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  1. Hello everyone - finally watched WK17, which I think is the first Dome I've watched since WK15. I thought it fine, but I preferred White-Okada to Omega-Ospreay, both at **** for me but I think I'm more into White's character work and the more grounded heel style he has. I was surprised at Omega-Ospreay in that it wasn't just a cavalcade of avalanche moves and super reversals, and the blood did help, but I feel slightly immune to that style of wrestling at the moment.

    Has Narita been a Shibata cosplayer for long? He is a good copyist but I guess I wasn't into it as a long-term strategy.

    Obviously NJPW can push and highlight who they want but Ishii/Shingo being in a toss-off ranbo while Tama Tonga faces the baked potato man in a singles match just screams politics to me.

    Sasha Banks had original NXT levels of awkwardness.

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  2. I saw there was some chatter about Wrestlemania IV in here recently and a question occurred to me: Hogan main events III and V but at IV he's in a QF against Andre that ends in a shite DDQ. What was going on with Hognosh around this time? Contract beef? Doing a film? I'm sure I could listen to another 4 hours of Lapsed Fan to find out but not got the mental energy to wade through all the ass-fucking jokes.

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  3. i love this thread every year so i hope things are all in order for your return. best wishes to your sister. i even like it when you don't like records i like!

    the Cindy Lee album was top 10 for me. really gorgeous songwriting. would have gone higher but noise interludes wear thin on me.

    my #1 is All Hands Around The Moment by Richard Youngs and Raül Refree

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  4. someone does need to lose the briefcase but it will be such a blow to anyone who does, a perceptible loss of confidence in someone who wins a gruelling tournament. they've painted themselves into a corner with the G1 winner = Dome main event. There's less time between now and then so might not seem like as much of the year is pointless.

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