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  1. Really enjoyed killer Karl vs. dickey Murdoch, watching kox and Murdock beat the shit out of each other was great. I loved the heel work from Kox hiding the foreign object. Just thought it was a really good match. I haven't seen a ton of WoS so this match was interesting to me. I watched all 3 parts. I enjoyed the build at first I wasn't sure who the heel and face were as they were both just doing a great back and forth job trading holds. It became very apparent the Rocco was heel though. I loved how he kept attacking Jones at one point not allowing him to get up. The ref I thought did a good job as well physically restraining Rocco. All in all I'd say Murdoch and Kox had the better match though. I like it when 2 fellas just beat the shit out of one another.
  2. I can't get in to pwo. No one will reply to me? I did send @goodhelmet a pm though. I sent you a pm through messenger as well @rippa
  3. I Just finished Gary Hart's book. It was a great and insightful read! Definitely interesting hearing about the business from a bookers stand point.
  4. Man have I got caught up in this! This is a fantastic list!
  5. I could take a picture if that would make it easier, hahahahaha....:-)
  6. Damn my college dissertation on bunkhouse buck burned in the fire that my fiance started with my Valiant diorama! There's a restraining order in place with Haku, I don't think I supposed to mention him
  7. Zeke is my son, he is named after the band Zeke
  8. I found PWI first year end awards 1990 was my first, eventually got in to The Wrestler and Inside Wrestling. I don't think I ever had a preference though I'd get whatever was in Stock at the time!
  9. Hahahahahaha I don't scare easily
  10. I like batman, marvel universe is far better....fuck Ben Affleck
  11. I'm currently wearing her as I type this....look for me Monday night
  12. Thanks, Perfect place for me than as I'm a child stuck in a man's body! Missile dropkicks.....depends on who is delivering. I enjoyed Kenny Omega jumping on Okada's skull at Wrestle Kingdom.. Davey Richards....fun fact the only thing that Othello, Washington has ever been known for is its good coke... I enjoy Davey Richards though loved him in ROH and he's been one of the only reasons to watch TNA in recent years.
  13. Hahahahaha, I'm pretty sure that's the first time in my 35 years I've been described as well adjusted and rational, that alone makes this thread a win for me! I'm sure it'll be sooner than later I got no issue telling some douchenozzle to go fuck themselves
  14. Thanks, I got thick skin and other people's take themselves and the interwebs too seriously....fuck em...
  15. Thank you, really looking forward to having some people to talk with!
  16. Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself. My names Chris, I'm a life long wrestling fan been watching for 30 years. I also enjoy my comics and movies as well but I'm primarily a huge wrestling fan. I've Dipped my feet in some Japanese and Lucha but not as well rounded in it as I'd like to be. Mainly started with WWF as a young kid, found NWA in the late 80s. I remember the first show I ever saw was when Ricky Steamboat returned as Eddie Gilbert's tag partner. I was mesmerized and instantly loved It. I of course continued to watch the WWF and started to get the Apter mags and buy tapes through the mail. I was a huge ECW fan as well. I can't say I really prefer one style over the other I tend to be able to find good in all of it, even today's product. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to talking wrestling and such with some fans of the business! Chris
  17. Hi I'm new to the site, there is a set for the site??? I'd be really interested in seeing this!
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