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  1. just finished Night 4. Yoshihashi-EVIL was the best proper match of the night and Yano-Tanahashi was a fun Yano match. Sabre-Naito went for an epic that landed short (some good stuff, but would have been good at half the length) and the other two were solid. I'm enjoying this all thus far but have to say the smaller crowds are hurting it a little. Naito-Tanahashi the best so far by a short head from Ishii-Suzuki, then everything else a long way back.
  2. I haven't seen night 5 (or 4) yet but I'm trying to hang with the Okada submission sub-plot. Since KUSHIDA and Kyle left and Shibata got bonced there's been a real dearth of proper submission stuff: Suzuki does some but partly to cheat, Sabre's are fanciful and entertaining, Tanahashi has got the Cloverleaf over, but SANADA's looks like crap, Naito's is just an extension of his taunt, and outside of that there's not a lot! I'm not saying they should go RINGS but it wouldn't harm things if they had people who could exchange holds on quieter nights rather than shitty walk'n'brawl around the ringside.
  3. Just coming to the end of night 3 after a day on the sickbed catching up. Naito-Tanahashi was so good. You run out of superlatives with those two. Excellent match that would surely work in most promotions in the last 30 years. Really like J1 taunting the fans for not being allowed to open their mouths. He's not the Pacific Ric Flair but he is certainly something.
  4. After my big fighting words of returning to G1 I only just sat down now to watch everything back-to-back. Suzuki-Ishii the clubhouse leader after 3 matches. They went at each other like the apes in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Great finish too. I'm going to root for Yujiro though. He's got such 2010 Zero1 energy these days, he doesn't even feel like a NJPW dojo guy anymore. He feels like a last minute desperation ringer who doesn't know how to Douki his way into favour.
  5. take the positives, Raw Underground is now an established segment.
  6. A slapjack is a weapon favoured by street toughs of the 1950s and 1960s: the pool ball in a sock is a homebrew version of the classic slapjack. Similarly, a mace is a weapon that has lost favour in recent years. Usually the classic mace comprises of a long straight shaft with a sharp point and various gouging devices around the tip. A t-bar? Arguably the most threatening of the bunch: it is a high street venue for old ladies to eat cakes and imbibe hot liquid.
  7. Hey everyone. Had the summer off wrestling completely. Not felt like watching any, COVID or not. Thought I might be done. G1 lineup has revived me. Gonna re-up next week and get back on board.
  8. some of the normal matches were ok but this was the worst Wrestlemania by a factor of 20. Historically speaking I wasn't into the Backlot Brawl, the Boiler Room Brawl, any Empty Arena brawl, Final Deletion, or Lucha Underground (sadly). I hate (genuinely!) to be a curmudgeon but wrestling, for me, is a live art. It needs an audience. It needs to feel like it's happening (not bothered if it's taped) there in front of paying fans or I am just not interested. The various styles on the night can differ: I'm not asking everyone be Kiyoshi Tamura. I am even less interested in bad overlong cinema-style wrestling. I'm not into 'cinematic wrestling'. Fight scenes in films don't hold up past a certain length. People used to shit on backyard wrestling - I don't see how AJ-Taker was anything other than bad backyard wrestling elevated to PPV status. Don't even get me started on the Symbolism 101 dullness of Wyatt-Cena. I think Wyatt might be the worst guy at creating wrestling characters. Beneath Nick Dinsmore. The only thing that was so bad that it transcended was the Benoit-suicide referencing torture marathon of Orton-Edge. I genuinely could not believe what I was seeing. Up there with that Michael Jackson performance at the Brits where he made out like he was Jesus healing kids of their pain.
  9. Aldis in NWA Scurll in ROH just need the Drake "Spud" Maverick sleeper cell to wake up in WWE and we witness the worldwide birth of R I C K Y K N I G H T I S M
  10. I find it hard to assess Okada wrt those greats whose careers are done or very nearly done. Undeniably a HOF career already and has probably done more for NJPW worldwide than Tanahashi. Athletically impressive, crisp, and we've seen him grow up in front of our eyes (remember how awkward his promos used to be?) He's had some incredible matches for sure and I look forward to where he's going as much as I enjoy thinking about what he's done. The whole dance around the Rainmaker has largely changed how matches are laid out and end these days (I remember when NJPW matches seemed to finish with an almost uncontested run of moves ending with a finisher and that was it). But I don't feel the same about him as I do or have done for Tanahashi, Shibata, or Kobashi. I find this a more reliable guide, ultimately.
  11. the DAVEs for anyone who gives a fuck, which he caveats by saying he was watching from an exec box and hasn't seen on TV and may not ever 1/4 Stardom tag 2.5 Young Lions tag 2.5 Old man tag 1.5 Liger tag 2.75 ("The fans hated this finish") Suzukigun vs LIJ 2.75 CHAOS vs Bullet Club 2.75 Finlayjuice vs. GOD 3 Moxley vs Archer 3.5 Hiromu v Ospreay 5.25 ("This was the third best match in Tokyo Dome history at this point, although that only lasted about an hour") Naito v White 4.5 Okada v Ibushi 5.5 1/5 Gauntlet 6-man tag star ratings for each match: 1.5, 1.25, 2, 2.25 Liger FINAL 3.5 Jr Tag 3.5 ("Yoh put Sho's cup in his mouth to celebrate. You really don't know where that thing has been. Actually, now that I think about it, you do, which makes it even more unnerving.") Zack-Sanada 4 Moxley-Juice 2.75 Kenta-Goto 2.5 ("I want to make clear that most had this match far higher but where we were live it was dead. Evidently it was super hard hitting and in the Tokyo Dome that doesn’t mean as much.") White-Ibushi 3 Jericho-Tanahashi 4.25 Okada-Naito 4.75
  12. I guess that's going to be a mega show with the Olympics playing with the schedule. In fact do we know when other things are set to happen like G1 etc.?
  13. interestingly - to my mind, at least - the G1 briefcase was a McGuffin to get us to the real weekend main event of Naito/Okada without the sigh of obviousness and feeling that it's all been done before. I doff my cap. I also feel Ibushi's double loss will be redeemed at some point. future directions all seem interesting. what are they going to do with Jay and Sanada? is this a faction thing? Kenta is a good first defence and now it looks like they were really just building him for this since the G1. poor Goto. now the bridesmaid's bridesmaid. as ever they have some megatalents just spinning their wheels in EVIL, Shingo, and Ishii. now Naito is on the double title you can't even see 2 of them making a token challenge. time to do something with the tags (this is my usage of this phrase in 2020, see you next year!)
  14. I had an eye infection and a dental issue all topped off with Mrs Sevendaughters' flatmate disconnecting the Internet after the power up Destino attempt. Safe to say I wasn't quite as involved as I'd hoped and will pick it up later in the week (funeral and dentist tomorrow).
  15. Really enjoyed the whole main show, perfectly paced, like we knew what the mains would be in terms of style and layout and length but stuff like the tag and the US title match just hit the sweet spot too. Can't separate the jr and heavy title matches, outstanding work.
  16. great brutal review and also a stage school is basically what it sounds like: a private school at which aspirant actors, singers, dancers, etc. go to to have their talent nurtured away from the screaming riff-raff at a normal school. it generally pumps out soulless nobodies with odd exceptions.
  17. it's a problem for people like us who follow long-term storytelling (which I guess is not everyone, or even half of the people watching) but it does seem to help the houses. bit of a bind. you are right. last few years in G1 i look at Budokan/Sumo Hall and it's there.
  18. oh and Eddie. christ, what an era.
  19. Liger's best opponent in my humble opinion was Mad Bastard Sasuke, but Otani, Kanemoto, and Sonmurderer all good shouts. I thought he had good matches against Taikawa/Black Tiger too.
  20. the less-than-ideal execution (you can't say it wasn't foreshadowed hugely, this not a swerve) says to me that there was a different plan that was axed along the way. tango to everyone on the stables thing. a couple of them need to die, pronto. i was reading my write up of G1 26 and apart from Jay White being on a push we're pretty much still the same as it was. EVIL and SANADA getting gatekeeper jobbed. Naito the bridesmaid. Ibushi will-he/won't-he. Something different lads. You have the talents at your disposal.
  21. Mikey Nicholls back is something I never thought I'd see after his flop NJ Cup. Then again, seems pretty all-hands on deck.
  22. damn they're doing it like some 80s AJPW tag league, kind of into it, and yet am taking this time out to recuperate on New Japan
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