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  1. Hahn’s delivery is impeccable, Agnes constantly trolling Wanda by all but saying she knows what’s going on then undercutting it by joking about how much she hates her husband yet at the same referring a key data from the Salem Witch trials is some good shit.
  2. I highly suspect this is going to radically alter the MCU, so there’ll be some surprising revelations in there.
  3. On the plus side it could fit into an arc in LOT easily enough.
  4. If nothing else, the show is a showcase for how fantastic an actor Paul Bettany is. Not to diminish Elisabeth O, who’s also great, but man... seeing the MCU really give Paul B great material to work with is awesome. Dude is killing it.
  5. I got my vaccine via my frontline NHS job. Make sure you take the day off work the next day. Working an eleven and a half hour shift after that wasn’t a good idea. Also, our useless English government has to tighten restrictions again. Christ knows how given it’s a national lockdown, but who am I to question the logic of a Prime Minister who laughed at the idea of a two week lockdown before being forced into a four week lockdown and then a national lockdown a month or so after the four week lockdown ended. Seriously though, if there’s a way to try a Prime Minister as a criminal for sheer awfulness I’d love to hear it. Boris Johnson is an absolute wanker. ETA - and apparently he went for a seven mile bike ride. After telling everyone else to stay at home. The sheer hubris...
  6. Yeah, the second I learned this it elevated Young Bucks to best tag team in wrestling and one of the best ever for me. How the Hell do you have a tag match as good as their one against FTR when you’re feeling like that? Like sure, you could say Matt did most of the work, but Nick did his fair share against FTR. God damn are those guys talented wrestlers.
  7. Yeah. I mean it’s two promotions crossing over in a mutually positive way. Which opens up a lot of storyline possibilities. Is Mox going to get revenge on Impact? Are Garrison/Pillman going to challenge for the Impact Tag Titles? How does Hangman Page fit in? Is Cody going to stand up for AEW? There’s a lot of possible story avenues that just opened up. Like Moxley going through Omega’s cronies to get to Omega is a pretty boss way to build to a rematch without rushing it.
  8. England isn’t much better. Our PM is going on TV later to give a briefing about how awful we all are and how it’s our fault... twelve hours after he stood in rooms watching people get vaccinated. And the media won’t ask him why the fuck he’s allowed to be in a room while someone is getting vaccinated. This country is the fucking worst sometimes.
  9. That’d be messed up given The Hand is a Marvel heel faction with origins in Japan.
  10. After thirty five years of existence not making any films because I wanted to wait until the right moment and right script, this year I just said “screw it” and made a low budget horror film set almost entirely in my flat and convinced a few friends to record some stuff virtually. Then released it for free on YouTube. I then spent months sweating how I was going to follow it up, and in December said “screw it“ and shot, edited and released an adaptation of A Christmas Carol in two weeks. 2020 was an awful year, but I enter 2021 with zero regrets or what ifs. I spent my entire life wanting to make a film, and last year I made two. Which I’m proud of, even if I’ll admit it’s utter schlock. Luckily, I love schlock cinema.
  11. He has his orders, he can go man go!
  12. I just like how Owens thinks he’s being the smart face, but is forgetting how cunning he was a heel. I wonder if that’s intentional - everything Owens is shitting on Reigns for is shit that Owens and Jericho did to Reigns in 2016. Which is kinda clever really, Owens is so eager to be seen as a likeable face he’s trying to white wash his past in a similar situation.
  13. How good do I think DB is? He could, even now, walk into any promotion on the planet and fit in perfectly. Dude is an absolute chameleon at changing up his style to suit whatever he’s booked for. Like as good as Jericho is, factually so, at changing himself up, Bryan does it without skipping a single beat. You give Bryan shit, he gives you gold; you give Bryan comedy, he gets it so over it gets everyone involved over; you give Bryan an 18 second loss, the crowd rebels so much it benefits Bryan. And then there’s the matches. Joe, Strong, Kenta, ROH War Games, Storm, Cabana, Delirious, Punk, Cena, Shield, Wyatt, Kingston, Nigel M... And the character shifts. Dude came back from a career ending injury and could never be booked as a heel again, surely? Well, he not only becomes a heel but is so amazing as a heel that he gets legitimate boos, and is then told he won work as a face again... and flawlessly transitions into being a face in a way that makes perfect sense for his character. People talk about the next Flair, Michaels, Hart... Daniel Bryan took a little part of almost every top line wrestler who ever lived, and meshed it with an incredibly likeable, humble personality and an exceptional level of talent. He is, hands down, one of the best wrestlers of all time.
  14. There is a light, dude. I work for the NHS and after a year of this shite, I’m finally getting a vaccine on Monday. And I’m buying a ticket to AEW in the UK the day it goes on sale. I don’t care where they’re performing, I’m there. AEW weekly and on PPV gives me WCW in 96 vibes, and I’ll support those guys to Hell and back. Also I haven’t posted in yonks. Weird.
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