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  1. I'm not even following but with this being WWE it will be The Usos to break up RKBro so they can be free to go up against Roman
  2. Look, if Starks ends up somehow as a member of the Jericho Appreciation Society there will be no way that I'll be able to tell him apart from Daniel Garcia.
  3. Fire Pro is probably where I picked it up from!
  4. I remember this being dubbed the "Ganso Bomb". It's been maybe 20 years since I've seen this match... I seem to recall this not being the finish.
  5. That's exactly what a heel would say.
  6. Man I would totally pay attention and watch WWE if Piper Niven & Nikki ASH are rocking out like the APA.
  7. I do think it's rather laughable that Naomi and Sasha would be voicing concerns over unsafe workers when they would have had the least amount of experience of that advertised 6.
  8. I dont see what the issue is with Naomi pinning Sasha. That's a total Demolition move.
  9. I dont think Bossman had a bad run at any point. He might be my favorite big man.
  10. Barry Windham Rickey Steamboat Randy Savage Bret Hart Toshiaki Kawada Curt Hennig Terry Funk Steven Regal Bobby Eaton Arn Anderson Steve Austin (pre injuries) Nick Bockwinkel Ric Flair Shinjiro Ohtani Chris Benoit
  11. I fully expect to see Hanger with an arms flailing flatback bump off a Jumbo knee.
  12. I'm starting to think Japan has relaxed on kayfabe
  13. Bret Hart was so-so-so-so gosh darn great in 1997. The best year ever for wrestling in my opinion and he was the catalyst.
  14. I will never understand how this move became a thing.
  15. The Danhausen thing is weird. I expected vignettes by this point for him. I think this is a case of Coach TK thinking everyone that follows AEW is an uber-indy fan... when that is so opposite from reality. Page's title run is almost non-existent for me. The Cole thing was "whatever", and one I had zero interest in... but who would you have programmed him with over the winter? Coach hasn't exactly built anyone up thats a legitimate threat. Instead he hotshotted a new signing that really had no business being there if AEW really takes W/L and rankings seriously. Scorpio Sky would have had a stronger case to feud with Page than Cole. They could have even worked a Miro PPV main event during this run.
  16. It seriously gave me Fuji-Vice vibes.
  17. Wow. This vignette is a throwback to the 80s and early 90s. Good job.
  18. Well you see them team up a bit in their social media
  19. I've seen a little bit of Morrissey in Impact and he's vastly improved from his WWE run. He's also leaned up and looks "ripped chiseled and jakked". If he ends up in AEW I think we wpuld sooner or later see nZo pop up.
  20. So when do they rebrand the TNT Title to the Box Office Championship?
  21. TBS was dead to me when WCW died and it was no longer The Braves Station. Then they got rid of the Beverley Hillbillies! What a pointless network TBS has been for 20+ years.
  22. Newcastle has the only Bruno that matters now.
  23. I really dont think it's going to work out. United has too much invested in the squad on ridiculous wages. The team needs to be blown up, and I doubt Ten Hag will be allowed to do that. United is already in debt somewhere in the range of 450-495£m.
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