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  1. Billy Joe Saunders before the fight: "I bring that gypsy heart so to beat me you'll have to nail me to the floor, you have to put me to sleep..."
  2. Oh I love the derbies, but it'll just be funny to hear mates/colleagues whining about relegation.
  3. Cue all the Wednesday fans crying about the points deduction and their "massive" club having to rub shoulders with the likes of Cheltenham Town. Excellent
  4. 3-3 full time. Wednesday are down, thank god for that . First time both Sheffield clubs have been relegated in the same season.
  5. Praying for Rotherham to hold on against Cardiff.
  6. Enjoyed Smith v Kurbanov, Liam will probably want a rematch.
  7. Wednesday will win and stay up I can feel it -_- jammy buggers
  8. Troopz bringing the goods as usual. Arteta is toast.
  9. I needed a pick-me-up and watching the AFTV lot lose their rag did the trick
  10. I don't hate Canelo, and am looking forward to this weekend. Just from memory thought GGG won the second fight.
  11. First show I've checked in a bit. Enjoyable stuff, warts n all, and nice to see crowds back. Looking forward to Darby getting chucked around by Miro next week.
  12. I had GGG winning both as well. Don't think Saunders will get a sniff though.
  13. https://www.skysports.com/boxing/news/12183/12297215/saul-canelo-alvarez-and-billy-joe-saunders-resolve-bust-up-over-the-size-of-the-ring You'd think this wouldn't need to be resolved days before the fight but all publicity is good publicity I guess...
  14. I'm down 30lbs since last year thanks to steak, eggs and lifting. Does anyone have a preferred alternative to the bench press? My wrists are always knackered after them. Maybe weighted pushups would be better.
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