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  1. Balor vs Andrade is about the only match I would want to see. We all know why he's the demon for this show, but they really need to establish a storyline reason for when/why he breaks the glass and uses it. Kayfabe wise, he looks really dumb using the demon to squash Baron, but wrestling as himself against Brock. The 50 man battle royal could be fun to throw some 24/7 title bullshit, but man do I not care about anything on this show at all.
  2. Maybe it's because we so rarely see this kind of thing that it stands out more, but I absolutely love when they show these kind of things. The Gargano/Cole package with the last Takeover was one of my favorite hype videos in recent years. Brock vs Rock for Summerslam is still the gold standard for this type of deal, but I really wish we could see this more often. Maybe for the big title matches?
  3. So the only match that I have been able to hunt down on the youtube machine was the battle of the Rhodes boys but sweet baby jesus what a match. Both these guys had something to prove for different reasons and my god, they did. Dustin somehow found the fountain of youth and arguably wrestled his greatest match ever. For all the positives and the negatives about Cody bell to bell, the dude has some great character work and his brother brings out the best of him in the ring. You could do far worse then having these guys be the first big challengers for the Young Bucks inevitable first tag team title reign. Much respect to both these guys
  4. I would gladly pay to watch every single one of these
  5. So, he's mad that she said she wouldn't be where she is without Dusty? That she constantly puts over how much he taught her, what a great guy he was and how much she loved him? She's incorporated polka dots in her gear multiple times as an homage to Dusty, she's never said a bad word about him. Is he mad at Karl for tearing the bear's head off? The reaction to Cody really is much ado about nothing but him taking such a weird unnecessary shot out of nowhere really doesn't make any sense. Stick to telling stories about Ted Dibiase in search of the referee that tried to fuck on him and you cool, Mr Rhodes
  6. See, this is my issue with the belt, ugly as sin looking thing that it is. There's a lot of fun and creative things you can do with this in the age of the network and social media. But this company shows zero reason to give them any goodwill that they will even remember this thing exists or will be seen outside of main event within the next month. It's another shiny new toy to amuse a senile old coke fiend that he is going to get bored with and forget about.
  7. I'd rather this be a legit situation of PAC and the AEW brass coming to a creative stalemate then any kind of work. I don't care what the god damn company is(AEW, WWE, NJPW, wherever) I don't want to see any no jobbing/this is all fake/we're shooting now, bro bullshit. Wrestling needs to leave that and authority figures in the 90s where they belong. Now if it is legit, it makes everyone involved look really bad that the week of the damn show we are just now getting around to this. And I don't want AEW to look bad out of the gate. Whether you like Cody, The Bucks, et all, we all need to be wanting this thing to succeed. There needs to be a major alternative and there needs to be one now or else we are stuck in the darkest timeline of wild cards and Saudi Arabia and Baron Corbin.
  8. God, this match and the effort these guys put into FUCKING KILLING EACH OTHER does not get enough love. I never thought I would ever be as into a match between these two guys of all people but damn if they didn't deliver and then some.
  9. A random unexplained shift in character on a wwe show, huh? Will wonders ever cease?
  10. I almost died during the interview in the Foundation's hotel room where he kept throwing the damn cat in the air and just kept talking like it was nothing. And then they cut to Harry who is about to explode trying to keep from laughing.
  11. As someone who only sees this show on hulu, was there a website exclusive or something on one of the full three hour shows that explains why she was completely calm and soft spoken while talking to Alexa and then typical crazy Nikki during the match? Is this a thing she does now?
  12. I still don't get how, even with all this wild card bullshit, our SMACKDOWN tag title match is rowan and bryan against the usos. the usos have been building up a match with the revival(albeit in dumpster fire fashion)for weeks, they show up on smackdown pretty much five minutes after they left the damn show, and now they are getting a tag title shot on A SHOW THEY ARE NOT ON. I know the smackdown tag scene is a trainwreck. You know the tag scene is a train wreck. Are there literally no other teams you can throw together? Is it really THAT important we have a smackdown tag title match on the show? Fuck, it's not even on the main show, it's a preshow match!
  13. I need that to be played before her entrance music from now on
  14. After my initial "What the fucking fuck is this stupid shit" reaction to Firefly funhouse, I admit I'm really curious where it's all going. When Bray switches from smiling happy Mr Rogers to the completely cold stare, that shit is scary. I love the secret reveal. The only thing that concerns me is that at some point you have to get all of this into the ring. Hopefully it will all connect live. And I don't even hate Baron Corbin but for the name of all things good and holy why is he beating Ricochet clean? I mean couldn't you all have waited a few months before he's on job duty for the O'Charley's express?
  15. Christ, i feel bad for these guys. They are fucking killing themselves on a show no one watches in front of crowds that barely care. 9 times out of 10 id rather watch paint dry then anything kanellis does but damn if he didn't bring it and then some against tozawa. If we must continue the show, can they at least tape it at full sail or something?
  16. This is all i ask. I know we have to do this. There's no way around it. But just announce the matches and let's move on. I have no desire to see taker or Goldberg ever again and id rather see baron corbin for another 567 times a show then watch these guys build up a match for this shit show. Hunter vs Randy bo banders has never been good and you can't make me care. Run down the card a few times between now and then but let's use tv for better things like bobby lashley and ucey hot
  17. he's not showing up, but the Randy Bo Banders(thanks, Bray) gif you have in your signature goes perfect with your comment
  18. MLW is quietly becoming one of my favorite shows to watch. Contra Unit is fucking awesome and Jacob Fatu rules the world. The show actually feels different from a lot of the crap that WWE puts out there on the regular. And maybe it's just from having my brain turned into mush from 3 hours of Raw all the time but one hour flies by and leaves me wanting more. The toothpaste is out of the tube and we can't go back, but man it would be nice
  19. As a guy who has made frequent trips to the Danny Davis arena, watched many OVW shows during their heyday, and actually had a few beers with Doug Basham, the guy we got here in OVW was a lot better then we ever saw in WWE or TNA. One of the best tag matches I have ever seen was Basham/Damaja vs Rob Conway/Nick Dinsmore. Doug's problem was really two fold. (1)Doug is a guy who was tailor made for a small regional promotion like OVW. Dude grew up in this area, knew the room he was playing to, and was booked according to his strengths and what the audience wanted to see. There's nothing wrong with this, but you can't take what works in front of a small crowd and just expect that to work in 10000+ seat arenas. Not everyone is going to be the Rock or Steve Austin. Doug Basham worked in his setting. (2)By the admission of everyone involved, his time in the WWE had beaten the life out of him and he no longer really had the heart for wrestling anymore. By the time he got to TNA, it really was Jim Cornette trying to do his buddy a solid that Doug wasn't really feeling. As a big fan of the guy, I can honestly tell you I don't even remember one thing he did in TNA so it shows how memorable that run was. But the Doug Basham that I saw Tuesday nights here in Louisville was a damn good wrestler.
  20. As much as I usually hate the usual bullshit of "We were just pretending to be fighting" amongst heels, I think this is where we are heading and I'm ok with this. Hell, Roddy joining UE in the first place was part of a ruse anyway, wasn't it? The idea of the Era going full Horsemen and winning all the titles is too good a proposition to pass up
  21. I won't lie. I would totally watch the shit out of this and buy all blu ray copies
  22. I love Ricochet and am about him in MITB but what you said is totally spot on. You make this big deal about Roode changing his name, changing his look, he's more serious now and beats your new up and coming star who has been all over all the shows leading up to WrestleMania. And the next week, he's not only not on the show but the guy he beat is in the match. Why? How did the other three get in? Its the little details that matter. Why should I give a shit about Roode and his moustache if you don't even think he's important enough to mention one week after? Shit, you can fill up some time on your 3 hour program by having him raise hell about "I beat this asshole and he gets a spot in MITB? Guess I'll have to kick his ass again!"
  23. Passing the time on night shift watching the Roman Reigns Chronicle special. This thing starts off with our intrepid off screen interviewer asking Roman if he felt guilty not sharing his cancer battles on air before now so he could spread awareness and help people. And I get that idea in theory, but Jesus H. Christ what kind of question is that? Roman, or any other wrestler, owes us nothing about their personal lives. He chooses to share, great. But to ask a man if he feels guilty about not wanting to go public about something that is scary as shit and is hard for anyone to deal with? Screw all that. Now ask him if he felt guilty about wearing a man bun at the WrestleMania:Pirate Ship press conference. THAT is something to regret
  24. As probably the only guy who actually missed Bray while he's been out, I am so torn by this. So much of his booking on the main show has been utter garbage. And as much as I love the guy, I'll admit he's done himself no real favors with some of his bullshit promos. But the dude does have a legit charisma. And there's a lot of potential here with a wolf in sheep's clothing deal happening. It's hard to have faith in the creative goons to make this happen, and at least on first glance it's hard to see how this translates into the ring. Does he bring the puppets with him?
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