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  1. AEW literally already has a ring (Dynamite Diamond Ring) that they do once a year for a battle royal that has on again and off again been defended by MJF who has won it both years so far / wears it every appearance, and medallions were the award for winning the Women's Tag Tournament. I don't think they've been defended, but Diamonte & Ivelese wear them every time they are on the show. I want to say they did a trophy already too, but I'm not 100% on that one. Give it time Coach TK's gonna see these posts and make it all happen, just for you lol.
  2. It works in MMA because of the realism. The journey is real. Guys are maturing growing and learning just like wrestlers, but very differently from wrestlers their size gain is legitimate. They really are moving up those weight classes. Gaining mass, and the mass gain changes thier style. That's not what happens in US wrestling. Is AJ Styles any bigger now than he was in 2001? He was a Cruiserweight in WCW. Why is he not a Cruiserweight now? Now your moving up the ranks "(Cruiser->TV/European->Intercontinental->World)" is not lost on me. But why does that first rung have to be a title that's name is dedicated to size? You get the exact same effect if you don't classify the title by a fake weight limit that isn't based on realism. The word Cruiserweight has a specific connotation in wrestling. You're not going to reverse 30 years of learned history. You get the exact same journey if you pick a low card title that isn't based on weight, without the negatives that the word "Cruiserwight" comes with.
  3. In total agreement that segmenting your roster by weight class is an outdated concept. Now New Japan makes it work still with the IWGP Jr Title. But the main difference in why I consider their process vastly different than US wrestling is they force Jrs that move up the card to add on incredible amounts of size. When Kenny Omega moved up he bulked up. When Ibushi moved up he bilked up. When Osprey moved up he bulked up. We don't do that here. And because of that, visually, there's no real distinction between a Junior / Light Heavyweight / Cruiserweight vs Heavyweights. Finn Balor's billed weight is 175. But he's the NXT World / Heavyweight Champion. AJ Styles is billed at 225 and he's been WWE World / Heavyweight Champion twice. Same with Bryan, Rollins, and a bunch of other guys that would be classified as Cruiserweights if they were in 1990s WCW. Buddy Murphy was Cruiserweight Champion for a good stretch. Then he lost the belt and went to the main roster. What changed? He's still at the same billed weight. Still wrestles the same style. Still has the same physique. What makes him not a Cruiserweight anymore? That's why it doesn't work here in this era. Cruiserweights were my favorite part of the 90s. But had WCW put their World / Heavyweight Title on Rey Mysterio at the same time there was a Cruiserweight Division that wouldn't have made sense either. The glass ceiling broke and smaller workers and now seen as capable top draws if they get over. If places only put their World Titles on giants like they did in the 80s and 90s I'd get it. But how is Escobar more of a Cruiserweight than Balor right now, ya know?
  4. Are you sure about that? I know that was talked about at one point. But I'm fairly sure they had to stick to a single 4 hour feature due to the contracts of the actors. Something about repurposing the original movie into an episodic format would trigger all of the actors needing to be paid a second time. So they had to scrap that idea and just keep a 4 hour presentation with no chapters or segment separations.
  5. Yuck. But not like a hard yuck, just a soft yuck lol. I think we all see the Mania match is Drew vs Lashley. Which I will gladly take because I was expecting Drew vs Sheamus and Sheamus is no bueno for me. Miz & Morrison vs Bad Bunny & Priest isn't even the worst Wrestlemania celebrity tag match Morrision has had to do. One word, Snooki. Kind of a boring show. I'm still begging them to book the Women's Tag Title scene without the singles champions involved. Speaking of booking the women... on the preshow they were hyping that someone would face Asuka. Did I hear that wrong or miss something? She wasn't on the show at all right? Wonder if there was some late game rewriting going on because the pre show was more of a mess than usual lol.
  6. If I were the one with the book... Cesaro wins SD EC, immediately faces Reigns and gets this __ close but takes the loss. Post match in ring promo Reigns says he isn't going to defend against Edge at Mania because Edge brings nothing to the table. And the Tribal Chief don't have time for a retired has been. Because of this, Edge Kofi's Kofi and takes his spot in the Raw EC. Edge wins. Big celebration. Miz cash in, Edge still wins. Reigns out for the shit head heel beat down. Picks up the Raw title and says okay Edge now you have something I want. See you at Mania. Unification match. McIntyre gets stuck having to wrestle Sheamus at Wrestlemania. We get Edge & Christian vs The Usos at Fastlane. Reigns and Cesaro have a rematch at Fastlane.
  7. Is that really an acceptable answer? In my opinion, no. Your opinion may vary. But he's making a product for consumption. Once he starts taking steps to make that consumption difficult he's veering away from the goal. I don't want to watch a movie created in 2021 formatted to a screen from 1981. Sorry. I'm still going to watch it. And hope for a fun experience. But some of the fun of that experience is already ruined because he made a big time dipshit choice.
  8. I did my rewatch recently of BvS & Justice League. I wouldn't consider myself a Snyder fanboy, but I was excited for this to come out and see the differences. That is... until it was confirmed this will be in the 4:3 aspect ratio. Completely takes me out of it. The reason for 4:3 is he wanted the whole movie to be formatted to fit on IMAX screens. Well dipshit, your movie isn't being shown on IMAX screens. It's being shown on HBO Max. Zero IMAX screens are showing this. Yet it's formatted exclusively for IMAX screens. He also wanted to make the cut black & white, but he backed off on that. I assume there will be a black & white cut as a bonus for DVD release. But I realllyyyy lost a lot of excitement for this knowing he made it to fit TVs that no one owns.
  9. I don't want to pile on, but how in the world could this have fooled anyone? That's clearly not Paul Bettany as Vision, it's just a generic CGI face.
  10. Just got through a re watch of BvS and Justice League over the last couple nights. Wanted to have the story fresh in mind for when the Snyder Cut drops. Batman is my favorite comic book character, so even if it's a bad movie I'm gonna watch it if Batman's in it. BvS Ultimate Cut is pretty rough to get through. There's parts of it I really like. But they just cram too many characters and stories into the same movie. It's like you make a chili but fuck man I like bacon so let's throw some bacon in there. Ranch is good, who cares if it belongs in chili. Yo put some chocolate in there, there's a heat and sweet thing I wanna try. But let's be healthy and put some turkey in too. It's too chaotic to have a unified flow. All the Senate hearings / fallout from being setup in the desert are just a chore to get through. They almost should have used that for the basis of Man Of Steel 2 and had that lead into BvS. Would have really helped the narrative. But man going straight from BvS to Justice League is jarring. It goes from rough to fluff on a dime. When I originally saw Justice League it wasn't fresh off a BvS watch. This time, it's just too stark of a contrast. You go from the dark gritty color palate to bright and almost candy sweet. None of the characters or story beats match what just happened in the last movie. Agro Bruce Wayne who wanted to kill the hostile alien just a few weeks before this goes down, all of a sudden is cracking jokes and acts like Superman was his life long BFF. The Snyder Cut, at the very least, will at least connect better to BvS's narrative. I'm looking forward to the Snyder Cut just to see how different his original story was. I have a feeling out of 4 hours there's gonna be less than an hour of overlap from what we've seen. And I do think it will feel more authentic than the Whedon schizophrenic cut. But I'm not sure, even with a home run, that the DCEU is worth trying to salvage. I just have this sneaking suspicion that Flash Point is gonna try and retcon everything so they can move forward with a newish DCEU, but it's just gonna make things worse. You botched it. Trying to use superglue and paperclips to fix it is just gonna backfire. Accept defeat and try a new strategy. Let The Batman be the beginning of a new DCU universe, and do it right.
  11. Fair point. But there's a difference between special entrances for a big event & using an in character entrance jacket vs wrestling in jeans and the futuristic moon boots like Marty McFly. Those are new to his presentation since joining WWE, he used to wear actual wrestling gear. Maybe it's just one of those things that annoys me, but not the majority of wrestling fans. Street clothes as gear should be rare exceptions when they fit a specific type of character, or story. Not the norm. We're so far in the bubble sometimes we forget this is supposed to resemble a worked real sport. When has the NBA or NFL let dudes play in jeans? Any UFC fights or Tyson fights where guys wore jeans? /end of old man rant
  12. Because this is WWE and they don't do anything subtle. It's not enough that he names his moves based off of Back To The Future, he's gotta dress like Marty McFly now pal. We're making movies. Even when we rip off other movies.
  13. I love the visual of a logo on the canvas too. But screen printed logos like that get really slippery to work on. It's usually fine to start, but the smallest amount of sweat or blood and your footing ends up being like dancing on vinyl with baby oil on your feet lol. I bet that's why they dropped it. I'm sure there's a way to texture the logo, make it feel like sandpaper, but who the F wants to bump on it then, ha.
  14. Yeah I can get with that. Nothing wrong with refreshing plot points, or painting the picture for new viewers every so often. My point was they have detailed his character many times already. So to say we don't know who he is or why he does what he does, isn't really fair.
  15. Apparently I don't understand what a false equivalency is. You said "Darby constantly looks like a fucking dweeb going 50/50 with nobodies like Janela and getting beaten up by Cobra Kai, while needing Sting to fight his battles for him" and I replied with why I don't agree with that statement because he needs to be booked like an underdog, not someone dominant. He needs to get the shit kicked out of him at least 50% of the time for his character to work. I'm gonna count this a s a point for me. Then you said "In hindsight, you could swap the booking of Jungle Boy and Darby in recent weeks and it would work perfectly" to which I did wrongly conflate what you had typed and did the whole Jungleboy isn't a bigger star. So there's a point for you. A lot of the early hammering of his character was on the first PPVs as well as Dynamite. Did you see any of the PPVs? They definitely ran multiple quick sit down promos of him in the early days of Dynamite describing his character, as well as JR & Excalabur constantly refreshing it every time he was on Dynamite for the first six months or so. I'd never seen him work before AEW either, so it's not like I picked up pieces of his story before AEW. I'm gonna chalk this up to you just not paying close attention while you watch I guess. To your original point that I missed, "In hindsight, you could swap the booking of Jungle Boy and Darby in recent weeks and it would work perfectly" I still disagree. Darby being a plucky white meat babyface, as Jungleboy is, finally getting his first real solid win by tapping out a tag guy doesn't play to his strengths as a worker or a character. Jungleboy going 50/50 with Janela while using plunder and getting beat down by Team Taz after doesn't really play to his wholesome white meat strengths either. In my opinion.
  16. Do you need them to play a promo every time he wrestles that explains his character that they've already done a bunch? Drunk driving uncle died in a car crash while he was a passenger, a part of him died that day. That's why he wears the paint and takes the risks. Pretty simple. I don't think you need that reiterated every time his music hits. I prefer AEW letting shit breathe vs Michael Cole screaming VINTAGE ORTON. THE VIPER. THE APEX PREDATOR. THE LEGEND KILLER every 30 second during WWE commentary. Hard disagree. In what ways is he presented as just another guy? His record is better than most. He has a title. He's partnered with a megastar. The commentary consistently puts him over as one of AEW's top stars. Even his theme is unique and gets a reaction immediately (when they have crowds). I see lots in Jungleboy too, but there's no way you can get me to agree that he's presented as a bigger deal than Darby. He's gotten a few shining moments, but his booking is far more "just another guy" than Darby. In year 1 he went to the 10 minute draw with Jericho. Last week he got a solid defining win by tapout over a tag guy. And there's a whole lot of just a guy in between. And there's nothing wrong with heating guys up and cooling them off and rotating them in. But to suggest one of the top 3 most pushed guys (outside of The Elite) is treated like just another guy is a no from me dawg. Maybe you just prefer the WWE style of over doing the emphasis? If so that's okay, everyone has their preferences. But if we polled the people posting in this thread, don't think there's gonna be a lot of agreement that Jungleboy is presented as a bigger star than Darby.
  17. You don't book everyone like Super Cena. Darby is supposed to be an underdog. Most of his offense is hot comebacks full of fire. If you want to book an underdog as an underdog they have to lose sometimes. Or at least get their ass kicked and go 50/50. Look I hate 50/50 booking as much as everyone else. But that's not the same as keeping an underdog an underdog. If he goes out there and straight murders Janela and starts squashing people and gets booked like Cena, no one gets with the heat portions of his match. There's no emotion in his comebacks. Wrestling fans all want "their guy" to be dominant. And wrestling DOES need dominant guys. But not everyone is suited to be booked that way. And if you book everyone as dominant than no one is dominant because it's not special. The way they are booking Darby is just right, in my opinion. Takes an ass whopping, fires up some hot comebacks, and usually finds a way to win. But sometimes he doesn't. So you never know. I do agree the Sting stuff is getting old. They want him as a weekly presence, but that's a mistake in my opinion. He can't wrestle weekly so bringing him out every week to do the same thing is just making him lose his aura. The week they did a pretape promo in that dirty warehouse... that's how you get Sting on the show if you want him. Good visuals, added to the aura. But him just coming out to watch a Taz promo on the tron every week is getting pretty lame.
  18. Shit. You're right. But I hope they ignore that. In VPW2 my favorite thing to do was wait on the ramp during the rumble mode at the Tokyo Dome and attack dudes during their entrance. Then toss those fuckers off the ramp to eliminate them lol. It was a small detail but it added another layer of fun to that arena. They used the long ramp at Revolution that was in Chicago, so maybe that would be better than doing it at Daily's Place.
  19. Hard disagree. They want their guys to be robots that script every spot out for the cameras. Every pose and entrance is timed exactly the same. They want people good at reciting scripted promos that random writers write for them. What about any of those skills screams Ric Flair? He could teach them to be great pro wrestlers in the mold of what he did. But what he did is the opposite of what they want. So it's not insane to me. To nate's point, I always called it the Michael Jordan principle. Jordan was the unquestionable gaot in his time. But a lot of what make him a great athlete is just inherent to his DNA. It's not something you can teach. And it's not something great athletes are able to even verbalize to try and pass it on. That's why the best coaches are usually middle of the road guys. They had to work their ass off and study to get to the next level, instead of just being born great. That's why someone like Lance Storm is a far better trainer than Ric Flair probably could be.
  20. Double post. So I will use this opportunity to put out into the world that I hope in The AEW game, in battle royal mode you can get knocked over the top onto the stage at Daily's Place and not be eliminated like The Tokyo Dome ramp in VP2. Make it happen Tony Kahn. Yes I know you'll definitely 100% see this.
  21. A couple weeks ago 2K Battlegrounds was a Games with Gold Free Play Weekend game on Xbox. I was able to beat the whole story mode and clear out all 1000 achievement score in just a weekend. I verrrrry much prefer it to the regular 2K games. Give me fast and fun over authentic and boring. It wasn't quite as good as All-Stars. But I had a blast with it. I'm sure I will pick it up one day when it's marked down to like $5. I seriously can't wrap my head around how anyone finds this game less fun than the regular 2K20 style game. But I grew up on N64 wrestling and that's the style I prefer. The first couple Smackdown games were fun at the time, but after Shut Your Mouth it seemed like they devolved REAL quick.
  22. RunningFromAmerica. Sorry, thought it was obvious with him running wild on the last two pages. Victim blaming & standing behind his use of a derogatory term for the mentally disabled are pretty shitty actions to begin with. More so when Dolfan told him to chill on the subject and he kept going. Sorry if I was too vague and you thought I might have been talking about you? I have been annoyed by some of your one line drive by posts before lol, but you post a lot of good information and always add a lot to the discussions.
  23. The sooner this new gimmick poster gets cashed the sooner we can get back to paying our air bills... just saying...
  24. Christian is one of the most under rated dudes of all time. The match I'm really hoping happens is Edge & Christian vs The Usos. Would love to see Christian vs Bryan, AJ, Ali, & Ricochet too. But E&C vs The Usos would tear the house down.
  25. The way the Edge thing played out if I remember correctly, because he was kinda vague with his wording in his Network doc, was that he got independently cleared by like 3 or 4 different doctors. And for years WWE said that wasn't good enough, "no" means "no". So then he had a meeting or phone conversation with Tony Kahn where he received a hefty offer. But out of respect for all WWE has done for him he went to Vince and laid it out for him. I am cleared. I want back in WWE and my doctors say it's safe. But if you wont have me the competition will. And WWE immediately wrote a big ass check and "no" no longer meant "no". I'm going to assume Christian did the exact same thing. He did the Bryan hyperbolic chamber rehab and doctors cleared him. He has no more risk of a concussion than any other person. So he probably went to Vince and said I want back in WWE, but if "no" still means "no", I'm setting up a meeting with Tony Kahn.
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