a headlock takedown. He looks a million bucks in there. Jim is making life difficult just like his partner, so Martel tags out to Tito who takes over with not quite as much oomph, but he does roll Jim up for a two count. Still not a glimmer of frustration from either team, everyone is just laser focused on the task at hand. We come back from the break with Brunzell getting the better of Santana. Gagne tags flies off the second rope and nails Tito before going for the Indian deathlock and anklelock. Not the most devastating looking tbh and Santana was pretty close to the ropes without grabbing them, but that’s a minor nitpick and it is face v face after all. Jim takes over and applies a snugger leglock but Tito is able to get to the ropes this time. Brunzell is back on him quickly, but Santana kicks his opponent off as Jim goes for a figure four. Tito tags out and Martel is back in the fray with more fire in his belly. He unloads a few strikes to Brunzell’s back and slams him to the mat but can only get a two count. Then Rick tries a backbreaker and hurts his own knee in the process – his circuits are scrambled because instead of tagging out he writhes on the mat in pain. However, Martel tags out just before Brunzell can, only for Santana to miss with a dropkick which he launches himself into. Great! Gagne goes after the knee but nearly pays the price as he is rolled up for a two count. Rick is tagged in again and goes to work on Greg with a couple of Irish whips and a snapmare. Martel lands a hefty elbow on Gagne but can only get the two count. Greg survives a sidebreaker, a backslide pin attempt and a bodyslam. Rick has had enough and tags in Tito. Santana flattens Gagne with a crossbody. He can’t put the champ away after a dropkick and a slam. As Tito goes for another slam, Greg slips out and tries to lock in a sleeper. Santana breaks it with a snapmare but Gagne tags out while he is lifted up for an inverted atomic drop. Brunzell finishes things off with a crushing dropkick as Tito turns. The Flyers come out of this looking tough as old boots and M&S look the slickest team in town. Thanks @SirSmellingtonofCascadia
  9. @SirSmellingtonofCascadia Santito & Guerrero v Casas & Blue Panther 1987
  10. @SirSmellingtonofCascadiablindspots/preferences? Anything but deathmatches for me
  11. As I said with the Sheffield United away shirt, black is for refs.
  12. If Arsenal end up spending 32m on Ramsdale I will laugh my arse off, he was Bambi on ice for the first half of last season, improved in the second half but is no way worth that much. Cha-ching!
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