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  1. Might give Gable something to actually do now. Plus, you can build on Shelton being his opposition.
  2. "Capes, Not Kickpads!" should be the name of your next underground EP.
  3. Oh god, I hope they don't bring Angle back to do the Kurt Business.
  4. I dont know who that is, but he's already cooler than the Goon.
  5. I'm surprised DZ didn't post another picture of a title belt. No offense. But for real.
  6. Dolfan, taking advantage of the Eastern Time Zone, and starting threads like he's King Shit with the other Golden Boys. Hard to believe it's April already.
  7. Peacock sucks. Unless you pay for the ad-free version, even then, I can't put up with the edits. (Not the edits that were covered ad-nauseum, I just mean in general. I'm sure there are things not terrible that have been deemed unsatisfactory.) I'll catch the highlights.
  8. Of course they needed a stunt crow, the other one wouldn't do nudes.
  9. Liddy laced that handshake with LSD. That's why Mr. T lost.
  10. I can see that. They were also buds and wasn't this shortly after Stan was in NHB?
  11. Wasn't the backstory to this match, basically being Gordy not wanting to do the job and Hansen goes, "Fuck it, I don’t care, I'll do it."
  12. He also had that ECW stint, where he just showed up to chokeslam and powerbomb guys.
  13. And as Macho Man's bodyguard, once he entered the world of hip hop.
  14. I have no idea what you're on about, but you clearly know more about pussy than I do.
  15. Honestly, I would not hate that kayfabe thingy. It wouldn't make me watch Raw again, but it's something to think about.
  16. You're kidding, right? Why would he risk blowing his arm out, having Tommy John and being put on the shelf for a year? Wrestling was his Spring Training.
  17. Both benefitted from being connected to Shawn. Sort of funny there.
  18. "Softball" Sid Vicious? What gave it away? Somewhat related; a few years ago WWE (I think) had an article about Strowman's old man being basically the Babe Ruth of slowpitch softball.
  19. Truly, the leader we all need to unite the human race....wait, can I start that over?
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