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  1. We had four kids (all daughters). If I'd suggested having five, I feel certain my wife would have only let me into bed once I was wearing a beekeeper outfit. Or maybe one of those hazmat suits employees wear when working around hazardous waste. I'd like to think separating my penis into five pieces would not have been up for discussion, but I'm probably being overly optimistic.
  2. Everything about Deathloop worked for me from start to finish. Not my game of the year, but definitely top 10. Really looking forward to replaying this in a year when it hits Xbox. Next three weeks look packed for me. Got 20 games on my list, most of which are probably definite buys regardless of reviews. A little bit of everything. Couple big games (Death Stranding DC, Lost Judgment, Metroid Dread), a couple remasters I'm really looking forward to (Diablo II Resurrected, Alan Wake Remastered, frigging G-DARIUS HD YESS!!!!!). Some prestige indies (Sable, Kena). And.... some indies I've fascinated by. I've got no idea if Away: Survival Series, A Juggler's Tale, or The Eternal Cylinder are any good, but they look like the sort of offbeat, fascinating thing I look for and two of the three had intriguing demos. Played I am Fish last night after finishing Deathloop the night before. It's a lot of fun. Ridiculous and absurd, but oh so fun. The controls are clunky, but I think that's intentional? The developer, Bossa Studios, also made Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread. Won't appeal to everyone and will probably frustrate a lot of people, but I'm hoping it becomes at least a niche success.
  3. Am I the only one who did not think Ospreay was teasing Chris Hero? Never even occurred to me, so I feel like Hero's kind of being an ass about the whole thing. Does Chris Hero have some connection to Will Ospreay or New Japan that I am blanking on?
  4. Very surprised people are surprised about the episode. I knew very little about the Flight from Hell except that it was wrestlers behaving badly, and yet, the stories were very much what I expected. Anyone surprised that Ric Flair doesn't know where to draw the line when he's drunk or thinks no means you really do want to touch my penis either knows nothing about Ric outside the ring or only sees him as they want to see him. I'd be more surprised if that wasn't an semi-regular occurrence for Ric given that he's partied like a rock star for decades, claims to have slept with over 100,000 women, and generally fronts himself as the self-absorbed, hedonistic, super-virile man's man he plays on tv. These days, when I watch Ric's character cut promos about how every man wants to be him and every woman wants to be with him, I just assume he's talking about the party last night. Ric's an infantile narcissist who lives for the spotlight and the afterparty. I feel like we've known that since.... the early 2000's? The advent of the internet? Metlzer's first newsletter? It's interesting that people have been more or less willing to overlook the many, many story or Ric's drunken escapades and his being a terrible absentee father and his being a worse husband and the sketchy financial dealings and the fairly evident drinking problem and everything else that goes hand-in-hand with being a human dumpster fire, but drunkenly exposing himself to stewardess is a bridge too far. You're kidding yourself if you think Heidi is the first person Ric has traumatized. Hell, that line probably starts with Charlotte or one of his ex-wives. That's not to excuse the flight from Hell. I kinda wish the stewardess had pressed charges or at least made enough noise to get Ric fired. But, yeah, we should probably be more surprised if Ric sits on a plane drinking for seven hours and doesn't try to sexually assault (or at least coerce) a stewardess. Same for Scott Hall. I'm not at all surprised that the noted substance abuser and alcoholic drank (and maybe drugged) himself into a near catonic state and got inappropriate with a stewardess. Very short hop from all the stories we heard before to that. More like a tiny step, really. I am sort of surprised someone bothered to drag his unconscious ass off the plane and re-enact Weekend at Bernie's with him. I'll give Dreamer a tiny benefit of the doubt here. He probably doesn't deserve it, but I hate to jump to conclusions about people I know practically nothing about. If Dreamer's been involved in these sorts of incidents before, I'm unaware of it. I mostly assume the producers of DSotR use whatever footage makes the wrestlers look the worst. Or, at least, whatever will get people talking. It's basically tabloid tv so assuming its an unbiased accounting is probably naive. I'd want to talk to Dreamer or at least see the footage they didn't use before getting too outraged and jumping to conclusions. That said, I'm skeptical Dreamer was misrepresented here or that his comments were taken out of context. At the very least, dude has been standing in the vicinity of a lot of sketchy goings-on in a couple different locker rooms now, so....
  5. Slightly? I'd term it 'very harsh". Probably unreasonably so.
  6. Becky letting Seth pick out her clothes will probably be good for a few laughs. I did enjoy Seth’s tribute to baked potatoes tonight.
  7. When Joe Hennig was called up, their was a persistent rumor that Hennig didn't want to use his real name and chose McGillicutty because it was his mother's maiden name. That story was probably completely fabricated - as far as I can find, his mom's maiden name was Leonard - but it seems like Meltzer backed it up back then. Honestly, sending Joe out there with the ring name of "Hennig" and advertising him as Mr. Perfect's kid wouldn't have done him any favors. He exhibited about a quarter of his dad's charisma and promo ability, after all. But the "you have to earn it" stuff is just silly. At the end of the day, creative's job is to sell tickets. More people would have paid attention to "Perfect" Joe Hennig than they did to Michael McGillicutty or Curtis Axel. I thought "Curtis Axel" was a worse name for him than "Michael McGillicutty", I don't think it's a big deal though. He had bigger issues than his gimmick name. I liked Hennig well enough, but I never thought he had the look or charisma to go far on the main roster. His widely mocked "beginning... of the genesis... of McGillicutty" hurt his career far more than his gimmick name or father ever did.
  8. I don't remember exactly, but Microsoft Flight Sim and Red Dead Redemption 2 both take up 100-120 GB. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare takes up a lot more than 100 GB (150-200). Master Chief Collection install is about 140 GB. Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War 4, Forza 7 just barely miss the 100 GB barrier. 90+ for each of those games. NBA 2K22 was a chunky baby. Don't remember the file size but it was at least 85 or 90. Might have been a little over 100 with update. Dirt 5 is up there. 80 GB or thereabouts. Forza Horizon 4 was pushing 70 or 80 with updates and dlc. On my PS5, FF XV is 100 or so. Last of US Part II is about 80, I think. FF VII Remake Intergrade and Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered (not Miles Morales, the remaster of the first game that was part of the Miles Morales Ultimate Edition) are 80 GB or so. Spider-Man and FF7 Remake are actually smaller than they were on PS4, irrc. There's a few shooters I don't own that take up about 100 GB. Destiny 2, several of the Call of Duty games. etc. There are occasionally articles about the largest games on various systems. Gran Turismo Sport also takes up close to 100 GB, but that's not on my hard drive anymore. That said, most of my double and tripe-A titles are the 30-50 mb range. And I play an awful lot of indie titles that are under 10-12 GB. Often way under. I think 40-60 will be the range for most current gen games, but 100 GB monsters areh't going away.
  9. Still available for Xbox. Fairly certain it's also available on PSN. I subscribed and thought the games I tried last night were fine. PS3 library isn't as complete as I hoped, but there's still 35 or so PS3 games of interest that aren't available on current gen consoles (Steam, PS5, Switch, Series X). I picked up a year's subscription for $60. As long as I can play Ico, Puppeteer, Infamous, and Ratchet and Clank Future without dragging out the PS3, I'll be very satisfied. From the developer interviews I've read, yes, that's the expected trend, but there are still a lot of humongous games. I seem to skip a lot of the games with the largest file sizes and I've still downloaded a number of 100+ GB games lately. I mean. I'll be somewhat surprised if Halo Infinite isn't at least close to 100 mb. I think. My take is that it's not so much the size of games that are going to fill SSD drives. It's that there are so damn many of them. We're less than a year into a new generation and storage space is already an issue and is going to always be an issue due to the price of SSD expansions (ballpark: $175 per 1 mb). I'm expecting to outgrow whatever size SSD I buy. Speaking of which: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/sony-releases-aftermarket-ps5-ssd-under-the-nextorage-brand Nextorage, a Sony subsidiary, is releasing a high-end SSD for PS5. No price or release date, but the specs look promising. I'm assuming this is going to be considered an official, licensed product so I'm going to keep an eye on it.
  10. I was nearly 30 on 9/11. I honestly don't remember where I was that morning or what I was doing. Nor do I have any friends, colleagues, coworkers, etc. who seem traumatized by 9/11 or seem haunted the way some of you say you are. I didn't know personally know anyone in the Towers, but my firm lost people that day, so I'm somewhat close to the situation. Out of curiosity, how am I supposed to be traumatized? I really can think of one or two people who even did much to mark the 20th anniversary. My general impression is that my generation - and the older gens -mourned for a bit, then life went on. FWIW, I don't remember where I was that day when I heard about it. Probably at work.
  11. Personally, I don;t believe either Vince or Tony Khan are influenced by Vice TV as it regards Ric or any other subject. I think some of you are way overestimating the reach and impact of Dark Side. I haven't seen the Plane Ride from Hell. I guess it aired?
  12. I don't think you'll go wrong with either, but, of the two, I'd go with the WD Black. That seems to be the consensus pick, though it's probably edging out the Samsung 980 by a hair. I'm also looking at the Seagate Firecuda 530 because I mostly buy Seagate for storage options and have never had a bad experience. Also, Seagate makes a 4 TB model. The other choices range from 500 MB - 2 TB. Problem is that the Firecuda is more expensive and sold out. I couldn't find a 4 TB in stock last night except for a couple eBay sellers. Actually, I've got my IT guys at work looking for a 4 TB. They think they can find one for me. If I can't get the 4 tb model, I'm going with either Firecuda 530 or WD 850, depending on price and how fast and easy I can get one or the other. Price is also a factor with the 4 TB Seagate. If IT finds me one, I'm expecting it to run me $1,000-$1,300 all told. Not sure I really need to spend that much. Honestly, the best strategy might be what I'm doing with the Series X since the official Seagate expansion card is only 1 tb. Everything installs by default to a 10 GB external HDD "hub." A few large games that require the SSD got moved to the expansion card (Microsoft Flight Simulator, for example). The internal console storage is reserved for games I'm playing. Been moving games to and from the console SSD as I play them. That's been working ok for me so far.
  13. The worst name discussion has reminded me that Vince once stuck poor Funaki with the monicker "Kung Fu Naki". Ugh. Not sure NXT names are any worse than names in the 90's. Bron Breakker or.... Bastion Booger? Duke "The Dumpster" Droese? Thurman "Sparky Plugg? Puke? Chilly McFreeze (l forgot about him and laughing way too much at the name)? TL Hopper? Arachnaman? Val Venis (allegedly a riff on "my pal penis"), Actually, my vote for worst gimmick name of recent times is probably Shorty G.
  14. I'm looking forward to Danielson/Omega, but, man, it's hard to take Bryan seriously as a babyface. I'm seen Total Divas. Anyone who wants you to use a composting toilet in the Arizona heat is a heel through and through.
  15. Poor Fuego. He'll be the biggest heel in wrestling if he actually manages to beat Miro.
  16. What do people think of PS Now? I'm thinking of subscribing, mostly to get access to the PS3 library (esp. the first-party titles as most third-party PS3 games will eventually end up on Steam Deck when it arrives). I'm heard some negative things about playing PS3 games on PS Now - apparently you can only stream them and can't download to your PS4/PS5 - but, honestly, I've never paid much attention to services like PS Now and Game Pass. Mostly interested in how well games like Puppeteer, Ico, Tokyo Jungle, etc. play on the service. I have the games on my PS3, but I have way too many game consoles hooked up and it's probably getting time to box the PS3 up for good. Most titles of interest from the Xbox 360/PS3 generation are available on Steam or have been remastered or are backwards compatible with my Series X, and that's generally the better way to play those games. Thanks.
  17. A series based on Matt Wagner's Grendel comic is in development. The first season will focus on the "original" Grendel, Hunter Rose, and run eight episodes. Not sure how interested I am in a Grendel series in 2021, but I'm happy that Wagner is (hopefully) finally cashing in. I was a big fan of Wagner in the 80's and 90's and still really like Mage and the Madame Xanadu book he wrote for DC.
  18. Does he have an opinion on fanny packs?
  19. Oney Lorcan? Not sure that counts. IRRC, the former Biff Busick suggested that himself (if true, that's probably an argument in favor of the random name generator). Orcan or the already mentioned Digg Rawlis would probably be my picks. Didn't Hero either suggest that himself or at least pick it from the list of suggestions? I might be wrong, but I'm thinking Hero wanted a name with the initials KO to riff off his Knockout Kid gimmick.
  20. Yeah, i feel the same. i would have preferred it if Hickman's run had been smaller in scope and basically contained to books he was actually writing. I haven't been much interested in the writers and artists on the other X-books and feeling like I need to keep up with them has been annoying.
  21. Good to see Tony’s willing to fight for his woman.
  22. Maybe. Face/Off 2 really has been greenlit (not from WWE films, though). Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard is attached. No cast has been announced, but Wingard was hinting earlier in the year that Cage and Travolta would be back.
  23. Given DC's troubles the past few years (well, few decades), One-Star Squadron seems a little too on the nose. Particularly since the company seems to be slowly shrinking its line to be nothing but Batman books, with the occasional Superman and Wonder Woman title thrown in.
  24. Now I'm imaging Vince trying to figure out a way to legally buy talent's faces (not just their likenesses), Vince may not be able to stop guys from signing with AEW, but he can damn well make sure they go through a lot of painful plastic surgery before they get there. Coming soon to WWE flims. Face/Off 3 (2's already in development). In a shocking twist, it will be a documentary,
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