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  1. Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of! Let's say as smoothly and as peacefully as possible.
  2. Yeah, that pump was nothing short of amazing, all right.
  3. I'd like to offer my congratulations to everyone in the US for things going on presently and hope everything goes smoothly and peacefully from here on out!
  4. I obviously wouldn't put past Vince and if they do, Lars' hands (well, tongue) would be tied and he couldn't defend himself. But if he could do so, he should just say it was a new experience and a fun job, but it's also all in the past now. Then he should ask Cole how it was like to film a similar scene with Heidenreich back in 2004-5 and if that was fun and if he's proud of that experience? I mean he's said and done some pretty awful and hypocritical stuff, but this is not the stuff he should be called out on. If they want to humiliate him, there's plenty of other shit to choose from.
  5. You can't know that! ...But, I'd say the odds ARE in your favor. ...and I probably shouldn't say anything like "She's willing to have Rollins' baby, so there's really no telling WHAT she wants", but since we established that it was actually the mist, that wouldn't work anyway...
  6. Yeah, I was going say something similar. Like, ok, if Slick's already taken, I guess that leaves me with Debra. And honestly, I could find a way to live with that.
  7. How many of these is just him tweeting #Armbar at random people?
  8. The newest batch of Superstars is from the time I have seen due to a friend of a friend taping me a bunch of stuff from TV (Sky channel, I believe). But those were Wrestling Challenge and All-American episodes, so not everything is familiar. The Steiner Bros squashes are still a sight to behold. I used to watch them and go "they think it's fake, THAT cannot be fake!" Bret Hart vs Papa Shango was good. There's also the Mr.Hughes sneak attack on The Undertaker that 'Taker never got to avenge on TV. So, Hughes has accomplished something very few people have accomplished. This will keep me busy until the new Prime Time episodes drop!
  9. Gee, I sure hope no-one thinks that crashing this particular party and spoiling Undertaker's final farewell is a good idea! I will be suprised if this goes off without a hitch.
  10. Time for NXT! Dakota Kai beating Ember Moon was a surprise, but it' really good that she wasn't just willing to be a stepping stone. Grimes is still shellshocked from last week, but seriously, could you blame him? One of Grimes' early big wins was against Kushida, I suspect this time will be different. These guys have good chemistry together. Oh, it was the last week's zombie ref that freaked Grimes out before the match. Obviously he got better. Must have injected himself with bleach, or something? Shotzi vs Toni Storm should be very interesting. Let's see if Toni is leaning towards heel or not? Nice to see Dain & Maverick gelling more as a team. The tag team offense is now becoming less reluctant on Maverick's part! Wait, the Pat Pack is here to spoil the party! Ever-Rise running away, like they won on DQ, or something, haha! Well, they didn't lose! Holy shit, the shape Dunne is in! Also, tanning bed- or spray-tan salons must not have all been closed in the UK during the pandemic. So, not only is McAfee a damn genius with all these logical explanations, but if he wasn't telling all the fans that they suck, I can't see these guys as the bad guys on this! Well, what they did to Dain afterwards, was uncalled for! Dain vs Dunne, please! Io wants Rhea Ripley! I can live with that. She's beaten her once already! STFU , Johnny! You never liked wheels! Maybe next week we get the Hartwell reveal. The worthy competition will be something like Leon Ruff or Drake Maverick, I bet. Shotzi vs Storm is intense! Both women showing great aggression here, no actual heeling, or even veiled attempts at it. Really good match. That apron DDT could have ended up disasterous! No, not the tank! Storm with the win! No! Candice, don't you dare! Damn you! Somewhere, Robert Stone is feeling vindicated and elated. What a hit and run by Atlas. Two can play that game, I guess? So, Thatcher's a really good teacher, but I wouldn't be caught dead in one of his classes, I'll have you know! Ok, his methods were bound to rub someone the wrong way, so here we go! Xia stuff continues, but if this is only his family being disappointed in her, I think I can live with that. Challenging Gonzales is not the way I would go about it, but hey, your funeral! Ripley's game for Io's challenge. I see what I did there. There was also a main event of some sort happening. Haha, Ciampa is 201lbs and they say Adam Cole is 210lbs. Who do they think they are kidding? Same thing could be asked about VD main eventing a show. He sure gets his ass kicked a lot these days. "I think he's never been worried about consequences", yeah Vic, you may be right on that one! Regardless, I liked this show quite a bit. Mostly, due to Dunne being back, but hey, there's plenty of other positive things as well!
  11. Got it like a few seconds before your post, but thank you anyway!
  12. Help me out here! Obviously, I've missed something? Oooooooh, NOW I get it!
  13. I put this into my Gym Gansta -playlist after just one listen last night. Haven't had the opportunity to use this during a workout, as of yet, but I'm damned sure it will work like a mofo! Because lord knows, when one thinks of needing a workout, one thinks of Eddie Kingston!
  14. Wow, so they sure didn't like it. Macho Man looked damned impressive, though! And flexible! The people who bought the DVD seemed to like it even less! For obvious reasons due to stuff going on across the Atlantic this week was not a particularly good workout week, with only 2 actual workouts and a stretching and foam-rolling session. Bodyweight is trending downwards despite trying to eat enough (not actually happening, apparently). Well, the week-end's here, so that's about to change. Also, for the first time since the summer, I measured my arms and thighs. So, the legs are doing fine, both rebounding an inch since the summer cut, both arms had lost a half an inch. That's what I was afraid of, but hey the slow bulk is about to kick in, maybe I'll be able to recover. I won't be buying workout DVD's, but I did recently purchase a massage hammer and I'm liking it so far. If you haven't come across one of these things before, they look like a blow-dryer with a massage ball (or other interchangeable heads of different shapes) attached to it. It an electric appliance and it actually had more power to it than I originally thought. When I first saw these, maybe 8 months ago, they were priced at something ridiculous like 399e, but I got mine for 60e and for now, it's been as good as I'll ever need. This comes in very handy, as I have not been to a massage (therapist? Are they called that?) since January. For the past few years, I've had a sports massage (are they called that?) every three weeks, in order to keep my back pain-free. My back is seemingly doing just fine without them, but I haven't done things like free squats in what seems like ages. Thank goodness for the squat-machine, however! ...I'll be damned, the half an inch reduction in my arms was just due to dehydration, as both were back to 41cm (flexed, not pumped) after plenty of water, coffee and fried eggs and pasta for "breakfast" consumed well into the afternoon, due to the nightshift.
  15. I've heard this mother's father theory before and my granpa was pretty much completely bald from as early as I can remember and by the looks of some old pictures things didn't even start out all that great! Going to war may have had something to do with it, I'm not sure? So, I have been hoping that it sometimes skips a generation. My dad has a full head of hair at 71 and if I recall correctly, only started going grey well into his 50's, so I'm really hoping some of that sprinkled over here as well! The having a little more forehead than a decade ago is absolutely true over here as well, there is no denying it.
  16. Now that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a head drop! Text book example of the most important story that can ever be told within a wrestling match! Namely the story of: "Holy mother of God! He dropped him RIGHT on his F'n head! How on earth is he not dead?!" Other stories pale in comparison.
  17. My beard wouldn't really grow out if I wanted it to, but I trim what I have about once a week. Otherwise, it's mostly a matter of convenience for me. You either keep your hair long or so short that you can use a trimmer or a blade. I've never tried to keep it DYI short, but even the idea of having to go to a barber once every 3 or so weeks (with the prices over here) seems like needless pain in the ass and waste of money to me. Also, having a full head of hair with no grey that I've noticed, at 43, is a blessing. I think I'm keeping it long as long as the universe and genetics will allow me to. Unlike Edge ( said when he first retired), I don't mind being the 40(+)-year old with a ponytail. Hell, even he gave up and grew it back out, since he still could.
  18. You and many others, myself included! Well, I see wherever he has been in isolation, the place has fortunately been equipped with weights and other gym apparel!
  19. Yeah, or at least a decent rip-off of it! That would have ruled, too!
  20. On a somewhat related note, I happened to listen to Bonnie Tyler's "Ravishing" on my ride home from work and since that song was a re-used version on Hulk's Theme, I wondered what it would have been like to have Hogan enter the ring to "real song" version of his intended theme? On that note, I also wondered how it would have been if Rick Rude used this song instead of his shitty saxophone WWF theme. I probably would have started liking him much earlier than I did.
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