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  1. Fulham become the first English team to score six or more in three straight games since Everton in '54.
  2. AFTV's DT has been branded a "violent stalker" and jailed for three years.
  3. At thirty-four and with a net worth of $220M that's probably a wrap for Novak, if I were him I'd put my feet up and enjoy retirement. Time for the younger lads to step up.
  4. Got off my arse and did my first fifteen mile hike of the year. It got me thinking...is there a world record for longest distance covered while doing the Fargo Strut?
  5. Andre & Jay Strongbow v Don Jonathan & Otto von Heller Andre at MSG! What more could you ask for? Don Leo Jonathan bellyaches that Andre doesn’t understand English so can't understand the rules. That doesn’t stop the Giant as he tags in to give Heller a whack before locking up with Jonathan, taking control and delivering a headbutt. Strongbow tags back in, getting snared in a bearhug which doesn’t look all that snug. Jay busts out a chop and soon Andre is giving Don a taste of his own medicine. The Giant backs up Strongbow as Heller looks to cause trouble, allowing Jay and Andre to get the first fall on a DQ. Strongbow and Jonathan square up for the second fall, Strongbow lands another chop then Andre is able to rock Don with some clubbing blows. It doesn’t help Jay much as he gets throttled and pummelled by the heels. Strongbow slips through Heller’s legs to tag Andre back in. Despite Jonathan’s best efforts, Andre pins Heller after a splash. I wanna see the matches Andre had with Jonathan in Canada, I guess they are lost to the sands of time. Thanks @Web Conn
  6. It's perfectly normal to think the future could be doom and gloom, but people will always find ways of making chicken salad from chicken shit. We've had a few hundred thousand years practice.
  7. @Web Conn Rockers v Adonis & Orton Jr 2/20/88
  8. Might as well send out Atherton and Boycott next time.
  9. Newcastle's moneybags era not quite going to plan, dumped out of the FA Cup by a Cambridge team which probably cost as much as three Snickers and a copy of Top Gear magazine to put together. Arsenal
  10. @Web Conn Any preferences? No deathmatches for me (I'm fine with blood otherwise) is my only stip.
  11. Bock is firmly in my top five. Great matches against Hennig, Martel, Lawler etc. @Matt D wrote some great in-depth stuff on Bock over at PWO.
  12. Hennig v Bockwinkel 11/21/86 Inoki v Fujinami 8/8/88
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