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  1. Bam Bam also spent a year in Doink purgatory. I'm surprised they were able to heat him back up after that. But hard to be seen as a star when you're running mixed tags against a clown and a little person, and playing tamed husband or whatever to the wild child Luna. I think bringing him in as that 1987 babyface character and having a top of the card run with Yokozuna could have been fun. But there's really not a place it fits in. Yoko squashes Duggan. Wins The Rumble. Beats Bret, immediately loses it to Hogan. Squashes Hogan. Does 6 months with Lex. Does 6 months with Taker. There's a mini Crush run in there too. Then back to Bret. In a different timeline a hot babyface Bam Bam coming in doing athletic hoss matches would have been good shit.
  2. Wrestling trope. It actually hurts more to be the one reversing it when it's reversed. The original person applying it doesn't really feel much legit pain on either side of the coin.
  3. Fair point. Yeah his run at the end is what stuck out most. But he did go hard the first few months there. Not trying to sound like I'm not high on Bam Bam. He's one of the best big man workers ever. But I'm just saying the ceiling he hit was about right for a guy with what he brought to the table. At least in America. I'm a little surprised he never had a monster run like Vader or Hansen or Dr Death in Japan.
  4. I think Bigelow was pretty awesome. But dude main evented a Wrestlemania & got a run as ECW World Champion. He main evented King of The Ring against Bret. He was treated like a big deal in 1987. I think he hit about the ceiling he should have hit. He didn't have that mega star level of charisma. And in those days only the tippy top guys got to run with the title. He wasn't a Hogan / Warrior / or Savage. Had timing been different and he been protected better there's a chance he could have gotten a shot with the title instead of the Yokozuna run. But even that is a stretch. By the time he was in ECW he was mailing it in. But Heyman knew how to use him to get others over. Taz & Douglas wouldn't have been solidified without him. He got that WCW money at the end of his career but he was in full on t-shirt mode and had no passion left. Basically he made it to the level he should have. We all remember him fondly. He consistently made money and brushed up against the main events on occasion. He just didn't have the it factor to be tippy tippy top Hogan / Piper / Sting / Flair / Savage level. His look at promos were just basic average tough guy biker vibes, not mainstream darling vibes.
  5. No way. He was a full on transitional champ so Roman had someone to conquer at Mania that wouldn't split the crowd. This run was treated equal to Slaughter's run leading up to Hogan's WM7 win. And the real main event of WM32 was Cena's run in to help The Rock in Vince's eyes anyways. Once in a lifetime brother, part 3.
  6. I totally agree with this assessment and it's exactly why... THERE SHOULDN'T BE TWO WORLD TITLES. Merge them shits. Make the man THE MAN. So if and when someone new gets built up and beats the champ, it means something. Then they are serious about giving them a run. With a second world title it's basically them being all about saying they care about / push all these talents that are never actually pushed or cared about. If there's one top title and Kofi gets a run with it, they are going to treat it better than Kofi getting a run with the midcard secondary world title. A secondary world title is token title. Oh you guys like Kofi, & Big E, & Ziggler (2010s), & Bryan (2010s), & Mark Henry, & Bray Wyatt (cult leader version) & Rey Mysterio? Cool we will give them "world title runs" so you think we are giving you what you want. But all the while we are going to keep the superman paradigm we've always had and only actually care about one or two guys that we hand pick. Cena. Lesnar. Orton. Roman. That's it. Those are the only REAL champions is WWE's eyes over the last 10 years.
  7. That's a very good point. Their taping schedule is a mess in my opinion. I know it increases costs exponentially to tape them separate. But they won't be able to overcome a lot of the criticisms keeping them how they're done. Dynamite should be a stand alone taping. Rampage and Elevation should be taped on the same night. Yes it costs more. But the crowd reaction / freedom to loosen up the formula would fix a lot of the television product inconsistencies. Dark should continue to be once every two months at a sound stage separate from the rest of the company. Book the same building two nights in a row. You can still tape Rampage. Just do it on a Thursday. They are kind of cannibalizing the A show for the sake of saving costs on travel and all that to have a B show. I don't own a national tv wrestling company, so this is all just me pontificating into the void. But to me that makes the most sense. Dynamite live Wednesday. Keep all the talent over night. Tape Elevation & Rampage Thursday nights. The houses will be lighter for that second night, but that's okay in the long run. (And it conflicts with The NFL, but that's a first world problem Mr Owner of Too Many Professional Sports Franchises lol).
  8. Right. I'm not saying jump to 10 matches every week and burn through all your pairings. I'm saying randomize it a little more. Do a 5 match episode. Then a 9 match episode. That's a way to get more people cycled in more often. Seriously look up the results if you don't believe me. It goes something like 6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,5,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,5,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6 over the past 3 months. It's very rigid and they do not deviate from it. People are wanting more than one women's match per Dynamite episode. It's not gonna happen if they don't switch it up every so often.
  9. And none of those formulas ever surpass 6 matches on an episode. That's what I'm saying would benefit them. Throw in a 9 match episode once and awhile.
  10. This highlights an issue I've brought up before. But AEW has a super rigid format. Dynamite has never exceeded 6 matches total, ever. (Maybe once or twice but only by way of one extra squash match). Sure it's good to have a format and a formula. But at a certain point it becomes a detriment. By loosening the restrictions of the format you could fit a lot more things in. I looked it up at one point and Nitro averaged 8-10 matches per 2 hour episode. And sometimes hit as high as 12 matches. Now I know AEW gives their matches more time because in ring work is more important than it used to be. But if they switched it up every few weeks you could fit a lot more women's matches on. Showcase a lot more of the tag division. Some low tier feuds from Dark could get a blowoff on the main show occasionally. Just once every six weeks or so spice it up with less pretape promos and more quick matches. That's all. As is, if they stick to only 5 or 6 matches per Dynamite it's a little hard to see them ever hitting 3 women's matches on a single episode.
  11. I'm kind of confused by this response. There's a booker. It's Tony Kahn. The EVPs of Cody, Kenny, & The Bucks also pitch ideas. Jericho is very hands on with his own stuff yes, but has also been known to pitch ideas for other stories. That's how stories get developed. All talent have input in their own stories, in that they can pitch tweaks or ask for changes or pitch different ideas. But Tony Kahn is the show runner. He creates the narratives and the stories, with input from all those sources. That's how pro wrestling works. That's how pro wrestling has worked for 100 years. WWE has changed that formula in the past 15 years or so. But they are the exception, not the rule. Whether a specific performer is shy or has no ideas to pitch is kind of a moot point. You're a performer. If you can't come up with ideas for yourself, the booker can. Your job is to take the paint you get handed and paint the picture the way you see it between the ropes. She wasn't hired to be a TV writer. She wasn't hired under the guise of needing to come up with her own stories. She was hired to be a wrestler. And pitching ideas for yourself is not even one of the top five most important skills of being a wrestler. I just don't understand this talking point or how it's relevant to being a wrestler. You really think The Bunny is the one writing the heels using the brass knucks story for her & Penelope? Or that Hangman is the one writing Bryan running through the Dark Order before wrestling page? Maybe they pitch tweaks. But they are wrestlers. Their job is to wrestle and try and hype up the times they are going to wrestle with their words. Being shy or too inexperienced to pitch story ideas has absolutely nothing to do with the job she was hired for. It's a bummer to me too. Because I actually really liked what she portrayed. Her whole aura and look and music and presentation I thought was good. She was doing a good job getting that character over. I just think the health issues slowed down her progression and she got frustrated with having to work her way back up again since losing the momentum. It's understandable. But being shy or not having story ideas is not why she wasn't getting on TV.
  12. I'm quoting just this one talking point to clarify something that I think is getting passed over by all of us. From day one AEW has been positioned as traditional pro wrestling. They are purposely doing wrestling like it was done before WWE went overly scripted with a ton of writers. This looser structure is by design. They didn't make a mistake in doing it this way. They made a specific choice to do it this way. If those parameters are not what you are suited for, then you should at least be aware that you're not going to excel as much as people who are suited for that. Like I'd never say you knew that ahead of time, don't sign with them. By all means, sign with them and get that money. Try your best to grow into someone that can thrive under that. But it's a bit much to expect the entire company structure to change, when that structure it's self is one of the biggest selling points for the audience. AEW has kind of been saying 'Hey do you enjoy the promos of Dusty, & Piper, & Flair more than you enjoy some dipshit scripting Roman to say suffering succotash? Then AEW is for you, we don't script a performer's promos and never will.' The AEW structure is never going to change. And if she would thrive under tighter structure, she should work towards getting signed by WWE. Who knows she may be able to be a gigantic star under the right circumstances for her. But to call AEW out for needing a change of structure to more suit what she wants out of wrestling and to dismiss the fact that it is openly one of their drawing points is... really short sighted. Not critiquing anything else she's saying. But just to expect them to be something they have beat their chest about never being... is a weird thing to be critical of. It may not be the best structure for Swole personally, but that loose structure is absolutely a majoring drawing factor for the target audience.
  13. Only click here if you're the type that wants know how the magic tricks are done...
  14. Holy fuck what an awful reply. Man for as much as I like about how TK handles stuff... he's still very immature. Not everyone is going to like every decision you make. And even worse when someone makes a reasonable criticism you can't be like well fuck you, you sucked anyways. Whether she did or didn't is pretty irrelevant. Because if she did then why the fuck you signing her in the first place dude? You look like a total dipshit either way. Spectacularly awful to handle this. This isn't going to just go away by deleting the tweet and being all like "but guys its new years I was drunk lols".
  15. For Chrst's sake. You weren't "right" about Tay. You're acting like a fucking baby dude. She sat on a guy's lap and then later tried to downplay it and called people saying it, a liar. Who the fuck cares? Grow up. She's out there deflecting shit she didn't want people to know about. That doesn't make you right that makes you an immature asshole who can't read the room. If you broke into the pentagon and took a bunch of pics of classified documents they would lie about their existence too. Your inability to get the fuck over it is intolerable. No idea about the J-Rose thing so not going to comment on something I have no knowledge on. But you weren't right about Britt either. Because you were out there TMZ'ing who she supposedly was fucking. Whether she had an attitude or not, you're in the wrong there gossiping about her personal life. Fucking Labar (if true, which I very much doubt) had fucking ZERO to do with her breaking into the wrestling business. So you're wrong again. And a fucking scumbag to boot. Let's not forget your rants about Cogar and how he was done in the business for selling an ACAB sticker. Uh, last check dude is fucking killing it in GCW and broke free of the Pittsburgh drama. So wrong again. And finally my last bit of wisdom. Life isn't about being right. Being right is insignificant. You can be the most right man on the planet and still be a prick no one wants to talk to. Maybe 2022 should be a year of personal growth for you. Break free from right or wrong, try and define yourself by being a good person or a bad person.
  16. I'm all caught up watching this and I think it's pretty fun. Right up my alley.
  17. Yeah sadly that holds up. It's not everyone. And it's getting better as the older gen phases out. But it's a bummer how many people you come across that actually talk and think like that.
  18. So just for the sake of clarity... this isn't a difference of opinion. I went through that nxt thread and it's horrendous. Far worse than I remembered. Someone says the name Britt Baker and you immediately jump to her fucking Labar. How is that an opinion? It's your opinion she slept with Labar to get into the business? Also explain how that works anyway. This isn't 1972. You don't need anyone to "get you into" the business. She just had to show up at IWC's training center and agree to pay the fee and train. Fuck all had to do with if she did or didn't sleep with a guy involved in the show at the time. No matter what role you play in the business it's you that's toxic. Britt fucked so and so. Sammy & AEW need to apologize to me. Carmela & Graves need to come clean to me. You're a whole ass narcissist and you don't see it. The world, the wrestling business, and this board don't revolve around you. THAT'S what's wrong with the world right now. People like you think your "opinions" are as valid as anyone else's when what you're saying isn't an opinion at all, it's out and out slander. Stop digging any deeper.
  19. Once a week but has to take pies to the face, or once a month and gets treated with respect for the great athlete she is? Easy choice. But feel free to choose the weird pie option if that's your preference.
  20. Oh I read what you put. You're being treated oh so very poorly because an adult chose to change course on how he handles his dating life. Yes Sammy Guevara personally thinks you are so very very stupid. Should I put that in green font to emphasize the sarcasm? Entitled AF. AEW / Sammy / Tay have no law binding them to tell you the truth about their personal lives. So you demanding they be upfront with you (and you even said AEW should tweet out an apology) is entitled as fuck. Kept this post shorter for ya pal.
  21. Well okay this is a slightly different take than I thought you were going for. You're not mad about their right to privacy. Just the change in course on an explanation. This is less creepy. But here's the thing, you seem to have some sort of insecurity about the part I put in bold. Like this is much different than WWE treating fans dumb by not allowing the word belt on TV. (God damn pal a belt is what keeps your pants up this is a championship title). This is a real life situation that isn't scripted. No one is treating anyone stupid. It has to do with real people and how those real people would like something handled. No one owes anyone an apology for what transpired. (Beyond private relationship circumstances if they were breached). It happened behind closed doors "off screen" and has nothing to to with the wrestling promotion's narrative or the abilities of any of the performers. If they have decided to change course and embrace the relationship in public, that isn't treating anyone like they're stupid. That's real people making a change in their way of thinking. It has nothing to do with AEW as a promotion or any storylines. So you're really conflating this, the Graves / Carmela thing, and even people being a surprise spotted at the airport. None of these things have anything to do with an on screen story or treating anyone as dumb. This is garbage TMZ stuff that they absolutely don't owe anyone any explanation for. This is the classic entitled fan syndrome. Also just because this stuff is common knowledge to you, doesn't mean it's common knowledge to some / most of the viewing audience. So what you're advocating for is ruining the surprises for the average fans and forcefully giving dirt on the performer's personal lives. It's too much and you are the weird one here, not the promotions or the way they handle it. No one is treating you like you're stupid, you're just being nosy and entitled and demanding too much.
  22. I'm not gonna quote it, but man is that a gross opinion. Hey Tay Conti you wrestle on TV so fuck your privacy. You're not allowed to live your life away from da twitterverse. You owe everyone an explanation of who you fuck and why. Jesus Christ lol. She's an adult. She's not required to validate your feelings of righteousness for being a creep and knowing what's going on in her personal life away from cameras. AEW as a company damn sure shouldn't validate that behavior. Nor should anyone feel compelled to ruin a surprise debut just because someone posted an airport picture on twitter. Even if the twitter bubble consisted of 50% of all the fans viewing (it doesnt) you're advocating for ruining the experience of the other 50% of the viewing audience (it's more like 75%) and punishing them for not being all up in the scoopz on airport pictures 24/7. Those opinions are quite a bit warped there man.
  23. Yeah is real issue was passion (and knowledge / intangibles). The Giant also started from scratch but the difference is he had that passion and drive and desire to get better and learn. Old George was just sad his basketball career didn't workout and was taking an easy paycheck with no real interest in improving. So it's just not meant to be. I still wish they gave it a shot. That's a real weird thought experiment lol.
  24. So take this opinion with a grain of salt. I literally only watched the original trilogy for the first time a few weeks ago. So I lack the context of seeing them in the time they were made. I thought the first one was okay and the sequels were hot wet trash. As for this new movie, I thought it was okay. In line with how I felt about the original. I think my main dislike of the franchise is once they get to the real world. I just don't like the aesthetic or the story beats of the real world. I love the aesthetic and story beats of being inside the matrix tho. Which is probably why I hate the two sequels so much, since the majority of the real story happens in / around Zion. For this one, I thought it was real clever to have his matrix program be him being the designer of a matrix sim game. Unfortunately when he breaks free of the matrix I just lose interest. I also just think the story crux of machines need to use humans for energy is just... dumb. Especially since, if I understood the scene correctly, in the 3rd movie when they fly above the clouds it's beautiful with the sun shining. I took that to mean everyone thinking the sun had burnt out was mislead. And the machines were doing this not for energy but because they wanted to keep the humans enslaved. So why now in the 4th movie do the machines still need humans for power? Also humans are inefficient as fuck as power conductors. Let's get some thermodynamics programming into these machines lol. Matrix 1 | 2.5 stars Matrix 2 | 1 star Matrix 3 | 1 star Matrix 4 | 2 stars
  25. True. The outfit in the video is even more heinous than usual. All airbrush with no fur glued on. Just airbrushed fur. Abysmal look for a baby face, so you can imagine in this scenario he gets an overhaul to his look. What was hot in 1993 to rip off? They could have given him some kind of tweak. Or at the very least just airbrushed an Andre singlet onto his normal bodysuit lol.
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