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  1. I've said it before, but Joe is just straight up one of the most believable guys on the roster. Even though he loses 9 times out of 10, anytime his music hits I immediately think he's going to fuck someone up. And when he talks, he just comes off like a dude who will straight up murder you if you look at him the wrong way. During the build up to the Lesnar match, when he backed Heyman into the corner and was very calmly threatening Paul's life off mic, that scared the shit out of me. Of course, it would be nice if he won a match that meant something every now and then but we can't have it all.
  2. I can't really add anything new, so I just want to echo what so many others are saying. I didn't know how much I needed Kofi against Daniel Bryan for the title at WrestleMania until this show.
  3. I suddenly feel an uncontrollable urge to punch Michael Cole in the face
  4. I'm not going to lie. I would watch the hell out of this
  5. I have not moved on! BAD BOYS FOR LIFE
  6. I think that has to be the most frustrating part of all of this, that I think you're completely right and they don't get why Dean is so unhappy. This heel turn should have completely revitalized him. Everything Burgundy said was true. The turn was HOT. It started off great and then just...died. This could have been an epic blood feud and it turned into a complete joke with gas masks and vaccinations. Why? What the hell was even the point? There's been multiple fantasy booking/promo writing on the board of how the feud could have gone and why Dean did what he did and literally every single one has been better then what we got. There's so much real life emotion that could have been put into this(for God's sake, that Chronicle episode spelled out EVERYTHING FOR THEM)and we get jokes! It's so stupid. Plus, we get the larger problem multiple people have addressed. We are supposed to buy into Seth has The Guy right now. Why? What does he stand for? He has all these nicknames that don't really mean anything and just what in the same hell is he going to burn down? I want to have emotional investment in this match, but right now the only thing I care about is "JESUS CHRIST SOMEONE GET THE FUCKING BELT OFF OF LESNAR"
  7. I believe it was mentioned in the last thread but just wanted to echo it here. I'm just thankful they didn't go the route you know WWE would have done of "LOOK HOW PROGRESSIVE AND FORWARD THINKING WE ARE! MAKE US TREND ON TWITTER AND TALK ABOUT WHAT A GOOD THING WE ARE DOING! AND ALL CREDIT TO STEPHANE!" Just an announcement of "Hey, here are some wrestlers we signed" and moved on. Points to them for that
  8. If this has already been covered elsewhere, I apologize for asking, but what's the story here?
  9. 205 Live is in such a weird place. There are REALLY talented cats on that show:Murphy, Gulak, Kendrick, Itami(I know he's gone now, but still),Tozawa, Ali before Smackdown called him up, etc. It just doesn't really feel like there is a reason for this show to exist anymore, especially with NXT USA and NXT UK out there. Now that NXT has the North American title and there is something else talent can strive for, it almost feels like they would be better served to fold the show and move the guys around to the other shows. I would be all the hell in on Gulak staying in NXT. Murphy(and I can't believe I'm saying this)has gotten so much better in recent months I could go for him and Ali feuding on Smackdown. These guys are great and deserve to be in a spot where people are actually watching their matches.
  10. It's strange. I watched(and enjoyed)this match but it still doesn't seem like it's a thing that really happened. Even reading that sentence doesn't really compute.
  11. I'm not crying. You're crying. Shut up!
  12. Honestly I don't think it's fair at this stage of the game for Shafir and Duke to be wrestling on TV. Have they even been wrestling for a full year yet? Let them get their sea legs under them on house shows, keep them as Shayna's goons on TV. And for God's sake if they must wrestle on TV, keep it short and painless. Not everyone needs to wrestle long matches
  13. I really hope this is a fulltime switch for Gulak, because everything he did was awesome. His reactions to Bugenhagen, calling him Ben Stiller, literally everything that involved Matt Riddle. Feels like he fits in perfectly with this show and this crowd and I want more. Sky Pirates are sooooo good and I love Bianca's salty looks at the both of them after the match. Can't completely take the heel out of Bianca. Shayna continues to impress as always but ye gods do Duke and Shafir not need to be wrestling on tv yet.
  14. I know everyone has been(or were)waiting for Sasha to turn on Bayley to end the Boss and Hug connection, but if they turned Bayley instead, I think she can be salvaged. Not even a full heel, just a "I'm sick of this shit and I ain't playing nice anymore" edge to her. When she did kick Sasha's ass however many months ago that was, she did get a big pop. They could have something with her if they wanted. And I will fully acknowledge that in order for this to work as it should, Bayley would have to improve roughly 500% on her interviews. BUT IT CAN HAPPEN
  15. If we are in this weird parallel universe where Randy Orton decides that he gives a shit and is willing to sell and not throw temper tantrums("YOU'RE STUPID! STUPID!")if things don't go his way, you might have something interesting here. Orton is the opposite of everything the AEW crowd wants, so you automatically have a huge heel that the Elite boys can try to conquer. But it's like hammerva said, Orton will play ball for Jericho, maybe Cody, and a slim chance of Hangman if he's in the right mood. There's also the chance that if you are trying to present yourself as this big alternative to WWE and then you say , "Hey, here's RANDY ORTON!" the fan who is dying to see AEW sees that, no AJ/Rusev/Ambrose etc and says "Oh screw this". If there's one WWE guy thats not already on his way out the door(and yes, they should try for Ambrose)they should go after, it's Rusev. Dude's got youth on his side and judging by comments he's made he really wants to do more then his current status
  16. I am all in for all of this. Just caught the episode with WALTERs debut and holy crap did he come off like a fucking killer. He had the perfect opponent too, as he just towered over that guy and threw him around like he was a child. I think my favorite part of the match was the look on this girl in the crowd's face after WALTER finally killed that poor bastard where she's just awestruck at this big son of a bitch killing that little fella. More please!
  17. I can get behind stuff like this so much more then wondering who is coming over from the WWE. Not that there's anything wrong with reaching out to those talents(someone please call Rusev) but a large part of the appeal of AEW to me is the exposure to guys I haven't gotten to see a lot of. I want to see more of Jimmy Havoc, Joey Janella, Hangman Page(him being their Magnum TA is a great comparison). Deep dives into characters and giving all of a reason why we should emotionally invest in this show go a long way into building up the goodwill this promotion already has.
  18. I loved this match. For a showcase event like this, it was exactly what it should have been. All six of these guys came off like STARS and everyone got their moment to shine. That video that Mr. Rippa posted was great too, and I liked seeing Aleister so fired up. And I'm sure it wasn't intentionally storyline, but it was a nice touch to have Black go from not wanting to "give a child attention" to not only saying Dream's name, but pointing out how damn good he is. It would probably lose its luster to do it on a regular basis, but I am 100% on board for special events like this from the PC periodically.
  19. I love how Dean has been the evil scumbag for months now, and then we just forget about it. Because of his "raw sexual magnestism"?(bonus points to whoever came up with that line). Nia is a waste of space and I could do without ever having to see EC3(or EC1 or EC2)on my tv but it feels like Ambrose is trying to pretend like he gives a shit so I'll take it. They really need to just have Ronda drop the whole pretense that she is a rational person and cares about professionalism and run with more stuff like the "ice and advil, bitch" line. She's not going to be cheered against Becky. Let's not try to fight that. Run with it. If the point of all her interactions with Becky is supposed to be that "The Man" has rattled her like no one before, run with it. Make Ronda more unhinged and play into her...let's be nice and say quirky personality. Have her talk about ripping Becky's leg off and all the horrible things she wants to do. It's WrestleMania, don't play nice. BRING THE HATE
  20. Holy shit....I love Bayley far more then most, but YIKES
  21. "God damn, pal. Too many syllables! Shorten that up! No pronouns! I LOVE IT"
  22. Stupid and glorious in all the best possible ways. Idris Elba is a god damn cyborg. There's apparently a battle with a tribe of angry samoans. Rock took all the steroids. Statham being Statham. This is going to make all the money and then some because IT DAMN WELL SHOULD
  23. Anytime we look back on this time and wonder why Dean is done with doing hokey shit, I feel this is the post we should all reference
  24. 1)that really is a shame about Botch Club. It's a shame that Gallows and Anderson aren't half as entertaining in the ring as they are at...well, everything else. 2)Wade Keller brought up an idea on his podcast I didn't know I needed until now. If they made a tiered pricing for the network where you could pay extra to get a picture in picture of Vince sitting at gorilla reacting to everything around him, SIGN ME THE FUCK UP
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