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  1. I definitely called Roman vs Cena being the Summer Slam match still. Why would WWE tease a fresh match that most of the crowd generally wants to see then take it away? Odd choice in story telling.
  2. AEW world title, didn't have the TNA belt with him
  3. Fair enough. I wasn't directly comparing Hangman to Yokozuna. You would be right in that being a terrible comparison. I was just trying to demonstrate "home grown" doesn't always mean they are THE guy. In actuality Hangman is way closer to an Austin. But it's about timing. I still believe in crowning Hangman. Just not while all the headlines are about other guys. Let that wear off and not be so shocking / new. Give Hangman the win when that's all people are gonna wanna talk about.
  4. No one is throwing anyone out for the new hotness. My personal preference still has Hangman being crowned by beating Omega, just at Revolution. And I say that because if you put the belt on Hangman at All Out and Punk wrestles, all the headlines are about Punk. Then D-Bry debuts at Grand Slam, so all the headlines are about him and NOT Hangman. What I'm advocating for is to actually let the dust settle and the newness to wear off before crowning their guys as THE guy. Just because in my opinion that helps Hangman more than being midcard world champion third from the top behind two new megastars when they get all the headlines the first three months. What program are you watching? It's been at least 3 weeks now without any title on screen but the AEW Title on Dynamite. He's losing one in two weeks. Which is why I believe AEW has made the conscious choice to down play that part of his character. Because they don't want it to change the narrative of their story when he loses other people's titles. In Garland he used the phrase belt collector in that promo. But outside of that he has had none of the other belts and there's been no reference to it. He's still the delusional demi-god of wrestling or whatever. But the multiple belts thing has petered out. (He also only had the Impact titles on his last few Impact appearances.)
  5. Again food for thought here... but the only time in the last 40 years WWE wasn't number one... was late 1990s WCW. So dissing that as some sort of terrible thing to be is silly to me. They *should* try and replicate the ideas that WCW used that worked. They should also learn from history about what not to do. But let's be blunt, putting the title on Punk isn't going to sink the company. Not putting the title on Punk isn't going to sink the company. They're much more stable than that at this point. The home grown talking point is a little over stated. Yes a thriving promotion needs to create their own stars... as PART of the winning formula. But Vince put his world title on someone else's star over his own guys in January of 1984. That one worked out pretty well. He also did put the title on his homegrown guy Yokozuna and that didn't do much for business. So it's not a 100% forgone conclusion either way. It has to be a balancing act. The belt collector thing has already kind of petered out. He's stopped carrying out the other titles on AEW. There's a high likelihood he's losing the AAA one to Andrade August 14th. Wouldn't be surprised if Impact is ready to get their title back at the next ppv as well. I know it would be dope if he was 2021 Ultimo Dragon with 9 titles but I don't think it's getting any further than it already is.
  6. We're all just sharing opinions and such. Omega has been great. I love what he's doing. AEW is doing 1.1 million viewers a week. That's great in today's TV landscape. Food for thought, Raw was doing 4.5 million last time Punk was an active worker. That's neither an indictment against Omega nor an endorsement for Punk. Just a note to keep things in perspective when considering there is a lot of room to draw beyond 1.1 million if AEW keeps up the momentum.
  7. It's equally possible to do either with Punk. But I'm just saying Punk coming in and winning the title in front of a rabid Chicago audience is a hell of a moment. Imagine what that crowd looks like. Imagine what the pictures and videos look like when people who have stopped watching WWE see that moment on social media and decide to check out AEW. You certainly don't HAVE to do it. But it's a cool as fuck visual and definitely a way they COULD go with it. I'm not gonna be upset by either choice. I'm just happy AEW is growing and thriving. I am of the opinion that striking while the iron is hot as fuck is the better move here, instead of waiting for a moment down the line when the shock and heat of the moment has tapered off. And I have no possible explanation for why Hangman's match would get changed for any other reason. But if there is another reason and it's unrelated to Punk there's no anger coming from me.
  8. All viable ideas. But again I see this as Hogan vs Sting in a lot of ways. Hogan lost the title to Luger 4 months before the Sting match. Didn't hurt that buy rate at all. So Punk vs Darby on Rampage. Punk wins (in some disputed fashion). Punk beats Omega at All Out. Goes back to feuding with Darby. Omega wins rematch down the line due to Darby. Hangman gets to defeat Omega at Revolution. Perfect two year story arch when Hangman beats the guy he needs to beat, two years to the day the story really started. You get the major momentum of Punk being champion / capitalizing off of his popularity. But you still payoff what you've been working for. Win-win-win.
  9. There's two discussions to be had here. 1. Pro wrestling isn't just a 9-5 job. It's a career in a strange business built on traditions and respect that not everyone knows the ins and outs of until they join the business. That's not always a good thing. There have been shitty traditions that were perpetuating bad habits that needed to go away. But wrestling is less like an office job and more like a motorcycle gang. I say that because the best explanation I can give to someone on the outside is to liken it to Sons of Anarchy. The way the MC runs on that show definitely isn't a 9-5 or normal. But all the guys in the group understand and operate under those rules. They have traditions and expectations and punishments for not doing things the way they're supposed to be done. You can debate if you like that or don't like it or think that it's right or wrong. But everyone who comes into the business has to learn how to operate within those traditions if they want to be a part of it. Punching above your weight class and talking shit to someone who has 20 years of experience when you have none is a violation of how things operate. 2. Why did Hunico make a post at all? I tend to agree it's probably insecurity coming from Reginald's entrance getting some love. But why did Reginald feel the need to go onto a Hunico post on his page and make a reply? He specifically went on to Hunico's post, and made a comment to disrespect him. And shit man, yeah it probably was hard as fuck to do the trampoline entrance with a decomposed ACL. So while it's probably insecure of him to post it at all, he has a point. Reginald didn't need to clap back at all. ESPECIALLY since he's on the bottom rung. Again if he felt the need to comment at all it shouldn't have been to disrespect a dude. That doesn't show respect for dudes that came before you. But that's what you get when you put green dudes that haven't learned the business on TV right away. I should probably let this be my last post on the subject tho. I don't feel like I'm quite articulating the real premise of my argument properly. But I tried.
  10. He's publicly clapping back at someone with 20 years of experience in wrestling when he's a rookie. It's disrespectful. It's irrelevant to this discussion if other terrible people that happened to be wrestlers committed murder. There's a hierarchy of respect you're supposed to adhere to and work your way up. It doesn't matter if you're right or wrong, speaking out against a 20 year vet when you don't actually know shit yet is disrespectful. You don't have to agree with it, but that's just the way it is. I promise you he has some annoyed enemies in the locker room now. The correct approach (if saying anything at all) would be something along the lines of appreciating the dedication of Hunico doing that entrance through injuries and stuff and say he would try his best to do the same. Not a general fuck you I did this for years you aint shit kind of reply.
  11. Actually no this is Hunico (Sin Cara 2) that posted that. He's not the original Sin Cara 1 that botched everything (Mistico). He's the one that mainly teamed with Kalisto in The Lucha Dragons. Reginald publicly popping off at the mouth annoys me. I don't care how many nights he performed in the circus. Professional wrestling is a different animal built on respect. You keep your mouth shut and your ears open and put your time in to earn everyone's respect. It's not a birth right to be in the business, it's a privilege you're supposed to earn.
  12. Pleasantly surprise and happy to be wrong here. I underestimated AEW's demand. Doing 50k tickets over two weeks for 4 events in the same market is bonkers. Like that's some peak attitude era demand. Very happy for everyone involved. I think this coupled with the trending up ratings is a perfect storm for them. They are within shouting distance of at least equaling the competition. I'm very much enjoying what AEW is ding, and hopeful WWE will quit dicking around and start putting on better shows to compete. As for Hangman not getting the All Out match... it's a disappointment. But AEW has earned enough good will for me to trust them to do the right thing, even if it takes a detour. I mean if we were all analyzing WCW during the nWo like we do now... how many times would we have been pissed at the story twists and turns for Sting? They held that off for so long. They even threw in a Lex Luger title run. But in the long run Sting vs Hogan drew the highest buy rate in company history. I trust AEW to change the story and still make it cohesive. So I will again say I think Punk is Omega's opponent at All Out. And Punk wins. But I still fully expect them to get the belt back to Omega in time to crown Hangman at Revolution. Some nice symmetry to that being him & Kenny vs The Bucks where they started teasing the turn.
  13. When those fucks can actually remember to get me my dipping sauces I paid for and get my order here in less than two hours, then they can waste time on petty marketing squabbles. Get your own house in order before crying about petty stuff like this.
  14. Add me to the pile thinking this could be Jericho winding it down as a full time in ring guy. It feels like he's been taking the steps to be a commentary guy / agent / creative type / executive. I think he's really proud of what AEW has grown into, since he was the only proven big name US guy when they started. And it has his fingerprints all over the creative. WWE will surely induct him into the Hall of Fame 10 years down the line or so, but in the near future he's got a job in AEW as long as he wants it. His mind is worth every penny he asks for. It's not like he's off limits to WWE since he was just on the Austin deal, but I do sense they have no desire to use him as a talent anymore.
  15. Listen I get what everyone is saying. But you're asking people that have already plopped down like at least $200 for even just the cheap seats (including fees) to dig deep and find another $50-$75 or whatever. On almost no notice. That's asking a lot. Especially for a one hour show. A one hour show that most of you are saying just has a Punk appearance and not even an actual Punk match. In a building 2x bigger than they have ever run. With only 19 days until the event when tickets go on sale. This isn't selling out All Out with two months of on sale. This is a building that holds more than even the NYC show they've sold 18,000 to... in a market they have already stretched thin with the All Out weekend of events. In 19 days. For one hour. Based on nothing advertised. I want them to succeed. And I think they get pretty close to a full house. But I do think they'll need to pivot and be more explicit about Punk being there to be able accomplish it. Also comparing this to AJ in The Rumble doesn't work. They didn't have like Rollins on TV saying oh man this Rumble is gonna be Phenomenal. The AJ thing was a total surprise without any hints. They also didn't have three more events booked in Orlando in a two week span lol.
  16. I'm just baffled by what they're doing here. I get booking the biggest arena in Chicago for Punk's debut, that makes sense. But they are really trying to fill that building with a 'wink wink' you know who will probably be here? Especially baffling seeing that they have a Dynamite, Rampage, and All Out back to back to back two weeks later already in Chicago, mostly sold out. Like how much money do people in Chicago have to spend on wrestling lol. They just assume 25,000 people can come up with more disposable income even after potentially buying 3 event tickets already for two weeks later. Without even giving them the specific reason to break the bank. I love AEW but this is a bit of an arrogant approach in my opinion. 100% agree with you in theory. But again referencing the above, you're asking one city to plop down money for their 4th show in a two week span without telling them why. So in this instance I don't think it's a very smart move. Sure everyone watching AEW or educated on wrestling news knows he's gonna be there. But is that enough to fill 25,000 seats? When they've already sold like 30,000 tickets to the same market for 3 other shows in a two week span? 'Wink wink' alluding to something is a viable method to use, but maybe not the smart method in this specific situation.
  17. This is where my head is at too. You don't book a 25,000 seat building in Chicago (when you have 3 straight shows booked at the 10,000 seater in Chicago two weeks later) unless Punk is showing up and wrestling. To that end I see Punk vs Darby on Rampage. And also thinking they are shifting the Hangman story to do Punk vs Omega at All Out. Just the feeling I have after everything unfolded. All Out was going to be Hangman's crowning but getting a major star like Punk is switching things up. I also expect Punk to win and defend against Daniel Bryan at Grand Slam in NYC. Christian gets a title shot on a Dynamite or Rampage before All Out just to clear that out and say the number one contender (Hangman) can't take the shot because of a stipulation. So we're inserting THIS person. I guess we'll see soon enough.
  18. It took Ric Flair 24 Years to amass his 16 World Title Runs. It has taken Charlotte 5 Years to amass 11 Women's Title Runs. WWE in a nutshell these days. Rush rush rush to a goal with no idea of what the fuck to to when we actually get there.
  19. NXT never got rid of the original mask mandate. They tape every week in the same building in... Florida. They quickly realized it would be a major risk to allow one of the biggest anti vax locations to take off the masks and potentially cause an outbreak for the NXT roster. So they have always required masks there since the time they allowed fans back. I don't think they have any plans to drop the masks while still filming at the CWC. And who knows when Full Sail will allow them back.
  20. A reply to that Tweet correctly points out the mind blowing stat that... WWE makes more off of one Saudi show ($50 million) than AEW makes on it's entire TNT contract for a year ($43mil a year). Just fucking crazy.
  21. I don't remember hearing about this one so my mistake. Can't think of anyone who fits that description. Also it wouldn't stand up in court. Your IP is your IP unless you sell it. Or at least that's how I understand the law to be written. I'm just a simple bird law expert tho... so maybe I'm off the mark.
  22. Who dissed TK? I said growing up in a trailer park is very different than being flown to ECW shows in a private jet. I'm not hating on him at all. I much prefer AEW and what he's doing running it to whatever the fuck it is WWE is doing. I wouldn't call him benevolent tho. He's trying to make money. It's a business. He isn't just picking random twitter followers and flying his roster to their house to party and do private shows. He's a business man trying to profit off of running his business well. Certainly nothing to begrudge him over, but definitely not benevolent lol.
  23. I think what you're referencing is that during the duration of your contract you sign over your rights to the character name you own to WWE for the purposes of marketing and merchandise (if they use one you already established). So while Punk owns CM Punk, while he was in WWE he couldn't legally go make deals for the character name CM Punk. He allowed to WWE to control it. That way they don't need approval for every event ad he is listed on and every product he appears on. He 100% owns the character, just while under WWE he signed over control of marketing and merchandising the character name to them. But once his contract ends he gets full ownership back. That's how it works with everyone that comes in with a prior use name. Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, ect. If you created the name before you were hired by WWE you own it. The only grey area is if the IP was created in another company that WWE now owns. The Dudleys were created by ECW. So while they used that IP before ever even signing with WWE, WWE bought ECW's IP. So they own those characters. But outside of that situation, if you used your name before WWE it's yours.
  24. Uhhh whutt? Vince didn't meet his dad until he was 12 or so. He grew up dirt poor in a trailer park in North Carolina. Definitely not a silver spoon deal. Quite different than growing up so rich his dad would fly him to ECW shows as a kid like TK lol. There are zero similarities. And the premise that AEW is a "family owned business" is faulty. No one from the Kahn family has any input at all. His father gave him a bunch of money and he started his own company with it. That's it. I'd actually even venture to say WWE is no longer a family owned business either. Sure Vince's grand dad ran it once upon a time, then his dad, and now him. But it's not the same company. This is a publicly traded corporation now. He took the family business and changed it to a decidedly not family business anymore. There are shareholders and a succession plan that is much different than father passes it on to son like it had been the previous two generations. Crockett Promotions was a family owned business until Turner bought them. So it's weird you single them out. In like 1985 Crockett was basically just the southern WWF. Family run, national tv exposure, too big to be considered a territory anymore. Exactly the same. Just no vision for going national with acts that hit right in the big cities vs catering everything to Greensboro.
  25. Kross just can't catch a break lol. If the story had been planned for him to snap & murder Hardy and get over that he's a psychopath week two, that ain't happening now. Should just scrap it all and pretend it didn't happen. Wait until after Summer Slam and try again with the cool entrance and the hot chick. Will be interesting to see what they do now with that story.
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