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  1. Buff just had a pretty bad DUI, so I guess he just screwed himself out of another WWE push.
  2. "Randy, did you poo in Monica's shoe?"
  3. Or hopefully another Brock comeback.
  4. This was awesome. I love he came out and did the mannerisms, then just sat down while Goodell looked over and was like, alright, he's just gonna hang out.
  5. There wasn't any Benoit on there. They only brought in Stampede after Bret reconciled, and that was after what happened. -- Okay, guess I was wrong, he was inducted in 2006, but didn't appear the next night and made his first Raw appearance two weeks before the murders.
  6. They pulled them, IIRC, when Bret had one of his weird falling outs for talking shit on the current state of the company. And yeah, I think Martha had her own deal too. I'm not sure, but you know how she is (not arguing why).
  7. Yeah, they used have a decent amount up on 24/7. Only a few on WWEN. They all had Ed Whalen though.
  8. Tony was awesome in the WWF. It's a damn shame he left. At least we got he and Jesse again in WCW. Great duo.
  9. @Nice Guy Eddie made this reference to me as we watched it, and I hate him for not thinking of it first.
  10. Well, maybe. For her to marry somebody who had his (maybe hers too, who knows or cares) views, and when he's dead, to paint her face to do the whole LGTBQ thingy is silly.
  11. They mentioned this on Vice, how he was like this rabid dog or something and that's how they got Dingo out of it.
  12. He also probably was an asshole, but whatever.
  13. That's quite a stretch. The Dungeness Crab, if you will.
  14. Clearly, he's sewing the seeds for a Slaughter turncoat angle.
  15. JR stinks, and has for a while. I wish it was Schiavone and Excalibur only.
  16. This is like the McLaughlin Group skit from SNL. And now I wanna see a WWE version of it with Vince as the host.
  17. I guess he didn't respect the law and order.
  18. I'm surprised Dave isn't using his Juno email anymore.
  19. They probably didn't bother with Flair here, considering what may happen when the Plane Ride From Hell episode airs.
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