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  1. "People chant 'you still got it". Well, I never lost it." Damn right you didn't, Dustin. This video sold me more on AEW then anything else at this point. I know there's not a lot they can do without an actual TV show, but this gave the match actual emotion and a reason to get invested. If this is the kind of thing they will be bringing to their show when it happens, sign me the fuck up
  2. Sam Roberts interviewed the guys who did the documentaries and they announced Earl thought they had set up the interview as a cover story to murder him. Poor bastard's been through it
  3. I laughed my ass off at Ivar and Erik(you win, Vince)coming out of Regal's office with their WAR RAIDERS tshirts, mentioning that next week will be Street Profits vs War Raiders(yes, please) and then they immediately have that highlight package of the Shakeup announcing that the Viking Experience made their Raw debut.
  4. Johnny Gargano saying he had spent more time in a bed with Ricochet then anyone else, "Except maybe Candace. But that's only recently" cracked me up
  5. Thanks to everyone for your recommendations. Darby vs WALTER and the Darby vs Page stuff kicked my ass and made me want more. This cat is $$$$
  6. https://www.si.com/wrestling/2019/04/12/wwe-enzo-big-cass-roh-return-nzo-cazxl-free-agentz "In the social media era, we're the f---ing Road Warriors." Never change, Enzo. Oh, I'm sorry. nZo
  7. I have never seen this guy but you just sold me. are there any specific match recommendations to seek out?
  8. There really can't be enough likes for that badass coat Nakamura is wearing
  9. Heel tag team member Bobby Roode is the best Bobby Roode. Dude has never really set the world on fire on his own, but I'll pick the hill to die on that the dude knows his way through tag team matches and I can honestly see shades of Arn Anderson in his tag team work. That's right, I said it.
  10. I wasn't prepared for Undertaker in shorts. and I just want to echo the love for the Undisputed Era. Bay bay!
  11. But the Ronda match is a good example of her professionalism. Like you said, she had to know from the word go she wasn't winning. But she busted her ass anyway and all the training she was doing made its way on social media. And when she showed up in front of the cameras, she didn't look like she was pouting, She looked like she was ready to throw hands and tear this bitch who dared think she belonged in the ring with her for more then 30 seconds pay for breathing the same air as her. It was a great match. I'm with you that her booking sucks. She never should have been teaming with Bayley, they should have been feuding as they have teased for.....how long now? And she'd make a perfect challenger for Becky. But god damn, learn how to put a poker face on when you on camera
  12. I know we say this all the time, but why must the wwe insist on putting unnecessary shit on the back of their shirts? The front of that shirt is great as is, but why do we need "Who? Who? Who?" on the back? leave well enough alone!
  13. Sasha is ultimately her own biggest fan, as you really should be if you are in wrestling. She should fight for herself and stand up for herself. She's done multiple interviews where she's said that her and Bayley basically had to annoy Vince into the women's tag titles happening. She's hit her ceiling as a babyface with a vengeance and ultimately needs to be a heel, as the character comes off like such an unlikeable bitch half the time. And before anyone gets mad, let me just repeat that her character comes off like a bitch and I don't buy her as a babyface for a second. All that being said, my only issue with her is that I can tell the outcome of her match the second she steps through the curtain. My daughter who only really watches for Asuka has picked up on it and asked me if they were losing at WrestleMania. I'm sure its hard to put your frustration aside and all, but when it's literally every time she loses she looks like her puppy was murdered right before she walked through the curtain its crazy. Fight for yourself and what you believe in backstage but when you get out there show the powers that be why you believe you deserve more and show them how good you are.
  14. (1)that's funny. (2)I would rather watch paint dry then ever see EC3 again but who did that guy piss off? Dude looks like a Vince McMahon dream come to life and he can barely make Main Event? The one thing he does well is promos and he barely talks! Admit it, Ethan. You didn't shake the Ascenion's hands in catering!
  15. Phil4126

    G1 Supercard

    I made it about a minute into this clip and I think it broke my brain
  16. Can't add anything to the mess about that piece of shit attacking Bret other then I hope he gets good and fucked up for his troubles. It was corny as all hell, but I loved the dueling reaction shots of opponents(Bryan/Kofi, Shane/Miz). Kofi and family going apeshit while Bryan went out of his way to avoid the camera was gold. You still can't convince me she actually deserves to go in, but I'll be damned if Torrie didn't give one of the speeches of the night. Major points to Harlem Heat for talking shit into the camera on their way down the ramp like the good old days. I could have listened to them talk a hell of a lot longer, and as someone who watched Global on ESPN whenever I got home from grade school, I marked out for the Ebony Experience mentions and the nod to Eddie Gilbert. Yes, a good portion of DXs speech was self indulgent bullshit, but it was fun to watch. Seeing Chyna get her moment, as well as Waltman clearly nervous as all hell but grateful for the recognition were highlights for me. I'm kicking myself for not remembering exactly when this happened, but Rusev making the goofiest face humanly possible in the background to the point he cracked up one of the Usos had me dying
  17. Big fan of Chris Jericho. But at the same time I wish I could find someone who loves me as much as Chris loves himself. He's definitely going to be throwing out all the stars and then some for the Double or nothing matches. With the podcast he was overblowing his "banned from wwe" status but he did make some valid points as Niko outlined.
  19. Holy shit, this show. Not a bad match to be had and everyone brought their working boots(and then some) Opening tag was everything good about the NXT tag division and a great swan song for Black and Ricochet. Glad to see Dream win and hope he gets a sustained run with the title. Riddle still feels like a superstar and I loved his look after Dream pinned him. Dream as the statue of Liberty gets ******. Walter vs Dunne was the match of the night for me. Just a fucking WAR and these two just beat the shit out of each other. No putting smiles on faces, no "entertaining the NXT universe", just two guys who were willing to do anything and everything to win the match and be the better man. Long live Walter. The women's match was the "worst" on the show but not bad by any stretch of the imagination. Bianca feels like she would be better as a heel. The battle of the sky pirates after the early teamwork was a fun highlight. Shayna is 13 different kinds of awesome and I second Eivion that I hope Io is the one who finally knocks her off the throne. While I personally loved the hell out of the main event, I can see the argument against it. If anything, it felt like the 2 out of 3 falls stipulation hurt it. Make the third fall the actual match and it probably serves the match better. That ending with Ciampa, all the feels, man. Come back soon, you magnificent bastard
  20. If he's healthy enough, let him announce at least one match. There is no one better and I don't think there ever will be. If/when Becky wins, how much more important will it sound if Fink is the one to announce THE NEEEEEEW WOMEN'S CHAMPION, THE MAN BECKY LYNCH
  21. Seriously. This match has been built up better just by a handful of tweets then most of the WrestleMania matches.
  22. Tremendous
  23. I absolutely loved the Gargano/Cole segment on the 4/3 TV show. I'm a big mark for showing guys training for their matches and wish they would do more of it for the big time matches. Cole being incredulous at Gargano calling himself Johnny Takeover was outstanding douchebaggery. Can't wait for Takeover
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